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miss A Fei’s pre-debut photos with 2PM and 2AM members garner interests

New girlgroup miss A member Fei’s predebut photos garner interests.

Recently, Fei’s predebut photos were posted up on various community portal sites. And in the photos revealed, Fei was seen posing with 2AM and 2PM members. She was also seen posing with other Chinese trainees under JYPE.

Go under the cut for more photos.

Fei now

66 Responses

  1. woww she looks sooo much better after! her skin got 10 shades lighter… o.o

    i remember seeing these predebut pictures but i never would have thought she was fei -__-;;;

  2. make up really does wonders

  3. In the last pic she slightly looks like Eugene. idk

  4. ein? i thought she’s Kim Ah joon

  5. wonderam. misspm.

  6. Fei’s my bias! She definitely looks better now. Her skin looks better and she has more color.

  7. I am so sorry but not really feeling miss a at the moment but because they are from jyp And I like both wondergirls and 2pm I would try to acceptthem because previously I really like wonderday and I hope with miss a appearing I hope I will not get to see less wonderday ;( oh man. But I admit this girl fei right looks prettier now than her predebut photos

  8. Fei and Taec had (still have?) a thing.
    Sunye and Jay had a thing.

    I thought everyone knew this? The Sunye-Jay part, at least.

    Lol, the couplings you see on TV (the publicised ones) have almost zero chance happening in real life.

  9. ..and to the hot topic, each group has their own outstanding member referring the look..for the record, WG?? no..

    • sunye is so gorgeous. her face is like so rare: high cheekbones, beautiful eyes, beautiful nose, her thin lips and her sharp jaw-line.
      i’m not exaggerating.

  10. agree with @2DT

  11. shes so lucky x) (& pretty)
    miss A seem to be a really talented and pretty group. Theyre really strong in terms of dancing and singing (Y)

  12. She looks like Stephanie The Grace…

  13. She really looks like Kim Ah Joong!

  14. is the first one, Kim Hyun Joong?


  16. She just look more mature now but still the same person.

  17. omg,, she looks diff b4 and now.

  18. i think JYP girls really talented but not beautiful

    Look at all the new girls teams , some of them are beautiful and very talented too , but there is no girl in JYP famous beauty
    I know that Sohee very famous, but she is not the most beautiful among the other girls

    I know that my words will not please some people, especially wendergirls’s fans πŸ˜†

    • I actually think missA is pretty, while I find the WG to be only decent. And honeslty, all the girls of missA are prettier than SNSD, IMO.

      • except maybe Tiffany. She’s really pretty.

      • Kara girls are prettier and hot than WG and missA together.

        Gyuri is the Kpop Goddess!!!!!

      • agree with you , i dont think all the SNSD’s members are pretty , except Tiffany , Jessica and Yuri (in my opinion )

      • loll kara girls aren’t that pretty to me. to me right now out of those four groups it’s
        1. wondergirls
        2. snsd / miss A
        3. kara

    • But you said them anyway, so what does that make you?

      • @ lupan

        thank you , finally some one thinking like me πŸ™‚
        and dont forget Hara and Nicole

        @ Erm

        When I said ( some of them ) ، I mean the new girls such as Rainbow – tara and after school
        some of this girls really really really pretty

      • That’s your preference though, and not everyone is going to agree with you. You should already know that. So it seems like you’re just trying to start a fight.

      • @ Erm

        Believe me, I already know that .
        But this thing caught my attention
        I also know that there are people who believe that the WG’s girls so pretty ، even if they are not their fans
        I am not trying to start a war Hahahahaha
        For me, I accept the other opinion, but i think you dont 😦
        Seems that you do not have the mood to talk, and this is not my fault πŸ™‚

        relax , nothing in the world deserves to be angry about it πŸ™‚

      • Believe me I’m not angry πŸ™‚ I just don’t think you’re a very smart person, so let’s end this conversation. You can continue to make comments to try and bait fans and I’ll continue to feel the way I feel about it.

    • yeap, but dang. SUNYE ISSSSS PRETTY O_O

    • Well JYP doesn’t look into the Beauty Factor as much as other entertainment companies.
      They concentrate more on other things. Like Talent.

      ops…That last line looks aggressive o.o
      Not trying to offend someone here =/

  19. WOW, she looks much much better with make up on!!

  20. An interest information!: Fei appeared together with Jia in 2PM’s MV My Color. They’re the girls in pink with NichKhun πŸ˜€

  21. She’s still the same. And I’m pretty sure she could be Stephanie The Grace’s long lost twin.

    • lmao..omg fo’reals…
      i like fei but she reminds me too much of Stephanie the grace whom is my fave 😦

      • omg i know.. the first time i saw her, i was like wow she reminds me of stephanie. But i like CSJH waaaaaaaaaaay better, i hope they comeback soon!

  22. Ohh, so that was Fei Fei, seen those pictures last year. ^^
    Never kenw it was Fei Fei πŸ™‚

  23. She looks like a random chinese girl taking snapshots with her friends before, but now, she looks like a mix of Kim TaeHee and Kim AhJoong (in the last picture at least) amazingly, I guess cosmetic does wonder afterall. πŸ™‚
    And her eyes are big! Reminds me of SuJu’s Heechul.

  24. u forgot this pic

    • People should see this picture. They really look like a couple. But I like Tae-Yoona better.
      Why most of guys are saying that she looks pretty? She just look like an ordinary gal without make-up. No doubt, she is cute. Whether be it be plastic surgery or not, SNSD gals are a lot prettier and have nice features

      • reason why ppl say she’s pretty because she does look like an ordinary girl. someone NORMAL..
        SNSD girls prettier cause they all went under the knife.
        I prefer natural beauty over surgically enhance beauty.

      • @lol
        For me, there is a HUGE difference between being normal and pretty. Normal means you will not notic when you pass by, pretty mean you will look second time. lol she is someone I will not look second glance.

      • SNSD girls did not ALL go under the knife. taeyeon looks exactly the same as her childhood pics–same with seohyun and sooyoung.

    • i always do that to my many male friends.
      it’s not big deal at all

  25. 2pm sasaeng account mention that this girl is taec girlfriend

    what a bullshit story

    • Aww, fan in denial. How sad.

      • that’s the fact dude,a bullshit story, the sasaeng fans even cover up her face with white shape to cover up her identity… ah~~ i think you’re an antis in denial… HOW SAD…

      • yeahh the blurred out this pic when it first came out

    • yeahh i remember that like taec have a multiple girlfriend or something but actually it’s miss a and other trainee


    • ughhh taecyeon is a player.

    • Ewww..who would want taec, that ugly trash? lol

      • agreed I’m not feeling Taec nowadays at all…. iunno he seems kind of ugh

      • i wouldn’t say ugly trash, but i’m kinda sick of him right now. the shirtless-i’m-a-top-star-so-i-can-say-whatever-the-hell-i-want-taec basically finished off any sort of respect&admiration i had for him

      • ewww who would want a fan like you ? ugly trash…

    • Maybe they did date but not sasaeng fans took it out of context because of their dislike for him?

    • hahaha lol i’m surprised to see non2pm/anti2pm fans commenting here 8D

  26. she’s beautiful πŸ™‚

  27. lol they’re cute as hell πŸ™‚
    fei is such a gorgeous girl.

  28. she looks the same! but thanks to the wonder of cosmetics cause she looks more fabulous now!

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