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Lee Hyori’s Bomb-Like Revelation, “My Favorite Outfit?… Naked,I Prefer Wearing Nothing At All”

On SBS’s Haha Mong Show,the fashionista Lee Hyori made a striking confession: “Wearing nothing, that is my favorite outfit”.

The singer shocked everyone who were present, when she revealed that she felt more comfortable wearing nothing at all, when she was asked to tell which was her favorite outfit.

She confidently added :”Did you all hear the saying stating that the less you wear the more sexier you look?” Mc Mong then responded, embarrassed :”Your standards are too high”

“Then, will you wear your favorite outfit during a live performance?” “If someday I feel like it, I will.”

Meanwhile,Lee Hyori will also appear on Yoo Jae Suk’s new variety show,”Running Men” which is to be broadcasted on July 11th, at 17:20 PM in SBS’s Good Sunday program.

24 Responses

  1. Haha That’s cool. I like that she’s honest like that. Specialy for an ‘idol’

    • Lol.. I wouldn’t consider an “idol” anymore.. Hyori can do that bc she’s Hyori. #2 female celeb in Korea.. (1 is kim yuna of course)

  2. Agreeing with U all!

  3. Sneaky way of letting all the guys in the studio and watching the show imagining her naked. I agree with Junior as well, this is just asking for attention.

  4. agree with junior!

  5. Hyori is hilarious. XD

  6. She used to be hot and sexy, but lately she’s been acting like a bimbo trying to get all the attention.

    I don’t mind naked Hyori on stage, but girl, there’s a fine line between sexy and slutty and you are heading towards the latter.

    • agree with you

    • i get what you’re saying but i personally think hyori’s having too much fun with saying outrages stuff.

      Coz she’s getting away with it. With other celebreties, especially younger female celebreties, they would never ever get away with it. So she’s getting away with it ans she enjoy’s it. I don’t think she’ll actually do something like that.

    • i agree i agree.

      i don’t think shes acting like a bimbo

      she’s just trying too hard p-e-r-i-o-d.

      shes just trying to bury her album issue scandal.

  7. Imagine what will the netizen do if she really did that. Whew.

  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: Lee Hyori’s Bomb-Like Revelation, “My Favorite Outfit?… Naked,I Prefer Wearing Nothing At All” http://twurl.nl/8d8k4l […]

  9. omg the drool sea that has just been made in s korea sexy thoughts be gone

  10. oh god..
    yes lets take all the attention off your plagiarism.

  11. LOL XD…

  12. Looks like Kang JiSub is imagining what Hyori looks like in the altogether! Drool~~~Pant Pant Pant!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  13. -___- at least use ur bikini~ i dont wanna see u naked

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