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Actor Lee MinHo is in love with London!

Previously, K Bites shares you Lee MinHo’s official Twitter account.

And, the actor seemed to enjoy his tweet activity as he keeps greeting people in his timeline.

He also greeted his ‘hyung’ KimJoon of T-Max as seen in his timeline and even calling him as  Baseball Teacher (KimJoon is KBS Invincible Baseball team).

And on July 2, Lee MinHo shows his love for London as he posted a photo of him during his last year’s London trip.

He also says he wants to visit London again and end it with the sentence “I Love London”.

So, all Minoz better get ready for Lee MinHo’s possible future London trip.

S: Lee MinHo’s Twitter


15 Responses

  1. OMG..! I live in London.. I love lee min ho so much… That’s great to hear… Wish he could visit again soon n hopefully I’ll meet him.! ❤

  2. I too fell in love with London when I first visited there, I am an Anglophile after all! MinHo probably felt like a kid in a candy shop!

  3. YAY ! Minho should definitely come!!
    I live in London !
    If he comes, i want to know the date !
    Coz last time Kim Bum came and i missed hims, and on the day he was leaving, they posted that he was in London and i saw a bunch of pics of him and his fans !

    • OMG! Ikr? But i was in a worse situation. The day he came to london was the day i was leaving London for my holiday ><
      So sad! Can't believe i missed Kim Bum. T_T

  4. slow news day eh?

  5. I`m sorry I meant: I always felt welcome there.

    Guess I won`t feel so welcome next time unless my English improves, haha!

  6. What`s good with London is that it`s great for everybody. Doesn`t matter where you`re from. i always felyt welcome there.

  7. I remember attending the Minoz Fanmeeting last year coz my friend got the ticket, it was mad crazy how all the Minoz squeal!
    But I can’t deny that Imma fan of him now (not a Minoz though) after the fanmeeting.
    And now, he’s in London, another place I’m dying to go aside from Japan/Korea (Asia)!
    London should be a very dreamy and ‘castle-y’ place, well, at least from my imagination of London that is.
    Would really love to go though LMH being there would be a + (x1000) ahha. XD

  8. I saw him in brick lane last year doing a Photo shoot… I nearly spazzed out!…. I’m not a huge fan of his but randomly seeing a korean star on ur way to uni is pretty rad! Lol

    • Brick lane omd’s that like my favourite place to shop! I saw that photo shoot and was like….dude that’s BL…hahaha…. Ur lucky to have caught a glimps of the infamous LMH! Lol…LMH shud deffo come to LND it’s the Shiznit!!

  9. I bet London would love Lee MinHo too!

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