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Narsha reveals 2nd set of concept photos to upcoming solo title song ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’

The 2nd set of concept photos to Narsha’s solo title song has been revealed on 5th July.

The 1st part of the concept photos featured Narsha in both the angel and the devil concept, undergoing a radical transformation.

And this time, for her title song ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’, Narsha will do a concept that is more refreshing than that of ‘Abracadabra’. The song will follow the minimal house genre and the main theme to it will be that of a sweet nightmare. It is known that the teaser MV to ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’ will be released on the 6th.

Meanwhile, the song ‘I’m In Love’ off Narsha’s upcoming solo album revealed on the 2nd is also doing well up on music sites.


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  1. […] on 5th July, a set of concept photos for the song has also been revealing, featuring Narsha undergo radical […]

  2. […] on 5th July, a set of concept photos for the song has also been revealing, featuring Narsha undergo radical […]

  3. […] on 5th July, a set of concept photos for the song has also been revealing, featuring Narsha undergo radical […]

  4. i think this is very artsy and has a modern take on the past eras. a modern spin on the vintage look. this is sooooooo not effin gaga. i wish ppl would just stop with that. this is actually nice and has an aesthetic quality to it while gaga is overkill, outrageous and crazy and most of the time, her looks are an eyesore. she just tries too effin hard. i aint no gaga hater but damn does it get old.

    narsha looks great here. very 1920’s high fashion and bold. i dunno if me liking these sets by narsha is cuz i’m just very into art and design, but i love this and i cannot stress it enough that this aint no gaga. srsly.

  5. LOVE IT

  6. she has a weirdly shaped head. it’s like an upside down triangle.

  7. what happened to Narsha?lol this look doesn’t really fit her. It looks scary.

  8. AHH she looks beautiful 🙂
    I feel like I’m the minority here >< probably because I'm also into visual kei also so it doesn't seem 'creepy' to me

  9. when hyori did one of those out-of-this-world concepts everyone was like “it’s ok because only hyori can pull it off”

    well I SALUTE NARSHA for pulling it off just as well if not better than hyori. you go girl to YOU!!!

  10. T_T…omg..creepy..

  11. OMG! whatta a picture…

  12. I don’t like the concept.
    And the pics are so much photoshoped.

  13. the outfit in the second to last picture is like…

    a hot night gown, lol. without the feathered fedora

  14. I love narsha but WTF is that???? o_O
    this concept is horrible.

  15. actually she reminds me more of Ayumi Hamasaki and her crazy fashion style =)

  16. Narsha’s concept is more like for a high fashion magazine than Lady Gaga. I don’t understand why people equate “strange and fierce” concept to Lady Gaga, when you go to Harajuko Japan, her “look” is a dime a dozen.

  17. man, im so sick to hear from people always saying Lady Gaga concept whenever people dress weird.

    • So true !!!!!!
      There were a lot of people before her dressed weirdly (with better songs though and more talented …).
      Kate Bush, Björk, Roisin Murphy, Grace Jones, Goldfrapp …

      • Not to forget David Bowie as well [:
        Goldfrapp produces good music but that’s not the point.
        I’m loving the concept!
        Even though the preview has been released, i can’t wait to see the whole MV.

  18. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: Narsha reveals 2nd set of concept photos to upcoming solo title song 'Bbi Ri Bba Bba' http://wp.me/phE2s-9CH […]

  19. i love Narsha
    but that is rally strange concept ( Lady Gaga )
    and ………. Seriously
    What is the problem with the new Korean songs’s names ????
    1- Ring ding dong
    2- bonamana …………….etc

    and now

    • and now ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’


      • @Firefye well thats how it was always like since lady gaga debut….. i noe you might not like her but that is kinda true… expecially the concept narsha is tryign to go for… afer i saw the picture the first thing that comes to mind is LADYGAGA…

      • No, not really. Lady Gaga = Strange Concept, but not the other way around.

      • @ Firefye
        i know what you mean ……
        but i say that , because she is the one who started all these crazy things ( crazy Makeup – crazy Clothing – crazy Videos)

      • Firefye is right… “Lady Gaga = Strange Concept, but not the other way around.”

        but i guess i understand your views… even though its very ignorant. shes just more prominent on primetime tv and we have more access to different medias now than we did back in the day so its easier to say she did this and that because we can easily see it from her. but in reality, the theatrics has been around since forever (exaggeration). japanese were always known for their outrageous attires and so were many different artists gracing different time periods.

        it just pinches my nerves whenever people say lady gaga defines “strange styles”.

        and um, narsha’s style doesnt seem too strange here. its reminiscent of the Renaissance Era, a period where art reached new heights

    • Ring ding dong
      bo peep bo peep
      chitty chitty bang bang
      Bbi Ri Bba Bba…

      all these song’s names SUCKS !!!!

  20. oO


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