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C.N Blue’s ‘shining’ bare faces revealed garner interests

Male band C.N Blue members reveal their bare faces.

The photos revealing C.N Blue members’ bare faces were posted on SBS Power FM ‘Choi HwaJung’s PowerTime’ noticeboard on 5th June, garnering much interests from netizens.

The radio show production team commented, “Being a woman, I am speechless”, “Big eyes. Shining bare faces!”, “Are they really guys? How can they be so pretty?” etc.

Many netizens also commented, “This is the right time to use the phrase ‘self illuminate'”, “Let’s do skin management together”, “C.N Blue makes woman feel embarrassed” etc.



29 Responses

  1. woow i think Jonghyun looks like super junior sungmin
    i love both of them

  2. yeah agreed. Yonghwa looked the most diff w/o makeup. otherwise, they’re really ‘prettyyy!’ XD

  3. OMG Jonghyun is so damn yummy. And add his damn good vioce.

  4. CN Blue is GORGEOUS too!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  5. OMG! I love C.N. Blue! They are very talented, down-to-earth and handsome! Please come here in the Philippines! 🙂

    Their skin are really flawless! wow! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  6. I think jonghyun looks a bit lyke sungmin.. my fave minhyuk looks yummy s usual.. =p

  7. wow minkhyuk has the same “couple” ring as jokwon and raina 🙂 mayb theyre in a love triangle?

  8. Am i the only one thinking Jonghyun actually looks a BIT like Lee Minho?

  9. But they’re men so it’s no surprise. only in korea, would they make it such a fuss lol


  11. JongHyun is so attractive and I wish he would speak up more when CN Blue is on WGM. Although he fits the strong silent type so well.

  12. hermosooooooos♥

  13. oh my beautiful Jong Hyun looking so sweet … as sweet as his voice. he’s my favourite in CN Blue. i think he is the most good-looking in the band but glad that he’s not over-exposed like Yong Hwa.

  14. Can anyone help me figure out who is who ? ;X. I still dont know names to faces in CN BLUE ^^”. Help me out ;D.

    • in white shirt; lee jong hyun- guitar vocal
      orange shirt; kang minhyuk- drum
      black shirt; lee jungshin-bass
      grey shirt with black stripe; jung yong hwa-vocal guitar rap

    • in the first picture, the one in stripe shirt is Yong Hwa (guitar, vocal and leader), in red shirt is Min Hyeok (drum) and in white, Jong Hyeon (guitar and vocal). Jeong Shin (bass) is the one in the second picture with Jong Hyeon.

      Jong Hyeon looks a lot like that Japanese actor, Masaki Okada. both are so beautiful.

  15. omo…JUNGHYUN!!!!! 🙂 I LIKE @.@

  16. JongHyun is the most gorgeous man i’ve liad eyes on and his sexy voice makes him even sexier. *______________*

  17. love 2nd and 4th pics
    JONGSHIN/TOM n JERRY couple r so pretty n handsome


  19. they look nice without make uppp how can that be???? lol

  20. jonghyun is so handsome!!!

  21. handsome faces haha

  22. Aish….what with the watermark on the last pic..
    Anyway, JongHyun really attractive..
    He is charming… And, i love his vocal…

    CNB & FTI = FighTing!!

  23. OMGsun, JONGHYUN!!! certified ulzzang!!! 🙂
    actually, all of them are ulzzang!
    they’re really looking good without make-up.

  24. Yonghwa looks probs the most different but still attractive. Jong Hyun looks better without makeup. Min Hyuk and Jung Shin look the same.

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