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miss A Suzy’s shopping mall modelling past revealed

Newcomer girlgroup miss A member Suzy’s past as online shopping mall model has garnered much interests from netizens.

Photos of 94-er Suzy during her modelling days were revealed on online community portal sites recently, and in the photos revealed Suzy was seen with pure and sweet features just like how she is now.

Fans and netizens’ comments after seeing the photos are, “She is pretty in the past just like now”, “”She is really beautiful” etc.

miss A debuted with the song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ on 1st July and the song is well received by music fans doing strong up on various music charts.


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  1. Her eyes remind me of Jaejoong of DBSK. Specially when she have those wet hair picture on their debut stage. She look like Jaejoong twin or sister to me.

  2. she looks like sun ye

  3. Now if only she could sing live..

    • Uhh, she improved over 4 performances. Even if she’s not an amazing singer, she can bring out her voice quite nicely live.

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: miss A Suzy’s shopping mall modelling past revealed http://twurl.nl/xlohln […]

  5. wow, shes exactly 9 days older than me ! How young ! Shes so pretty though, i thought she’d be a 91’er :O

  6. miss A members look really mature for their age IMO

    * jailbait * jk jk! (not)

  7. Oh. Hecks. No. THIS GIRL IS ONLY A 94’ER? WTF HAS THIS WORLD COME TO??!! lol DAMN! I thought she was way older like in her 20’s. xD BTW. Who’s the leader in Miss A?

  8. wao… i thought she was the oldest…
    cant believe shes the same age as me Y_Y

  9. wtf i thought she was way older…

  10. Suzy doesn’t look like the other 94-er girls? ~
    I love her style more than the other 94-er girls. Her style is more like a real 15 years old girl? :3

  11. she can’t be a 94. : o
    idols sure get younger by every day.
    I feel so old being a 91 lol.

    • Mnet will debut 9 mem girl group soon and have 1 mem was born in 96, lol, the girl that is called Little Goo Hara, although for me she looks plastic, skinny and not pretty at all

      • if she was born in 96 as u are saying then it means she is like 14 or still 13 so its hard for me to believe that her family would let her to go under the knife when she is still a kid I mean she is a baby

      • WHAT 96 bloody hell.

    • idols get younger every day? alot of the idols active today were 16 when they debuted.

      • or 15. but shouldn’t they be in school and running around like normal teenagers.

      • i think that she meant that they are younger than her.

        it’s the same for me, i born in 1990. at first, the new groups were older than me. than, the same age. and now, younger.
        so we feel that they get younger, which is normal.

  12. Suzy is very pretty and Miss A is doing amazing job in the charts I thought with all the comebacks they will not be doing good in the charts but I was wrong I think if their album sales is high they can win awards

    Good Girl Bad Girl in music charts
    #1 in Melon Chart
    #1 in Monkey3 Chart
    #1 in Gomtv Chart
    #1 in Soribada Chart
    #1 in Cyworld Chart
    #2 in Bugs Chart
    #3 in Daum Chart
    #4 in Mnet Chart
    #4 in Dosirak Chart
    #10 in Naver Chart
    #63 in Ohdio Chart

    • good on them but they will not win they got no album they only have digital and they other score will not be that high as other artist. so this week is between Super Junior and Taeyang will win but i think they got a good chance next time they release a new single and if there album sells are good and not against big names.

      • no Miss A did not realse a single but mini album and u can find their other songs in youtube lol I did not say for sure they will win but I believe they have chance of winning if they have high album sales and Miss A is doing better job in the online charts comparing to Taeyang and Super Junior …… yes Tayeong is not topping any online chart but he is doing great also he is doing good in album sales charts on the other hand Super Junior are not doing good at all in any of the online charts they are not even in top 10 in all of the charts what is saving them is the high album sales and I think Taeyong for sure will win against them I will be shocked if he did not

      • really did they release a mini album ok then there album is not selling then i don’t see there name in hanteo charts. i expect that even 2PM and Wonder Girls can’t even sell there own album to i think only SM and YG artist can sell a over 100k missA will be like Wonder Girls they will sell a lot of digital but not CD which is sad.

      • it’s ok .. they are so talented & pretty

  13. Is it just me or does she look a lot like Bae Seul Gi?

  14. What?! You mean she’s only 16? (94-er!)
    Gosh WTF that’s INCREDIBLY young!

    • Sigh yeah she is………..

      Another girl to add to the 94 line of stunners……
      (I’m thinking of Sulli and Kang Jiyoung)

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