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G.NA debuts with duet song ‘Things I Want To Do If I Have A Lover’ featuring Rain

โ€˜New Generation Diva’ G.NA is set to debut with duet song ‘Things I want To Do If I have A Lover’ with world star Rain.

Known for her great vocal capabilities and luxurious charms even before her official debut, G.NA is set to debut with the duet ‘Things I Want To Do If I Have A Lover’ with Rain set to be revealed on 5th July. G.NA was set to debut in group 5Girls consisting of WonderGirls YooBin, After School UEE which she is also the leader member, but she later on joined Cube Entertainment when the group disbanded.

Her debut duet song is a pop ballad with urban R&B rhythm and acoustic guitar sounds. This will also be Rain’s first duet song since his debut.



35 Responses

  1. oh justin bieber…superb talent..i love you

  2. […] G.NA’s debut song is also duet song ‘Things I Want To Do If I Have a Lover’ featuring world star Rain. And the song is currently going up on music charts fast, receiving good […]

  3. […] G.NA’s debut song is also duet song ‘Things I Want To Do If I Have a Lover’ featuring world star Rain. And the song is currently going up on music charts fast, receiving good […]

  4. […] is heated since G.NA is known for her feminine and glamorous image. In addition, G.NA’s debut song ‘Things I Want To Do If I Have A Lover’, duet with Rain was also revealed on …, and is garnering great interests from music […]

  5. this song is really nice. it’s a good summer type song.
    i have a feeling that she will release another song after this as her real debut song. i will support Gina!

  6. […] K Bites, 5millionwon @ youtube var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname="Gina Choi Debuts […]

  7. this is nice that rain sang with her. when she debuts, i wonder if he’ll be on the stage with her. this song is really goood too. shes really talented also.

  8. Rain’s first duet? Really? If I remember correctly he has a duet song with Lim Jeong Hee called Cassiopeia……

    • He also had a duet with with Byul and Bada was featured in one of his songs too.

      What a lucky girl, got the chance to have a duet with Korea’s top idol! Seems like JYPE/CUBE have high hopes on her.

  9. […] Her debut song is duet song with world star Rain. […]

  10. I wish there were more harmonies in this song. I think their voices would have sounded really good together.

    But all in all, I am excited to see her perform. Her English sounds really natural.

    CUBE! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Cube’s talents > JYp talents. Get real.

  12. i like this song and her voice as well. such a breath of fresh air..

  13. G.NA is such a lame alias. GINA is more original and pretty. the song … it’s okay, but nothing outstanding.

  14. It’s good but i’ve heard this voice before. I think she’s good at dancing instead of singing….who knows.

  15. Niccceeee.
    Her looks doesn’t match the song, lyrics at first, so its a nice surprise. (She looks like the sexy vixen who sings upbeat songs.)

    Rain adds a nice touch as well, highlighting the chorus nicely.

    How many times did I say nice? Ha.

  16. sounds like justin bieber haha

    • LOL! Justin Bieber? BIEBER IS SHIT! He can’t show some SWAGGER! He’s Trying hard like WTF????

      This song is much MORE MORE MORE MORE better than that SHIT-BIEBER. EEWW โ™ฅ

  17. this is a pretty song! i love her voice! and rain sounds nice too!

    b;; i don’t see why she should stay with JYPE when it took them this long to debut her. i’m glad she’s glad with the upcoming company CUBE. they already secured a duet like this for her and will promote her nicely and give her great songs. no need to worry about her

    • cube ent. is a sub label for JYPE just like AQ ent. for miss A and Big Hit ent for 2AM

      • If u dont know anything please do not say anything
        U must thanks JYPE cuz they send their talent trainee like HyunA, Ji Hyun, Doo Joon, Ki Kwang, Gina to Cube, help Cube and give them a chance to debut
        In 2008 JYPE need promote WGs debut 2AM, 2PM, they cant debut more

      • no it isnt..
        the cube ceo is an ex leader of jyp or something..Didnt you realize?nobody callled beast or minute a new jyp group…here isnt the “jyp” trademark” in the beginning of the song

      • seriously I am getting tired of explaining this!
        CUBE is NOT UNDER JYPE and JYP, the former president/ CEO of JYPE left JYPE because of creative differences or something and then he created CUBE and that’s when Hyuna, Jihyun, Gina and the others transferred! JYPE just lent 2AM to CUBE for a short while because of an i don’t really know reason or maybe JYP was just lazy or something.


        btw: wikipedia information is so wrong!!!

      • JYP founded CUBE, so it’s his subsidiary. Except it does not come under the JYPE umbrella. (Either that, or the parent – JYP the investor – decided to empower CUBE to build its own identity, after the company had a mixed start). That’s the distinction between sister company & sub-label.

        From what I know, CUBE was originally a production company. But when JYP tried to subsume it into idol-making for some of his proteges (notably 2AM) in 2008, the industry feedback was negative. It regrouped &, for self-preservation, was given business & creative autonomy (likely at the insistence of the new CEO who switched over from JYPE). From 2009 onwards, the calibrated ‘split’ has worked for packaging & marketing purposes, with no accompanying baggage.

        Still, make no mistake, JYP may not write songs or produce albums for CUBE artistes, but he is still a company stakeholder & sits on its board of directors. CUBE also continues to draw talents from the JYP trainee pool &, at this stage of its young development, is gearing more at strategic marketing (eg. collaborating with Universal Music, expanding 4Minute to Japan).

        BTW JYP founded JYPE, but is no longer its company president. Jung Wook holds that title now.

      • @oldtimer may i ask where u are getting ur sources. i dont remember reading anywhere that JYP founded CUBE, it most definitely was known that an ex-executive founded CUBE.

  18. hope they don’t give her a cute concept for this song.. gina is too hot for that.. nice summery song…. wish she stayed at JYPE, but I’m glad she is finally debuting.

  19. Is Rain going to perform with her for her debut stage?

  20. ohhh it’s actually nice. i like it.

  21. this song is so nice!!!!!!!!!!

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