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KARA to postpone official Japanese debut date

KARA will postpone their Japanese debut.

KARA was initially set to release their debut single on 4th August. The title song will be the Japanese version of their hit ‘Mister’. And it known that the filming of the MV has completed. But according to KARA’s representatives, the girls needs more time to prepare for their Japanese debut and the debut will be postponed for a week.

An official said on 6th July, “There are some changes to the plans for the girls to release their Japanese debut single on 4th August. It will be postponed for about a week, but we have not decided on the exact date yet.”

There has been great interests for KARA’s Japanese debut. There has been numerous media reports in Japan about the girls’ upcoming debut as well. The girls also previously did a showcase in Japan for 4000 fans, and their licensed album released in Japan also went up to as high as #10 on Oricon Daily Chart.



30 Responses

  1. Kara is daebak

  2. ^ yeah you wish that happened

    • it’s actually true, japanese netizens have been attacking them a lot! if you go to japanese sites, you will know!

      • Of course Japan don’t want KARA and that’s why tickets for their first showcase sold out in only 10 minutes, they launched their japan fanclub with more than 8000 fans and recently their Sweet Muse was #7 on Oricon Weekly chart (Music Dvd section) ? KARA is doing way better than 4minute in Japan while they are not even officially debut !

  3. the japanese audience doesn’t want Kara actually. THey don’t want Kara to come to Japan.

  4. Aren’t they under Universal? Not DSP-Japan?

    • yeah which is the same as SNSD, and 4minute
      so i guess no compition there between these 3 groups

  5. tell hara pratice more, then think about debut Japan -_-

  6. If DSP screws up Kara’s Japanese activites then they are gonna receive aloooot of hate since Kara has the upper hand against the other girlgroups that are debuting in Japan.

  7. ughhh I hate DSP X(

  8. it ok.i believe they are really trying to show the best..keep up a good work.i support kara..

  9. SNSD will have their debut concert august 25th, and a single release in september.
    Wtf DSP, you’d better not eff up my Kara debut… 😡

  10. […] Credit: K Bites var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname="Kara Postpones Debut in Japan"; a2a_config.linkurl="http://www.omgkpop.com/2010/07/05/kara-postpones-debut-in-japan/"; […]

  11. when’s snsd debuting in japan again?

  12. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: KARA to postpone Japanese debut date http://bit.ly/9y0xRY […]

    • why Karaya Why????
      cant wait for 4minute debut LOL.

      • oh pls you looking forward to 4minute debut but yet you dont even know that they already debut
        are you even a fan of them or just an anti trying to create fanwar?

      • dude they already debuted in japan with MUZIK it went to #12 on oricon daily chart and debuted #21 on oricon weekly charts! and they will go back to japan for promotions for I MY ME MINE on July 23,2010 and stay there until August! they will be on Live-alarm FUJI [LIVE CONCERT] on august 2, 2010

      • dude, 4minute debuted MONTHS ago!

      • LOL… shame on you!!!

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