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Jay Park for fan meet tour 2010 to 8 cities this September!

An announcement was put up on Jay Park’s site (www.jaypark.com) on 6th July announcing Jay Park’s Fan Meet 2010.

It is stated that, “Jay will be bringing his dance crew AOM to the various fan meet locations, where he will perform songs, choreograph special dance sequences and play games with the fans. Jay and AOM will also battle top local bboy crews in a friendly exchange to promote youth culture in each country.”

The fan meets are set to kick off in Seoul on August 28th and go on to Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore throughout the month of September.

41 Responses

  1. omg! ticket details are on SISTIC already. it’s $99 tickets from 10th – 24th July! no age restrictions!

  2. hate all you want but Jay has people to see and places to go unlike you haters, will be forever sitting and rotting infront of your computer.
    have a happy life.

  3. so stoked..can’t wait 2 c jay’s hot moves live in singapore.. Jaywalkers will turn up in droves 2 support u..Jayeffect is sooo takin effect already.. =p

  4. Jay is coming here in the Philippines? Oh my gooooooodneeeeeeeeesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. a lot of negative comments…but whatev.
    i can’t wait for him to be in the Philippines!
    this too shall not pass! i’ll def go!

  6. Damn, there’s a lot of immature haters here. Move on peeps, you go ’round dissing JayWalkers for any shit 2PM goes through when we ain’t done anything.

    I’d go but my country isn’t listed. <______<


  8. O.o no jakarta?? WHY? WHY? WHY???

  9. Korea is GAY, rather JYP and 2PM are! Jay Park WOULDN’T “Roll Over” for either!
    Way to Go, Jay, MY Straight Man!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  10. Jay Park HWAITING!!!
    He’s a nice guy with talents.

  11. okay ppl, since you guys are not going, so just stay put at wherever you are, be online and continue your witch hunting while me and my friends secure our place at the fanmeeting!!!yay!!!

  12. Wow, so many negative comments in this post.

    By the way, it says there FAN-MEETING.

    If you’re not a fan, you’re probably not the target audience, and you’re probably NOT invited. Just move along and if you have nothing nice to say, best keep it to yourselves.

    Jay, your FANS will welcome you wherever you go.

  13. Why dun 2pm come along with him??

  14. who is this guy? is he a new singer? :/

  15. Are they doing this in the US? Cause I know some BBoy Battles going on in my state and they should come…

  16. The ticket price for singapre fan meeting is S$120. I wonder what type of fans will go? Just meeting him for 1 and half hr. Even if it is my fav BB i will consider. Jay and his drama…get over it.

    • wow 120$ :O that’s a lot… i can understand you. for a concert, maybe. but for a fanmeeting, honestly, it’s too much…

  17. Hmm, I could see him doing something like this if he put out an album or something but I really don’t see the point in a fan meeting.

    • THIS!
      no song,no album,no film whatsoever

      • He’s releasing a new single soon, and he’ll be promoting his movie.

        Get your facts right before passing your judgement, please. Thanks.

      • Well, seeing as he has done nothing YET, I can say what I wish so stfu, please. Thanks. πŸ˜€

  18. If your being hated on guess you must be doing something right…so Jay keep doing your thang boy!!

  19. hey! he’s coming in my area. I’m not his fan so I’ll probably not go LMAO

  20. he is famous for the wrong reason,i will feel embarrassed if I were him.

    • I couldnt agree more.

      ‘Korea is gay’ !!

      • but past is past. yeah he said that, and apologized. i can’t get why some people are still mad. i mean, if you know your country IS better than any derogatory comment, why let yourself remain affected by the comment itself? you can always be the bigger person by moving on..

  21. Top Asian Promoter?lol
    I notice that who organizes his activities always talk crap as if Jay is the best thing that happens in Asia.The fact is NO.

  22. oh really, is he that famous in asia!? I doubt.

  23. what?! aaaah, he’s going to the philippines! why couldn’t he go there when i was there two weeks ago! my cousins are such lucky mofos..

    jay park, FIGHTING! πŸ˜€

  24. I guess these fan meetings are going to be filmed as part of the Hype Nation movie, or is it possible that the filming has completely been done by then?.. Just my thought

  25. Malaysia Malaysia! gosh, im sooo IN!

  26. oh my fucking goodness! he is coming here in the Philippines!!! damn!!!!!

    • as if lots of filipino’s know him…nahhh he’s not that popular!

      • Totally agree with you.
        even Taeck is more famous in Asia πŸ˜€

      • ya never know. hahah πŸ˜› hoping he ‘d still get lotsa love here. i want to go!

      • Are you from the PI?

        I admit, 2PM fanbase itself I think isn’t as pronounced as Cassies and ELFs, but KPOP community as a whole here is quite a pretty tight bunch of group regardless of their initial biases. Thyat’s the reason why even noob kpop artists such as beast get really warm reception here in the Philippines. Jay might do pretty well.

      • better watch your words…
        i agree with @123grr!
        he’s been a part of 2PM, so yeah..he def. has a lot of fance here.

  27. Malaysia in the list too:)

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