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D-NA, “We express it through the looks of a rebellious boy”

On March, the lively young group, D-NA made their debut in the music industry. With the title of being the ‘Nation’s youngest boy group’, they showed us their unique charms.

However, in April, they released a new mini-album titled ‘Awake’, showing us their growth as a man, with a feel of charisma from the ‘rebellious boy’ look. The concept of this album was on ‘The man which has awaken inside the body of a boy’, and it seems like they have hit the right note of concept.

“We are trying to express it through the looks of a rebellious boy. Instead of going for a totally ‘charismatic man’ concept, we are using the fact that we are young, the journey of becoming a real man.”

Eldest Mika (20), Karam (19), Hyun min (19), In Jun (18), and also the youngest of the group, Jay (17), they are all happy with the present album concept, they said.

“Especially for the change in our concept, i did not feel awkward. With the previous brightful-like “Tokyo Boy” promotions, i thought this album’s concept brought out even more. For Hyun Min and myself, we were able to present our charismatic side, because we are both not born with the natural smiley style, therefore we were able to pull it off.” (Mika)

“Compared to the previous one, i am much more confident on this concept. In fact, i think men are the same. In the past, our maknae, Jay, jokes around often and he showed a lot of his cute side, but nowadays, he seemed to have gotten the emotions, just like how he got a little rebellious recently. In those young eyes, the eyes of a man is growing. This is what the album is about.” (Hyun Min)

Not only the transformation in the appearance, but there are also changes made in the songs. Composer cum Lyricist for their title song “Stumble and Stumble”, Ahn Young Min, tried on the electronic pop genre, with the dance song and melody feel, the dance made the song more intense.

In order to portray the transformation well, D-NA members practiced hard in the practice room for 3 months. “We practiced from sunrise till sunset”, they said. They are now at the age where they should make a lot of friends. But they said in envious and determination, “We feel comfortable to spend time for practicing” and “Stress stands up to evil”.

“Because of the dreams that we are heading for, whatever the concept is for this album, there will definitely an affection for it. When you put your heart into something, your mind will follow it as well.” (Mika)

D-NA were asked their goals. In an interview this march, they said that they “want to get the Rookie of the year award”, and it seems like their goals are still the same.

“We would like to win the Rookie of the year award. Because it is the once in a lifetime award, we are working hard to achieve it.”

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  1. i really hope they win! >_< i think they really deserve it

  2. Can someone tell me who’s who?

  3. I like them but I have a feeling they’re going to disband again, I hope not!!!

  4. Yes, it reminds me of the days when other boybands just debut — Young and fresh faces who have came a long way in the industry through the years… Just like DBSK and Super Junior.
    Though these 2 top bands are no longer a full team like they used to, I’m sure we all reminisce the day where they were together — And we see their past through the above band.

  5. That brings back memories …of other kgroups ^^
    wish them the best!

    Ke Ke Ke~~~

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