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Lyn, “I used to like MC Mong, but I got tired of him after a while”

Singers MC Mong and Lyn revealed that they have once liked each other.

The 2 had appeared on MBC Come To Play aired on 5th July when Lyn said on the show, “There was one point in time when I like MC Mong, and people around me know it. During my early debut days, I had once stored my own numbers in MC Mong’s phone when he had left it behind by accident. And after that, even though I waited, there was no call from him.”

Her confession has gotten the other star appearances shocked. But she continued, “And after that, I received a call from him to help do featuring for his album. After which, I received his call every night.”

MC Mong also confessed that when he first met Lyn, his heart fluttered. He said, “We met at a cable broadcast filming, and when I heard her singing, I was shocked. I fell for her when I first met her.”

But Lyn added, “Liking MC Mong was just for a while. He is someone who made me feel tired of after some time,” which roused laughter from everyone in the filming studio.


9 Responses

  1. mc mong might nt score in de looks department,but i think he’s cool,stylish,witty n has a certain charm bout him.. =)

  2. I don’t like

    • **I don’t like MC Mong’s looks but I admire his comedic talent and how he doesn’t feel inferior at all even while standing side by side to hot K-pop boys in programs.
      Sometimes, it’s not only MC Mong but also other variety hosts who may not really have the looks but they are god-damn funny, putting themselves at an expense that viewers may shout “Oh that ‘ugly’ retard!” and all — MC Mong, Noh Hogn Chul and Kang Ho Dong.
      But the most respectable thing is they know their job — Being a comedian doesn’t requires you to have the best looks. You just gotta be thick-skin.
      I admit that even I myself look at looks alot, well, that’s what majority does on ‘first impression’, but I have to add in personalities ARE too.
      And these 3 ‘not really good-looking’ (MC Mong, Noh Hong Chul and Kang Ho Dong) guys sure have that.
      Though I very much wanna say ‘Long live K-pop’, I’ve to differentiate the posts and therefore I’m gonna say ‘Long live Korea’s comedians! You guys are the thickest-skin comedians ever!’.

      • πŸ˜€ Call me weird, but I think Hong Chul is pretty sexy at times. LOL And so is MC Mong XD

      • ^ you’re not alone πŸ˜‰

        and i agree with you @’@

  3. MC Mong = the Korean J, Fred Muggs WITHOUT the talent!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  4. Woo~ if they’re really tgt, it’s kind of ‘cool couple’ both w diff taste and style. hahas. Lyn unnie, faster find ur Mr Right! ^^

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