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Xiah JunSu sent to the emergency ward in the middle of the night in LA

Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu is known to have been sent to the emergency ward in the middle of the night during his stay in LA, America.

Xiah has shown symptoms of serious cold like high fever and dehydration at 10pm on 3rd July (local time) and was sent to the emergency ward at a Korean hospital.

An official revealed, “Probably due to accumulated fatigue from recording, Xiah had shown symptoms like exhaustion and over 40 degrees fever, and so we had him sent to the emergency ward for treatment.”

Currently, Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong are in the States working with famour producers on their album recording.



25 Responses

  1. Remélem jól vagy kedves Xiah.Vigyázz magadra és a többiek is további szép sikereket kívánok nektek.Gyógyulj meg mihamarabb.

  2. “LA, America?” What do they mean by that? Is it Los Angeles or Louisiana? “Korean hospital?” Do they mean a Korean clinic/doctor? There are clinics that are run by Asian doctors around here (Los Angeles), but I’ve never even heard or seen any private hospital that’s run by Koreans or any other ethnicity.

  3. Is it like hospital in korea town(not necessarily korean hospital) or, really? Seriously? I bet ppl won’t recognz him that well on normal hosptl a/way. I mean, it’s in LA.

  4. oh my.
    xiah junsu, take care of yourself. don’t skip meals and always eat. stop your dieting first.
    and 40degrees..woah! take a rest.

    and a korean hospital?! are they like..afraid of going to an american one?!

    anyways, always rest.

  5. Oh junsu I hope u are alright stay strong forever Cassiopeia will hold on to you son overwork we are all patiently waiting for the upcoming album it will sure be great!

  6. oh no, i hope he gets well soon.

  7. Over 40 degrees fever??? That’s really serious…

  8. Poor SuSu >.< Hope he gets better 🙂

  9. “famour” producers?

  10. I got so scared. Junsu, please take care of yourself. They must all be under so much stress but you need to take care of yourself!!!

  11. poor xiah.. i hope he’s ok.. give him some rest.. n the other two boys too

  12. Junsu-ssi… Eodi appasseo?
    I know u’ve been working so hard, but please take care of ur self too. Get well soon! >.<

  13. Xiah !!!! i hope everything is allright u are strong baby so come on take care !

  14. Don’t over work Junsu 😦 ❤

  15. there are specific racial hospitals now?!..O.o

  16. Junsu ah, please take care of yourself. I seriously worry reading this. 😦

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  18. Aww poor baby *sigh*
    I hope he gets some rest ❤

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  20. yikes, hope he recovers soon!

    but it was random they happened to find or were close to a Korean hospital in LA.

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