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KangTa, “I am going to be with SM Entertainment for over 10 years to come”

Singer KangTa reveals that he will continue to be under SM Entertainment’s management for more than 10 years to come.

KangTa was present for the press conference to commemorate 1st year establishment of entertainer’s standard contracts on 6th June in Seoul YeoIlDo. He said at the conference, “It has been 15 years since I debuted as H.O.T.”

He said, “During these 15 years, I have not left my agency for once, and I re-contracted with them 4 times. In the coming 10 years, I’m going to stick with them. It is a rare case to continue under one agency for 15 years, and I was asked ‘Why do you continue with them?’. The reason is that I feel it is worthy to stay managed under this agency.”

He added, “There has been great interests regarding my overseas promotions since H.O.T times till after we disbanded. SM is a company which has made many achievements in China, and is able to establish subsidiaries not only in China but in the rest of SEA and even in Japan. And because of that I feel it is the company I need and I feel it is reasonable to stay with SM.”

The conference marks the 1st year anniversary of establishing a standard contract for entertainers to protect their legitimate rights and interests, improving the case of unfair treatment to many entertainers out there in the market.



36 Responses

  1. Wow..another 10 yrs..Datz a looong tyme..Wonder if suju n shinee will still b in sm in dat period of tyme..Kangta is sooo loyal..If only jejung,junsu, yoochun n hangeng r s loyal s kangta dat would b sooo great..

  2. Oh please he has a share in it of course he will be nice about SM. If everyone boycotted SM he’d lose money of course he won’t leave.

    • PLOP

    • Yeah, but Kangta had to tough it out as an idol to be where he is now. If he had felt it was unfair, he would’ve left a long time ago. Since he toughed it out he was rewarded a share of SM’s stocks.

      Besides, I don’t think SM is that bad of a company or else we’ll have artists sueing left and right.

      You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if he later becomes the ceo of SME.

  3. I don’t know why some ppl seem to mock Kangta’s decision. If he thinks he finds the perfect balance of business and personal relationship at SME then I don’t see any reason why he should move to another company.

  4. KangTa Fighting <33333!!!
    SME Hwaiting !!!

  5. this is great. its one thing to be a singer, but its another to take your experience with a company and learn from it. from a very quick glimpse, it seems like all up and coming teens in korea want to be famous. (obviously a large exaggeration but bear with me). but yeah, its good that hes looking into a more stable aspect of the business. it gives hope for people from a standpoint of, if you dont succeed as an entertainer, there are many other ways to get involved.

    oh, i dislike how people say SME is a slave company. give me a break. all companies throw out contracts and give incentives so that theyre guaranteed something in return. yeah, it may not be an angel of a company, but who is? and dont give me YG or JYPE (:

    • The most reasonable comment I’ve seen.
      Company is a company. Contract is thrown for business purpose not to solely voluntarily make the artists and fans happy.

      Thx… I’m sick of people putting SM as slave company. They first need to learn the meaning of slave. Slaves don’t ride in cars, they’re not fed properly, they’re not sheltered in a fine apartments, they don’t get nice clothes n hairstyles.

      I guess SM can be nice if the artists are loyal. U see Jaewon from Blackbeat is still in SM. His career as a singer failed but he’s now a choreographer. SM still gave opportunity to those who failed their singing career to make use of their talents in other fields like Isak who’s now a VJ.
      Plus TRAX also stays with SM…. Compare to those who sued, there are bigger numbers who didn’t. Don’t gimme shit like the braver one is lesser. There’s always two sides of the same story. That’s why HOT n TVXQ were torn into 2.

    • LOL … you should work for SME REALLY !!!

      • I actually agree completely with Qrizta.

        Someone mentioned that Kangta thinks differently about SM than others because he is getting something out of his long contracts – stocks.

        What people don’t realize is that for others who had signed a long contract (HanGeng, the 3 TVXQ members, Yoona), they also got benefits out of their long “slave” contracts. Ever notice that Yoona and HanGeng gets promoted like crazy compared to others in their respective groups? Especially in the early days of Super Junior, he always got put in the centre for photos and MVs, and got to be the first or second to sing even though he has one of the weakest voices in SJ and can’t speak Korean well. Or how much SM invested in snazzy Japanese MVs for TVXQ despite their very poor early sales compared to how TRAX fared?

        So, the way I look at it, those who signed long contracts reaped the benefits of those long contracts.

  6. let’s see how long SM wants kangta.
    since he’s not making much money for them anymore :p

    • Kangta makes mad cash for SM. Though you may not see it. The off/not tv/newsworthy jobs he does brings in bread for him. As well as being a Vocal coach for trainees when they need him to be.

    • he is also a songwriter for SM, he made many song for other artist

  7. I really hate to SM
    Always abuse their artists, but if Kangta decides to stay in this abusive company, we must respect their decision

  8. Well BoA and Kangta have lots of shares in SM and so it makes sense that they would stay. They’re being treated really well and SM is the top korean management company and has done so much in the rest of Asia so I understand.

    I think that if the JYJ had stayed in DBSK until the end of the contract and were still successful then they may have been offered shares and such in order to renew their contract. But I guess they couldn’t wait that long. Not saying that they should have, I’m just wondering if that’s what would have happened.

    • agree with u

    • Well, if I’m not wrong, from what I’ve heard, SM recently made DBSK to recontract without their consent, by forging? That is like really sad if it’s true because it only meant a 10/13 year extension for the already-long contract period. In my opinion, I guess it’s really hard and painfully optimistic to want artists to stay silent after such treatments?

  9. anyone who agree’s with anything having to do with SM, are complete fool, no matter who they are, I lose a little respect for anyone that would WANT to be there, and even the people who are still there…..even though it seems like your going through hell and back to leave. But I really look up to the 3 TVXQ Members for standing up to there rights, I really think that SM’s whole company, should be destroyed, it really seems illegal what there doing, what ever happened to Human rights….

    • LOL Way to call others fool for having different opinion.

      Illegal? LMAO Is this illegal prostitution? Many SM artists come from a respectable educated family. I don’t think their parents are ignorant enough to let their babies involved in something illegal.

      Losing respect for Kangta for sticking up with SM? U must be hating on Yunho n Max too.
      Remember there r 2 sides of one coin. Those who stick with SM can see the good sides n benefits from staying with their company. Gratitude, loyalty, opportunity n other possible reasons.

  10. 10 years to come, is very interesting…
    This is coming out of someone who has been with SME since his HOT days… 15 years in the biz…
    He has been in a group where the money was split 5-ways and after HOT disband, he continue his solo activities under SME…
    Maybe SME isn’t all that bad… “slave contracts” and they’re still going strong…
    Just because he’s a shareholder for SME, doesn’t mean anything… Other artists may get that opportunity when that time is right…

    • being a shareholder DOES means something.
      it means the profit tat suju shinee snsd and all the other artistes who worked so hard for will end up in these shareholders pockets.

      • which in turn earns SME a good rep to succeed in the stock market. then your idols, which lets face it, make more money than they really should be making anyways, will get a piece of that cake (so to speak)

      • Dude. Do you even know if what he holds are preferred or common stocks?
        And like Alife said, it is all a business cycle. Both the company and its employees benefit from each other.
        You just can’t blatantly insinuate that shareholders are thieves. It is also thanks to them that your favorite idols still have a company to manage them.
        Ultimately, if people are so disgusted by the company’s ethics, then why on earth are they still consuming its products? Isn’t that just too hypocritical?

      • indeed @…

        i took accounting recently and for some odd reason, i am glad to hear you use the terms preferred and common stock. it means i actually learned and remembered something from class. thanks(:

        but just out of the air, im going to guess he owns common stock

  11. 10 years seems like a very long contract, 5 seems more reasonable . 10 with maybe a ‘get out option/ buyout’ after 5 years makes more business sense to me, then again we don’t know the full deal terms, so who knows maybe he’s getting something out of it.

  12. ofcourse he is..his a freakin shareholder, his making tons of money off it..

    *sighs* freakin SLAVE Management.

    (not bashing on Kangta..more on SME)

    • totally agree with you.

      if he is in the same position with the others (SJ, Shinee, etc), he will see that their wages are too small

    • I like Kangta, but I have to agree because I highly doubt his opinion would remain the same if he wasn’t a shareholder in SME.

    • but hes a shareholder for reason… you dont buy shares, which resemble ownership in a company, if you dont believe the company will turn a profit

      • if i’m not mistaken, SM gave the share to Kangta

      • I think the shares in SM were part of the contract that SM gave him when H.O.T disbanded so that he would stay with SM. It is pretty well known that HeeJun and Kangta had signed separate contracts when the group disbanded (they were given much better conditions then the other three HOT members) which is why they originally stayed when the other three left (HeeJun ended up leaving SM much later though). Also with each additional contract renewal he was probably given even more shares to convince him to stay.

        Also unlike the idols of today, he has always had the opportunity to renew/renegotiate his contract since when HOT/SES/ and Shinhwa were at their prime contracts under SM were only 5 years long (BoA being the only exception) which is why after 5 years many groups left SM. Today’s idols have never had that luxury since many of their contracts are 7/10/13 years long to begin with.

    • Why can’t people stop trying to become adjudicators?

      Kangta is 30 years old. He is a man, not a naïve child who can easily be manipulated. And whether he holds stocks or not may have nothing to do with his real reason for staying. It is not as if he can’t sell them either.

      Speculations. People love to point fingers at either SM or the artists who have sued them, but truth is, no one really knows what actually goes on inside that company to make a fair judgement…

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