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miss A all-kill on music charts with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ just 5 days into debut

Scary newcomers miss A is all-kill up on online music charts in just 5 days into debut.

The group’s debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ is up #1 on music charts on 6th July just 5 days into its release. The girls had their debut on KBS Music Bank previously on 2nd July, and after their live performance, the song is went up fast on various music charts.

And in just 5 days into their debut, the girl’s debut song is up #1 on various daily music charts like Soribada, Bugs, Hanteo and Monkey3 etc. Response for the group offline is also overwhelming. About 100 over fans had gone to SBS Inkigayo filming set on 4th July to show support to miss A. The girls had held a small fanmeeting that day to thank their fans for coming down to show support.



80 Responses

  1. I don’t even know if you can consider them as “rookies”

    Miss A (Fei and Jia) have been appearing on shows in China for a while before their official debut, doing song and dance covers and performances.

    Everyone, or at least most of JYPE fans know who Min is, and she almost debuted in the US (even called lil jon’s protege), and has performed in a few JYP tours.

    So yeah, these girls are experienced, and it shows in their performances. Their songs could use a little more dynamics in vocal range, but there’s no denying their talent.

    I don’t know much about Suzy but she’s young and i guess a bit inexperienced, and that too shows during performances. she’s the least “natural” meaning it seems she’s still thinking too much about the dance moves rather than “feeling” the music.

  2. “Miss A are better than Taeyang” lol… bcoz they higher than TAeyang they are better…? lol!!

    i will be amazed if they can dance wedding dress..kakakaka!!

  3. Why did you bring the WG & TY here?!
    this post about Miss A ..

  4. Congrats to miss A, there’s something addicting about that song. I need to get if off my head…

    Those who say they are not talented or not as good as XXX group… I would say that one person’s or some members’ talent does not make up for the overall talent of the group. Think Goo Hara, Qri, DaSom and others… sorry to them but my ears would forever remember them in a bad way. Not sure whether there’s a technical term to it, but the tone and way they sing will usually reveal how good or bad they are.
    What I was surprised is that for miss A, the overall talent is not bad. The tone and way they sang their lines are actually good. Sure, they can be better and more stable.

    Just tired from seeing trolls complaining about lack of talent (yeah yeah, we know you and your beloved idols are more talented than all kpop combined). Fans shouldn’t get too cocky too, many idols from well-known companies do well in charts.

  5. nahhh..Pass!

  6. i thnk they nt talented at all.. Nothng worth the hype though. 4 recent debut,i would say that Sistar is way better than them.plus sistar juz got the rookie of the month.. N the pink hair,a major no-no. U thnk u Britney or smthng? Keke.. Sistar fighting!

  7. Since everyone is entitled to their opinion, let me offer my humble one.

    I think it was a great idea for JYPE (or whatever subsidiary they belong to) to debut them using this song. The song is monotonous and repetitive. One doesn’t have to have amazing vocal sings to sing it and dance at the same time. That is not to say that they lack in talent, I think they are good dancers and this song let them showcase their dancing skills without having them tire out because of singing or belting out high notes. It is a strong debut and I commend their entertainment agency for picking the perfect debut song for them.

  8. i like them instantly, their concept is nice and simple not overly flashy like all the new girl groups in terms of outfit choice and song choice. BGGG is simple tune as well which JYPE specialty…im not sure if you can call it a hooksong but yeah it just has that repetitive melody.

    so far i like, i hope they get even better songs in the future πŸ™‚

  9. JYP is the man at marketing. I mean he knows that KOREA miss wondergirls and therefore came up with MISS A so people don’t forget JYP girl groups. So far I’m digging this group. I like the fact that their song has less synthesized sounds and there is no rapping!

  10. i’m kindah in the middle here about wg and missA. Talent wise i would say wg are a little more talented. It’s just that JYP is not giving wg a song like missAs’. If you ask me whether wg can pull off the song BBGG i would say 110%. In terms of popularity definitely wg given that they debuted a long time ago. But looking at this group missA i think it won’t be too long before they start dominating Asia. I hope they don’t debut in Japan because my snsd are going to debut there in Sept.

    • I fear Sohee singing this song lol. But yeah, I think WG can do this song, but about the same level.

      • Sohee is actually quite good when it’s her range. check out their “Love you I do”

  11. I find the backgroung instruments of this song very familiar with this one by Lily Allen. Did JYP buy the rights or something?

  12. The song is ok. How can you say that they’re good at both singing and dancing if you haven’t watched their MR videos? πŸ˜› I overestimated them when I watched it.

    • here MR

      wow wasn’t as good as with Music as their fans claimed

      • ops! its really not good without the music!

      • i watched over hundreds time their previous video s
        during they were sisters in china.
        seriously, these girls are very good

      • that’s bad~they only sing certain parts,i thot they sing the whole song..

  13. I think they are really great live.

    But then again, isn’t it most of the popular songs get all-kills anyway. And many rookie groups with other songs have done it before faster.

    Really, news like these are somewhat not needed.

  14. i love miss A πŸ™‚ Their unique & i dont really go for the cute concept . Doesnt work on me

  15. I love the Wonder Girls but you can tell that these girls were better trained than WG. Fei sounds a lot like YeEun when JYP Sisters did Nobody. This girl has amazing range and she can sing while dancing hard choreography. Min’s voice is really husky, I don’t know about her range but we place too much on emphasis on going for the high note. Billie Holiday is considered a great vocalist but she doesn’t go high and screech like Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson. Suzy and Jia are good singers, they just need to control their breathing.

  16. SUZY IS SO BAD!.. she’s so pretty, but it’s a very typical kind of beauty, her voice is bad, as are the others (MINUS JIA), and she totally pales in comparison to Jia’s charismas!!

  17. They’re really good for a rookie group and I was actually impressed. Their vibe and music isn’t my cup of tea tho.

  18. To be honest, I don’t like their song. Kpop is hard to imagine. I don’t know if they are really popular/good or coz they are new, debuted under JYP.

    • Yea I was wondering about that too. I don’t like their song or voices which are around the middle range and they pretty much sound alike. But, I gotta admit they’re pretty good dancers who know how to get the stage going. I don’t see the hype about this group being the best rookie girl group ever YET. I don’t know why people are spazzing so hard about Miss A. Is it because they are the only other girl group in JYP besides the Wonder Girls?

    • same here
      yet their song is doing well but as the same time they so popular is also because of JYPE

      just like f(x), none of their title songs are that great but in term of fans and popularity they are more popular than groups like 4minute and T-ara even thought these two groups won few rookies awards, and achieved more than f(x) ever did

      so at the end of the day, it is about the label
      if you are under JYP,SM, YG then you will instantly become very popular

      • I disagree with u being under popular agency like doesn’t mean ur artists is will be more popular or successful for example both of seeya which is under the same the company as t-ara and the grace which is under SME debut around the same time but back in 2006 seeya were Korea top female group they even sold 100000 copies with their debut album and their second album sold 86000 copies on the other hand grace did not do well at all … and I disagree u about f(x) being more popular than t-ara I believe after 2ne1 t-ara is the second most successful and popular group that debut in last year t-ara did not only won 4 rookie awards also won 8 awards from different music shows plus they also have more cf deals compared to f(x) if f(x) were really more popular by now they would have won so many awards so far non of the songs that f(x) released did an amazing job in terms of physical sales or digital sales btw having a high digital sales mean the song is popular with everyone Im not saying that f(x) is not popular but so far they did not accomplish anything .. Yes being under a big like SME will make people to pay more attention to u but in case of f(x) did not really help that much

        the top 20 of the 1st half of this year (Music Bank Kpop chart )

        TOP 20
        1.SNSD – Oh
        2.2AM – I can’t let you go even if I die
        3.KARA – Lupin
        4.Super Junior – Bonamana
        5.SNSD – Run Devil Run
        6.CNBLUE – I’m a Loner
        7.T-ara – BoPeep BoPeep
        8.Rain – Love Song
        9.T-ara – I’m Crazy Because of You
        10.Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
        11.Hot Potato – Confession
        12.Yesung – It Has To be You
        13.2PM – Heartbeat
        14.Im Jaebeom-
        15.2PM – Without U
        16.JoKwon, GaIn- We Fell in Love
        17.4Men- I Cant
        18.B2ST – Shock
        19.Hyuna – Change
        20.Secret – Magic

        the top 20 of songs with the most sales and online downloads (FIRST HALF OF THE YEAR )

        1. SNSD – Oh!
        2. 2am – I can’t let you go even if I Die
        3. 4men feat. Jang Hye Jin – Don’t laugh, Don’t cry
        4. CNBlue – Love
        5. KARA – Lupin
        6. Tiara – I go crazy because of You
        7. Hyuna feat. JunHyeong – Change
        8. Lee Soo Young feat. Baek Chan – What love is
        9. Jo Kwon and Gain – We fell in love
        10. Seeya, Davichi and Tiara – Wonder Woman
        11. Tiara – Like the first time
        12. SNSD – Run Devil Run
        13. 2am – Im Sorry I Cant Laugh For You
        14. Tiara – Bo beep, Bo Beep
        15. MC Mong feat. Seo In Young – Bubble love
        16. Yim Jae Beom – Stigma (Chuno OST)
        17. After School – Because of you
        18. 2am – I did wrong
        19. Min Kyung Hoon – It’s love cause it’s painful
        20. BEAST – Shock

      • These charts shows how korean fans are all girl teenagers who spazz about catchy song, variety shows and not music at all. in term of music quality the chart should be inversed…

      • @analyse eh i’ve always thought people who think they know what “real” music are just a bunch of arrogant fools. if you like a song then you like it. no one can dictate to you what you “should” be listening to.

        it’s an extremely elitist attitude to diss a popular song just because you don’t like it and think your tastes are better than everyone’s.

        i don’t like a lot of songs in kpop, but that doesn’t mean it’s because they arent “real high quality music.” just not my cup of tea.

    • word. i really don’t like their song, and i keep wondering why people spazz on it. although yes, they are very good dancers..

    • Actually there was zero to no hype before their debut. Nobody excepted much from them, but if you read the article well, it clearly says that their popularity shot up after their debut stages. Meaning they are amongst the rare groups to win over people’s heart without hype and affiliation. Just because you don’t like their music, doesn’t mean other like it only because it’s JYPE (btw, JYPE has had a bad reputation since the Jaebum thing, so I doubt that’s the reason these girls are doing well)

      • actually the JYPE thing is still quite a big help. You can’t cross out affiliation because they wouldn’t cover wg’s songs, wouldn’t use a JYP intro (when previous articles mentioned that they’re not exactly under jype) if they’re not holding on to JYPE. The people didn’t have time to expect because the announcement of the debut was just around the corner. LOL, bad rep because of the Jay thing? Hardly. SME had Hangeng and TVXQ debacle and most fans still support sm town groups.

        Miss A no doubt is really good for a rookie group, but their case is not that different from other groups that debuted before.

      • btw, I don’t think having affiliation is bad, so as long the group CAN deliver. MIss A can deliver for the most part, so I don’t see the point why you and the others had to say that this group didn’t use help or affliation. it bugs me.

  19. their song is awesome :]

  20. They are so much better than Taeyang

    • Amen

    • lol well gee…

      they are 4 girls and yb is only one person (:

      • even more of a reason why THEY ARE SO MUCH BETTER!

      • ^ seriously, i can’t understand what’s going on in your head. you’re crazy.

      • lol well yb is a part of big bang, and big bang is pretty well known while miss A is just a rookie group that just came out…. sooo….

      • i serisoulsy dont noe what world do u live in then…. taeyang is 1000000000000000000000x better than missa thing….

      • Miss A are rocking the charts!!!!
        and taeyang is just #5 #6 in most f them
        sad but true.

    • i guess for you that’s the only way you could convince yourself and others of your favourite’s talent …. by belittling the talent of other artists? tsk tsk tsk.

    • hm, maybe now. LOL.

      Let’s see if Miss A and it’s members get recognition and not get lost in the crowd in the years to follow then we’ll go back to discuss who’s BETTER, no, uh…BEST.

    • lol…in what way? i cannot even compare a girl group to a solo singer…

    • ‘They are so much better than Taeyang’

      I couldnt agree more.. I like taeyang but his last song Sucks!!
      miss A FIGHTING !!!!

      • Yeaaaahhhh KPOP Groupies fans invasion in Kbites… Orange Caramel, Jokwon song in WGM roxx also yeah ??? … so heart-breaking… when you will gro up you will be ashamed of yourself and say “whooo i looked so pitiful in that time” LOLI

    • f’shoo

    • no way near~

  21. Congratz to them. There hasn’t been such a hot response for a female rookie group since 2NE1 and although I may not be a fan of these girls yet, I always find it interesting to see rookie groups do really well.
    It’s going to be fun to see how they progress from now on. I’m just eagerly waiting for them to promote a new song but that’s gonna take a while since they only just debuted with BGGG 5 days ago xD

  22. same concept? people change concepts though.

    but i just dont think Miss A can be compared to wg. wg has solidified their status in the industry and although Miss A is exceptionally talented, they are far from wg. we can debate all day about which group is better at this or that, but wg has something Miss A doesnt have currently. Awards. and awards is how we rank artists because its tangible, something written in stone.

    i honestly do not really favorite bad girl good girl, but i can understand why many others like it. its catchy and very pop-pish

    • congrats girls! making a name for yourselves amidst the current competition is quite the accomplishment

  23. Congrats Miss A I believe they will be one of Korea top female groups

  24. I honestly think that Miss A can’t be
    compared to Wonder Girls because they don’t
    have the same concept at all..
    both groups are doing their best

    anyway~ congrats Miss A!~
    they deserve it!

    • I agree. I like Miss A but I also like the Wonder Girls and do not think they should be compared considering their concepts are so vastly different. Also to be honest Miss A lucked out in that Cube has given them some decent music to work with (in fact Cube has given all of their artists some decent music) while JYP keeps giving WG the same repetitive stuff ( I actually prefer their pre-Tell Me style of music more than what they have been promoting). And yes I know that Cube is a sister company of JYP.

      I mean to be honest I think SunYe and YeEun as individuals have better voices than all of the members of Miss A (and believe me I think all of the Miss A girls are extremely talented vocally and dance wise) but as a group Miss A is more cohesive in that each member is equally talented vocally and performing wise while in WG does have its share of weak vocals in its group.

    • in my point of view wondergirls is in the COMPLETELY different level than wg. they’re on tour for goodness sake, and they have different concepts. although if you compare irony and bad girl, good girl, then I think that both groups are pretty similar.

  25. I honestly think they are way better than wonder girls.

    • IA

    • this would be true if any of the members could sing even half as well as yeeun or sunye.

      i don’t care much about their dancing skills because, well, what’s the use of them being good dancers if they’re just doing splits and rolling around on the floor?

    • Hell yeah

    • debatable.

      Ppl focus so much on Tell Me. Comparing debuts I would pick WGs because BGGG got nothing on Irony.

    • Totally. In all aspects lmao

      No offense to WG though.

      • yep WG are cool and all but MissA girls are REALLY talented compared to them.

      • ^ lol like WG weren’t talented ? LOL
        funny after only one song, everyone is saying that they are the big thing.
        i’m not even a wonderful.

    • love both, but WG also the same type of powerful debt. Remember “Irony”.. their dancing was great and so was their singing. They are just different, since WG has taken a different route.

    • totally agreed

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