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CNN names the ‘South Korea’s 20 hottest male celebs’

Jang DongGun, Bae YongJoon, Joo JinMo, Jo InSung are some of the Korean artistes picked by American CNN as ‘South Korea’s 20 hottest male celebs’.

The list was revealed through an online bulletin board on 2nd July. CNN wrote, ” These specially chosen South Korean celebs, who we’ve selected purely on the basis of how much drool they elicited from the female members of our staff, no doubt have solid acting, modeling and/or singing skills. But it’s their chocolate abs, sublime faces and lean, mean, sex-machine bodies that get them a place on this list.”

At #1 on the list is Jang DongGun and CNN introduces him as Even though he was recently stolen away from us by the annoyingly beautiful actress Ko So-Young, the recently married flame has been sizzling up screens for over a decade…He first leaped into our hearts with his breakout role in the 1994 drama “The Final Jump” and the 2000 movie “Friends” established him as truly ‘watchable’.”

The top 20 on the list:

  1. Jang DongGun
  2. Won Bin
  3. Bae YongJoon
  4. Joo JinMo
  5. Jo InSung
  6. Lee JunKi
  7. Daniel Henney
  8. Dennis Oh
  9. So JiSeob
  10. Rain
  11. Yoon SangHyun
  12. Lee MinHo
  13. Kim HyunJoong
  14. Kim Bum
  15. Jang GeunSeok
  16. Lee SeungGi
  17. Choi MinShik
  18. Song SeungHeon
  19. Kwon SangWoo
  20. Ha JungWoo
  • S: MTStarNews
  • Go the CNN article here
  • Are the ones listed here on your top 20 list too?

    118 Responses

    1. I’m not satisfied with the result coz my HyunBin oppa is not in the list….

    2. I COULD not agree more. and kwon jiYong! man!

    3. Kim Nam Gil should defenitely be included in the list!


    5. Won Bin is the hottest Korean star!

    6. Were is TOP!! & well it could be a better list…

    7. yeah…….KIM NAM GIL one of the best must be on the list nexttime!!!

    8. i like WON BIN too!!! but its a better list if they include

    9. won bin..yeah.. real man…!!! kekekeke.!!

    10. uhmuh! where’s gong yoo? hyun bin???? -_________-”
      the list is pretty good though haha 🙂 collectively…

    11. umm ahem, are we missing something here?
      Well, HELL YES WE ARE!!!
      Where the eff is KANGTA??????? *FANGIRL RAGE*

      Ooh and Kim Nam Gil would have made a nice addition too.

      & no offense, but frankly, Bae Yong Joon is butt ugly. I mean I understand he’s a hallyu star and is like the pride of Korea, but… There’s prettier men out there.

    12. I can only agree to So Jisub. Kim Bum & Lee Seunggi are CUTE not HOT. Major difference. I still love them (:

    13. KIM NAM GIL?! HE IS FUCKIING HOT! Especially right now on Bad Man, he should have been here as well, the man is gorgeous!

      • haha I know right? Happy that someone else watch this drama. I think by now all my bones have melted just by watching him. Well, he still have his chance for future listing.

      • yeeeah!! x) & plus I loved him since “Lovers” <— hottest gansta evaaaar!!! <3333
        sighhh… He's going to do his military service soon 😦 *sobs*

        Kim Nam Gil/ Lee Han, come back healthily and mustache-free! XD

    14. #1 Jang DongGun, #3 Bae YongJoon, #4 Joo Jinmo #8 Dennis Oh, 17# Choi Minshik.
      Those 5 dont fit there at all, especially Bae YongJoon who I have never found attractive and number 17 who i have never even heard of.
      Lee Byung Hyun should have definitely been there and how the hell is kwon sang woo number 19???
      Hyun bin should have also been there, and so many more. But it is a 20 male list anyways, but those 5 in there were just taking up space.

    15. What about Lee Byung Hoon ?! O_o

    16. am I the only one who thinks Bae Yong Joon is NOT hot??

    17. Daniel Henney is an American although half Korean. The spot should have gone to a Korean celeb that lives in Korea does the majority of their work in Korea. Rain should have been ranked higher.

    18. 13. Kim Hyun-Joong: Actor / Singer

      Kim Hyun-Joong is far from a flower boy. The on-fire leader of the adorable boy band SS501 has taken control of Asia. Since his debut in 2005, he has always had a loyal fan base. His roles in KBS’s 2005 comedy “Can Love Be Refilled” and as Hwang Bo’s Baby husband in “We Got Married” have introduced him to audiences as a steamy boy next door. However, it was not until his role as Yoon Ji-hoo in the popular 2009 Japanese inspired drama “Boys Over Flowers” that Hyun-Joong reached his full potential. Since then, he has become a dream man and a regular at fashion shoots. If Hyun- Joong has not promoted a product, we don’t think it’s worth having. Hyun-Joong has a sexy singing voice, witty charm, and very well built body.

    19. Kim HyunJoong



    20. u know who they forgot??
      YG mens is who they forgot!!!!!

    21. Can’t believe that kwon sang woo is on this list and Lee Dong Wook and Kim Nam Gil arent! Like what theee efff

      But yay! Kim Bum, Lee Jun Ki and WONBIN!!!’

    22. oh song hye kyo, all the women of the country are totally envious of you lol

      • oh jk, my eyes deceived me. haha

        but hm, daniel henney ranked so high yet spending so little time in korea

    23. Well, you have missed out my favourite Won Bin’s name in your first paragraph.

      Here’s the original Korean news

    24. oh my god, they got a lot of mine. haha.
      2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15 <33333333

    25. After reading the attached article, it makles sense why these guys are the 20 hottest male celebs. But I was rolling when I read this about KimBum
      “Young Kim Bum is a sex-symbol in training”.
      Can’t wait to see him five or so years from now.

    26. they left kang dong won in this list n TOP should b in the list too he’s sooo damn hot!!

    27. Actually I`m not a Cassie joinsungTOP and I did mention I liked the list although mine would have been a bit different so I don`t think you got any right to call me pathetic.

    28. WHERE´s Hyun BIN!? LOL

      • agree with you

        this list is really silly O_O

        because seriously! where is Jang huyk , Hyun BIN , and ( the hero in IRIS drama ) i dont remmbar his name 🙂

    29. so happy that some of my fav actors on the list…

      not all cassies are like that…furious over the no-dbsk-on-the-list…cuz i’m not…
      **just in case someone gonna say “all cassies are pathetic”**

    30. LOL OLD BOY is on the list! he seems so out of place. and LOL @ Rain being the only one wearing sunglasses. and LOL @ the 3 F4s…. seriously, they don’t belong there.

    31. i wonder if park yong ha counts… maybe if he was alive.
      they are still missing a lot of them. but i guess this is only top 20! some of them could be betterrrr though!

    32. 16 – Lee SeungGi

      seriously! , what he is doing here ???

      he is cute <<< yes
      he is hot <<<< hell NO

    33. yay! Choi Minshik made it to the list! I adore that man… even though I don’t really see him as ‘hot’, but the man got charisma and mad talented as well.

      I’m agree on the top 5, except Joo Jinmo is my number 1!

    34. seunggi!!! haha always no. 1 for me<3

    35. I’d have to disagree with more than of half of that list. Most the guys look the same, are old, and just aren’t attractive. Lol No Dong YoungBae, Ok Taecyeon? Really? Fail. xD

      • cnn doesnt like teeny boopers.

        Won Bin + Jo InSung + So JiSeob + Kwon SangWoo = <333

        • Well that’s good seeing as how YoungBae and Taecyeon aren’t teenagers, that’s good.


    37. i agree with all of emXD. since the staff is mature the list will be full of actors from dramas that are famous. i hope they will have like a list strictly for idols. idols do deserve to be there.

    38. i like most of the guys on the list esp dennis oh dam he is one fine man but the number 1 spot in my heart goes to kim ji suk

    39. Okay, really.. everyone’s gonna have different criteria, so I think it’s pretty pointless to say, who should or should not be on the list. It’s even possible that the staff were not given an entire list of male celebrities, so who knows if so and so were even on that list to choose from.

    40. kim nam gil?

    41. Where the hell is Gong Yoo??

    42. Lee SeungGi is not hot.

    43. 2.Won Bin
      9.So Ji Seob


    44. i’m so happy most of my fave actors are up there 😀 guess the cnn staffs are my age LOL

    45. HyunBin, Lee Dong Wook, Go Soo should be in the list….

    46. I want Lee Byung Hun, Jeong Woo Sung & Kang Dong Won in the list. please take out Kim Hyun Jung, Dennis oh & Daniel Henny. Even they are hot but their acting suck

    47. I wonder what criteria are taken into consideration by these people at CNN when they made the list:
      Is it looks? a few of these celebs are not as good-looking as the others on the list or alternatively, there a lot other Korean male celebs who are better looking than them;
      acting talent? mmm … a few of these men can’t even act, a few are so, so but the majority of them range between good to excellent. Ironically, two of the not so good-looking in the list, Choi Min Shik and Ha Jung Woo (i love him), they are some of the best actors in Korea;
      singing talent is out of question since the majority of these men are not singers. any other possible criteria?

      • Not sure whether you’ve read the original CNN article linked in sookyeong’s post, but they did give explanations for each one on the list. Though I suspect the major underlying reason is their familiarity with the men in question and next their looks, unless the talent is far outstanding enough to warrant attention regardless of looks.

        • oh i overlooked that link to the original article. thank you for mentioning it.

    48. I’m guessing they’re just talking about actors or singers who are known for acting as well. -____-“

    49. Nice list, just tiny things,
      Kim Hyun Joong? should be Lee Byung Hyun.
      That orange boy is just..ridiciolus.

      • why ?
        whats wrong with khj ??

        • Lee byung hyun deserve that spot

        • nn
          i dont know Lee byung hyun
          but i think khj is hotter than Kim Bum >>> he is just so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^______^
          and the same q why khj ?? i dont really anderstand 🙂
          he is not the hottest but he is hot

    50. 3. Bae YongJoon
      6. Lee JunKi
      10. Rain
      12. Lee MinHo
      13. Kim HyunJoong
      14. Kim Bum
      15. Jang GeunSeok
      my fav from the list ^^

    51. so glad none of 2pm were there
      taec is so over rated

    52. WHERE is Yunho of DBSK?!? Aargh!!!

      These are really great guys, though…

    53. Lee Junki… *drool*

      Kim Bum! ❤

    54. JO IN SUNG!! definitely!! he is my first favorite Korean actor..
      ang i love how CNN tagged JO IN SUNG as FEARLESS HOTTIE intead of putting the word ACTOR like the others have along with their names..lol..

    55. man 20 is abit low.. there’s alot of hot korean actors out there who are not in the list… I love all the actors in the list but i can’t put them into positions.. they’re all scrambled around hehhehee… I’m glad wonbin, jo in sung, song seunghoon are there.. =) should have make top 50 list hahaha 😛

    56. I love this list except I don’t know who are at no 11&12
      lol at the comments here, actors are definitely more popular compare with idol groups. Even idol members adore lots of actors ^_^

      • I mean no11&17 🙂

        • i guess you’re not into Korean movies? cos Choi Min Shik (#17) is one of the best Korean actors and he’s internationally known too especially for his role in the movie Old Boy.

          #11 Yoon Sang Hyun last time was in a drama with Yoon Eun Hye, Take Care of My Agasshi, but i love his role in Queen of Housewives.

    57. I can’t believe TOP is not on this T_T

      • hahah!! i gues they did not watch into the gunfire yet.since t.o.p.’s role in iris is juz a lil…if they did, they will add him n cha seung won tooo!!hotness!!

      • just chill…TOP just debuted as an actor on the big screen…way more to go..for sure he will be on the list someday! we just have to wait! 🙂

        • aah … yes. i hope TOP will be internationally recognised for his acting talent in Into the Fire soon since the movie is already making its way into international film circuit. if i’m not mistaken he’d also be attending some film fest together with the director. so proud of him.

    58. Take off Lee SeungGi , Choi MinShik and Ha JungWoo and add on Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho and Lee SangWoo! Now that’s a lot better!
      Ke Ke Ke~~~

    59. KIM NAM GIL!
      too bad he’s not in that list, oh well, more for me 😛

    60. OLD BOY star is there how old is he i love his movie maybe the best Korean actor.

    61. “sex-machine bodies” lol cnn ilu!

      daniel henney & dennis oh.. UMFF!

    62. yay WonBin is 2nd,
      he’s hot seriously,
      all he need now is to have his comeback in drama

      • he’s kinda elusive these days … rarely news about him. but he does have a new movie which will be released soon.

    63. no lee byung hun?!

      • yeah … i was about to ask the same thing. and Jeong Woo Seong?? they’re not only good-looking but good actors too. i think they are quite well-known (especially Lee Byeong Hun) in the international film circuit.

    64. Hmm where are all the idols cnn? Maybe like @Miri said, cnn’s not updated on the list of gazillion hot male celebs in south korea! :p most of the people on this list are quit aged (but still hot of course :D) the suju, 2pm, 2am, mblaq, cnblue, etc boys should be on this list as well!! 😀 if I were cnn I’d make it at least top 100.. There’s just too many to chose from! :p

      • suju hot?lmao

        cnn doesnt like teeny boopers

      • Without thick make-up and crazy hairdo, most of the mentioned male idols will no even make it in Top 100.

        Sorry honey, but real men win, not boys.

        • idol popular & hot, but only in the eyes off teens, these 20 man hot for all ages, they choose man, not a boy..

        • you don’t think idols are good enough … good for you .. but real men ?? …. this was basis on” how much drool they elicited” and “their chocolate abs, sublime faces and lean, mean, sex-machine bodies ” .. and that’s not what real men are it’s not the looks that make a man honey !

          the women pic the most good looking men they see on TV and if any idol had a hit drama he would be on the list .

          so whatever …. it’s a good list anyway

      • idol is just soo cute for them

      • They saw those idols without make up.
        FYI, the voters are CNN staffs, not teeny boppers.

      • i think they mainly picked actors coz with actors, perhaps the staffs have actually watched the dramas (coz there’s subtitles) where else with singers, translated songs don’t get them as much?

        But i think this poll was awesome coz jun ki’s in there ahead of so many. And so ji seob’s ahead of rain! Haha. Plus, yoon sang hyun is more favoured than minho and hyun joong, and right behind rain! the ultimate idols recently! ^^

    65. oh won bin!!! definitely! where’s my Lee Dong Wook on the list? is this judged solely on physical aesthetics???

      • AGREED.
        It was cause of Lee Dong Wook I got hooked onto K-Dramas heh 🙂

    66. Great list! But where’s JaeJoong & Junsu for TVXQ? and any of the SuJu boys should be on the list… but maybe they chose from non-idols (but then again, HyunJoong is on the list). Don’t know how CNN chose the guys, but they’re not pretty updated about what’s hot right now in S. Korea…
      Anyway, the list is really good!

      • “but they’re not pretty updated about what’s hot right now in S. Korea”

        hyunjoong not just a singer

        and actors are the top priority in south korea

        and this list are pretty accurate

        • yeah but hyun joong can’t act though……………
          sorry fans, but i still cant get over he’s stone-like acting in BOF although i loved him in WGM /:

      • i guess they focus more on acting..plus, there r juz soooo many hot talented male celebs in korea.so no wonder they r having difficult time to choose.lol..what a news.. ;p

      • Read the article. The voters are CNN stuff – matured, smart, intelligent, career women.

        Jaejoong is hot, but only for 15-year old pimpled teenage girls with hormone-imbalanced issue.

      • They are sort of updated, since Kim Bum, Lee Minho and Kim Hyun Joong are on the list (BOF was sort of… more recent).

        Kpop idols are the draw for many young people, but for the rest of the world Kdramas and movies are more familiar territory 😀 Most working adults wouldn’t be that crazy over the idols.. or even if they’re fanatics, it’s rather embarrassing to say out ^^

        • It makes me sad that my favorite flower boy KIM JUN is not on the list (he’s not good enough for you CNN??!!!! X’-{). Sigh…I hope my Joonie gets more roles in the future and makes it big. Although his role in Boys Over Flowers was small, he always stood out to me. 😦

      • Lol typical Cassie.. Evrytime there’s a poll they always feel the need to say stuff like “where’s him? N him? N him? He should be in this poll too..” blablabla the world doesn’t resolve around them and FYI, the voters for this poll r not teenyboppers.

    67. jang hyukkk!! where is he?? T_T

    68. When I read the title I thought of Kwon haha :p

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