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SBS Inkigayo 04.07.2010 – C.N Blue wins 2nd Mutizen with ‘Love’.

Today on SBS Inkigayo, group C.N Blue won their 2nd mutizen with their latest hit song ‘Love’. They previously won Mutizen with the song on the show on 20th June.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performances lined on the show today.

Comeback Specials

  • Taeyang “You’re my + I need a Girl ft. G-Dragon”
  • Baby VOX’s Kan MiYeon ft. MBLAQ’s Mir “Crazy”

New Release

  • Super Junior “No Other”
  • 4Minute “I My Me Mine”

Hot Debut

  • miss A “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Take 7

  • MBLAQ “Y”
  • CNBLUE “Love”
  • Orange Caramel “Magic Girl”

Hot Music

  • Infinite “Come Back Again”
  • T-ara’s Park SoYeon “What Should We Finish”
  • Sistar “Push Push”

Fresh Music

  • LPG “Doorbell of Love”
  • Jang YoonJung “Olleh”
  • 2wins “Star”
  • SunnySide MJ w. TaeSaBiAe “Sunflower 2″


  • Green Sports Song : 2PM
  • Interview

20 Responses

  1. Awwww, again Suju were so adorable today<3333

    Now I'm gonna be on a "no other" withdrawal until next week ='(

    Their performances had made my weekend. Gotta download them to fill that yawning void on the weekday until next weekend hits again.

  2. i read that taeyang originally wanted and planned to sing “you’re my” without his top on, lol. because its suppose to be like hes singing in his room in front of a mirror. but they scratched that and he wore the tank.

  3. MISS A rocked the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONgrats CNBLUE!!!!!!

  4. oo CNBlue congtatz boys!!
    love the 4 min perf..and omg love taeyang´s perf :))) so sexxy i hope that taeyang oppa win next week!!!

  5. Taeyang! ‘You’re My’ was wayyy too short! From the back tanks, to the ripped biceps, ooh its hot.
    And ‘I Need A Girl’ was sooo great today, love the lighting, love GD’s hair, its just a hot affair when Taeyang sings.

    And congrats to my CNBlue boys, so happy for them!

  6. Many good performances. Nice. Love Taeyang, 4minute, Suju and miss A. Keep it up.

  7. i love 4minute and suju perfomance

  8. miss A daebak!

  9. can’t wait to see next week”s winner, im hoping for Taeyang but i know Super junior is going to be his competitor

  10. LOVE 4minute perfomance

  11. No D-NA again today? 😥

  12. CONGRATS CN Blue!!
    they deserve it.
    they worked really hard. 🙂
    please take care of your heatlh oppa…
    i hope they'll win again next week, espc MuBank 😀

  13. I Congrats CN Blue Im glad they’re doing so well^^
    Also Taeyang oppa hwaiting!

  14. i like C.N Blue but i don’t know why they are still winning when there song is not even in the top 10 in most music charts anyway congrats to them i think next week is between Taeyang and Super Junior will win Mutizen.

    men Taeyang and Suilli looks pretty cute together.

  15. weeee..chukhahamnida CNBLUE,there goes you go again!!am i too much greedy if i hoping u guys for winning K-Chart this week??kekeke..
    no..CNBLUE will always be no 1 for BOICE!!hehe..
    once again congratz,keep up the good works,fighting p^^q

    @Linda : first of all CNBLUE should thanks to themselves,they win cos of their hardwork that’s for sure..it’s about music not popularity,, ^^b

  16. C.N Blue seems to be winning lots of award lately!
    Dramas indeed makes one popular by a huge margin — Before ‘Boys Over Flowers’, SS501 is an unknown band, same goes for C.N Blue before ‘You’re Beautiful’.
    Though no offence to either group’s fans, I guess the members of SS501 and C.N Blue are really thankful to Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yong Hwa respectively for their today’s fame!

    • SS501 was unknown Before Boys Over Flowers !!!
      i think you are new in kpop

      C.N Blue
      maybe Jung Yong Hwa made them famous but their good music is what keep them

      sorry but my english is very bad ^^

    • Hahaha, of course CN Blue was unknown before You’re beautiful, they officially debuted in Korea till january 2010 and even in Japan they debuted in august 2009, just a month before You’re Beautiful was aired… ROFL at you comment!

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, 小鬼 Eirene S.V Zamili and others. 小鬼 Eirene S.V Zamili said: CHUKKAE! WHOAA, LOVE #CNBLUE!RT @sookyeong: SBS Inkigayo 04.07.2010 – C.N Blue wins 2nd Mutizen with 'Love'. http://wp.me/phE2s-9Br […]

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