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10 years difference in age, Lee Hyori to Onew, “How do you like older women?”

Lee Hyori shows her interests towards young guy Onew.

Singer Lee Hyori did guest appearance on SBS late night variety show ‘Night Star’ aired on 4th July. And even though there are other star appearances whom she is close to like Shin DongYeop, Yoon JongShin and Gil etc around, Lee Hyori was seen transformed into a gentle lady because of the presence of Onew.

Lee Hyori said, “This is the first time I meet Onew. Because I have good impression of him, I’ve always have great interests in him.”

She then asked Onew, “Do you have a girlfriend?” When Onew replied no, she asked again, “How do you like older women?”

Onew answered, “I always think that age is not important. But then I still don’t know well.” Lee Hyori then commented, “Why do you change your mind all of the sudden?”



27 Responses

  1. Well, they aren’t good for each other. Age doesn’t matter but I think Onew deserves a young and FRESH lady. (:

  2. I like Onew’s answer… Very reasonable. First it was just a number but then after one went through it, people may have different opinions.
    He didn’t try to please Hyori either by saying things like “I love noonas!” LOL

  3. she even held onew’s hand twice in that episode,and oh yeah they sang together *sobs*

  4. In my opinion, Onew changed his mind because he was intimidated of Hyori. πŸ˜›

  5. Does anyone else feel Onew looks a little like Rain in that photo?

    Always felt that Hyori and Rain should hook up.

  6. Stay away from Onew. xD

  7. i like Hyori-Rain than Onew-Hyori sure not!

  8. “Robbing the cradle” with Onew as yer “Boy Toy” are ya Hyori?
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  9. I agree to the others Hyori-Rain-couple is still the best, baby Onew can be her lil’ bro, which I think she’d gladly accept anytime (she herself knows better HAHA), but Hyori-and-Rain is the hottest couple you can find in Korea, sorry, I mean ASIA. xD

  10. rofl thats totally cute

    shes joking about truly dating but you can tell she finds him cute. she loves making “those potential” mates nervous around her. you can tell her preference in men too. daesung, onew and such. rain also looks like them and rain is in the same age group.

    if the world was so simple, she and rain would be dating

  11. AWW ! MY ONEW! AHHHH ~ laugh ! he only think of his chicken ? lmao ! πŸ˜€

  12. haha, but onew’s heart is belongs to chicken only (lol,woot? hehe)

  13. sorry, prefer Rain-Hyori couple..kekekeke

  14. hyori and daesung are 10 years apart too, i prefer daeRI couple more.

  15. hahah I love Hyori xD she’s so cute and funny

  16. It depends on the couple, I guess…ten years can be a lot or nothing really. But Onew seemed a bit embarrased, didn`t he?

  17. When I saw this new post in my hotmail “10 years difference in age, Lee Hyori…” I know it should be a male celebrity coz normally no one would comment about both of the same sex and all the more, lee Hyori the sex bomb lol.
    But, the main point is I managed to guess it’s a SHINee members upon seeing the title.
    The title appeared on my hotmail was only until “Lee Hyori…” and I was like “Ok now, this must be a SHINee member” (since they are one of the youngest band) and when I clicked, there it is, Onew’s name. Lol.

    • me too,haha

    • Yeah, not only that, but Shinee are really respectful of singers who have debuted before them and their staff members and overall others around them. Haha, refer to that one video or photo? (i forget…) of them bowing at a 90 degree angle multiple times! XD<3

  18. She sounds like she is asking pick up lines. =D lol

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