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Girlgroup Black Pearl is back with new song ‘Go Go Ssing’ after 3 years

4-member female group Black Pearl will be back with a new minialbum ‘GoGoSsing’ after 3 years with Jo YeongSoo and Oh SeongHoon as their composers.

The title song to their new minialbum will be ‘Go Go Ssing’, and is a sweet and light dance number ideal for summer written by Jo YeongSoo. Other songs included in the album are ‘Love Warning’, ‘Page One’, ‘Sad Heart’, ‘Love and Learn’ etc, as well as ‘Because Of You’ written by Oh SeongHoon.

The group consisting of Nami, JeongMin, YeongJoo and HwiEun, is known for their R&B music. They debuted in 2007 with the digital single ‘Can’t Help Liking You’. They also too part in various OST songs, as well as a collaboration with SeeYa for album ‘Colour Pink’ in June 2008.

Meanwhile, the new song will be revealed on Mnet.com on 5th July.


Go Go Ssing

Because Of You

In the end… It’s you

20 Responses

  1. oh wow!!! I was wondering what happen to them. Their all such wonderful singers. Its good to see them back in action.

  2. Now, we need to have CSJH back in korea!!!!!!

  3. Is the 2007 girl groups coming back to reign? I was just wondering what happened to them. This concept was better than their debut concept -_-‘

  4. totally forgot about them…

  5. ALOOOOT of bands are making comebacks!
    I guess they’ve seen the success of their juniors (Super Junior, WonderGirls, SNSD etc..) thus they are wanting to make a comeback and not lose out to their juniors!
    However, it all depends of the effort and very importantly, SONG and CHOREOGRAPHER — Which explains Super Junior (Sorry Sorry) and WonderGirls (Nobody)’s fame this very day…
    All the best to the soloist/bands who are making their comebacks then!

  6. the song because of you, i mean

  7. the beginning go go ssing sounds like kesha’s your love is my drug.

  8. OH MY GOD.

    One of favorite girl groups in 07, along the original KARA. I missed them terribly and I still remember those days. It’s been a long time. I hope their comeback would be successful! 🙂 Black Pearl Hwaiting!

  9. i love the song but i’m sad that mika is out she was so good but il ike the new member Jungmin the girls look so pretty
    i love Nami and Youngjoo new hairstyle

  10. Wow completely forgot about them!

  11. omg black pearl?!?! the last time i saw them was during the 2007 MKMF when they did the special stage with Wonder Girls, KARA, and SNSD! i thought they were like Baby V.O.X Re.V and CATS! i hope the songs are good!

  12. Comeback after 3 years?? That’s insane considering they debuted in 2007. =/

  13. I remember them. I think they guested in 2pm’s idol army once.

  14. Wow, Black Pearl are still alive?

  15. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: Girlgroup Black Pearl is back with new song 'Go Go Ssing' after 3 years http://wp.me/phE2s-9CM […]

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