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Sandara Park’s dancer transformation in Taeyang’s NEW MUSIC VIDEO.

Sandara Park has suddenly transformed into a dancer for Taeyang.

Sandara Park had been filming Taeyang’s music video for his first title song ‘I Need A Girl’ from the July 5th to the wee hours of the morning on 6th.

Sandara Park and Taeyang had already filmed the video for ‘I Need A Girl’ at the end of last month. The fan response for the limited edition album released on the first of this month was so great that to commemorate the release of the regular edition, they are filming a new music video.

YG Entertainment representatives have revealed to MoneyToday’s StarNews, (T/N: Korean news website) “During the first music video for ‘I Need A Girl,’ Sandara Park acted as Taeyang’s girlfriend but this time, she will be a dancer instead, showing off a cool dance with him.”

“Taeyang didn’t dance in the last video, so this time he will present a dynamic and sensitive dance with Sandara Park,” he added.

Taeyang’s limited edition version of his album sold out on the first day. On the 9th, Taeyang’s regular edition album will be released


39 Responses

  1. Aaww sorry for the typos hehehe..Anyway let’s be respectful okey..Accept the fact that you can’t stop them..One advice Nana if you really want to comment pls be aware of youre words coz ot doesnt matter if your a yg or sm or cune or jyp or dsp or jtunes or what so ever fans..What matter is that respect if you dont like a certain artists then dont bother wasting your time commenting or simply type your comment in a nice way without hating or bashing them…Use your tiny little brains..Let your neurons work..

  2. Nana why do you hate dara?can’t you see? Are you really a kpop fan?i mean okey let’s say dara doesn’t have the good voice or great dance move but ah ah ah she prove to the people that she can WOW them okey..Common sense my dear somehow YG knows that if dara will be a part of the MV it will be a great idea since they knew that a lot of fans like dara let’s put it this way a young well known artist partnered with a new comer but he popularity was high rocketed in just a matter of months will be a very good idea..Like gummy’song “im sorry”..They uses TOP for the MV coz they knew that People will live it more since the MV is great in addition to that dara was also there..And why did GD asjed dara to collaborate with him anyway?It’s bec he knew or they knew that this lady has something that can make the people watch or like a certain mv or song..Clearly youre do not know what youre talking about…

    • Hmm.. I think GD chose Dara to be featured in one of his songs was because she has the voice he wanted for that particular song… As you can see, YG Ladies have a quiet powerful voice.. just look at Gummy, CL, Bommie and even Minzy…

      I think he wanted a soft voice for that song.. and somehow, Sandara has the soft voice..

      I don’t have any problem with Sandara’s voice.. I think it quite nice.. if only she could project it more like when she sang in Pretty Voice.. her voice sound loud there but still soft…

  3. @hmmm
    My Idol does not need help from a rookie who can’t sing or dance, he done better job with his previous album.
    Wedding Dress MV was awesome, great and amazing, not like other artists MVs.
    and INAG MV was not what I was expecting……his previous MVs was good….I hope the new MV would be great ^^

    • Well, I think your Idol need some help in sale department.
      By the way, the “rookie who can’t sing or dance” solo song did better than your awesome Wedding Dress.

  4. I’ll anticipate it!

  5. can Sandara dance ???
    the MV would be great without sandara, and if they choose that pretty dancers who dance with YB on stage, she also appeared in his MVs………..she is more beautiful and can dance better than dara…

    • well, we just gotta wait n see… i can’t guarantee that sandara can dance up to ur expectation BUT i can guarantee u better believe what YGE do (although sometimes cannot be accepted by our logic thinking) is for yb’s good or maybe his or dara’s wishes… =)

      *sorry for the confusing comment.*

    • Really? but the question is this dancer that you like will be able to help YB in seliing his album? because I bought YB’s deluxe CD and his $1.29 itunes not because of YB but because I am a fan of Dara.

      • LOL, so you bought the DELUXE CD just because of dara, and she is not singing in any of the songs (and Thank god she didn’t sing) …yeah right, I believe you keke
        well, if you are a fan of dara and not YB, you shouldn’t have bought the CD, because a lot of HIS FANS are dying to get one….
        and DARA just appeared in his MV and not featured in the songs, so how come that she is helping him in selling the album???

      • I guess you don’t know about fandoms. Fans will buy pretty much everything about their Idols just to support them. Dara just being on the MV pretty much helped the sales.

    • @nana why it my freaking money, jelous much? lol. Not my problem if you cant afford to get one — hahahha

      • LOL!!!
        It’s not about money!, it’s the number of the album copies weren’t much and enough for Taeyang’s fans.
        and I feel poor for you that you think this is expensive?!!!! HAHAHAHA XD
        It just sold out fast, and many couldn’t get a copy….
        and that’s it. I don’t want to get out of the article with you!.

    • YOu sound SOOO STUPID IDIOT!!!!

      And SOOO if Dara Dance with YB on stage for his Promotional song….Does that really Bothers YOU! AS if your a Taeyang Fan! Step Aside Please!!!

      NAHHH… these days some New kpop fans are just totally have this kind of Ridicuously way of reasons to make new unpleasant issues for those artist!
      Rather to go Straigth they chose the zig zag critical mind! GROW UP Please!!!!

      • I’m a fan of BigBang since they debuted…..
        I just say my opinion.. and I have the right to like or dislike anything…
        I won’t get bother of her dancing stage with him for promoting the song. I just think that there r other models or dancers (like the dancer Ji-hye) would fit with Taeyang better… Sandara doesn’t deserve this chance, she’s not good singer, dancer or have at least a good looking face and body… (I’m not jealous, but my standard of beauty is different)

        and you r just Dara’s fans.. that’s why u r upset about my normal comments.. if u r a Taeyang fans u would want the best for him…………

      • Dara does deserved this chance? She’s in the MV because your Idol need help. Look what happened to Wedding Dress. If you really want the best for him then you should be happy about Dara and GD helping him.

      • *doesn’t
        and I mentioned GD for the YB fans that were also complaining about him being featured in INAG.

      • @hmmm

        I’m a fan of TY.. and I have no problem with GD in INAG.. but come on.. Yes.. these two did help TY… but not in the aspect of using them as a sole promotion…

        For all these years… at least a member of YG Fam would be featured in other YG Fam’s albums.. starting from YG fist family members the Jinusean that had bring 1TYM, GD and TY in their albums….

        If TY want the glory and popularity that most KPOP define as SUCCESS, he would have follow the trend.. but as you can see, he doesn’t.. he stay with R & B… the genre that has the least popularity in Kpop…

        So, I don’t see Dara and GD cameo in this album, somehow play a main influence for the sales… Deluxe edition is really mean to be limited… that’s why it only produce in small amount unlike the regular.. to get one, you have to pre-order..

        Don’t complain when you only thinking of buying it now, when many of YB’s fans have preorder them much longer than the others..

  6. i can’t wait for this too…
    i hope yb wins some award this time around…

  7. in the First day of MV, they’re already speculation that there’s be a part 2 of the MV…sooo this will be it! Go go go YG!

    Haters always a haters to they’re not Fav group or artist or company.. thats what they are, so be to it….

  8. Useless. We all know he’s doing this because the song is flopping. Rookie group Miss A is even charting higher right now.

    • LOL… 😀
      I feel bad for Taeyang

    • such a shame, but then again, yb isnt in it to win it. he wants to perform and get his music out there.

      i quote “YB’s music doesn’t appeal to the teenage fangirls, who are usually the most dedicated ones. if you check MNET’s trend report of his Solar album, a whopping 55% are from the 30+ age bracket, and 30% from the 20+ age bracket. the teenagers only account for 9%.” cr. juang_bb@soompi.

      “teenage fans account for …, 28% of Miss A’s…”

      i guess the strongest market of teens cannot relate to yb’s style of music? but who knows

      • haha you think? he got depressed before coz where u at and wedding dress flopped. Of curs he wants to be no. 1 lol

      • @toni: so, you must be part of YG Family or one of his friends or better, his family member to know about that. anything else that we mere fans do not know about?

      • Word.

        Can anyone tell me miss A’s album sales? If they’re higher than Taeyang’s then I’ll say they’ve succeeded. Taeyang has more adult fans than teen fans so DUH, you’re not gonna sit there voting everyday in your 30’s (if you are then you need a life)

        Also, let’s think about to “Look Only at Me” and “So Hot” …. So Hot charted amazingly and was more popular, but they didn’t win a single award and Taeyang beat the wonder girls every time, why? Because his album sales were sky rocketing….

        If you’ve been in kpop long enough you’ll know catchy pop tunes prevail….duh, of course miss A is gonna top.

    • Why do ppl want to find if this particular songs are plagiarized? are they happy if it is.?.. Actually its not the singers fault if this is happen right? And dont judge the songwriter too if this will happen, coz songwriter really dont want their songs to be like this…

    • “You don’t have to do what is popular, what you do is popular.”


      It’s all about the music, baby.

    • yah .. like you are a fan who knows everything about Tae Yang and his music. a pity that a promising group like Miss A already acquired this kind of fan when they have just debuted.

      • well same as 2NE1 when they just debuted, in one song, its been a talk of the town…..

        but i dont think if this miss A will succeed a way than the others like WG, SNSD, 2NE1, who else? …

        there’s a time that u will be first or at the end…

        Im not pitying taeyang, how could i? he’s album deluxe edition, its expensive than the ordinary are sold out! This is an album not only a single song….Soo proud of this young man!

    • LOSER!!!!! MISS A Fans! Duhhh Why so Defensive?

      As is that group song is hella so “good” to listen to…and as if kpop fans like it so much. Duhhh! Hella! Cocky and Whining Mis s A fans here…Better GROW UP! NEw KPOP Fans!!!

    • Wow… an arrogant fan from a rookie group… If this group can beat the famous rookies nowadays then we can talk..

  9. let’s wait and see but i’m visualizing a HOT MV

    Who knows we might even get 1 major treat from YG if he will let Dara perform with YB on stage… 🙂

  10. “The fan response for the limited edition album released on the first of this month was so great that to commemorate the release of the regular edition, they are filming a new music video.”

    … this sounds pretty silly to me. can this be just another DANCE MV? who knows but im all for a new mv since it doesnt hurt.

    this might’ve been affected with the so called “plagiarism” issues about the mv which is rather ridiculous since its very little.

    but idk. im glad they’re marketing a new mv this time. last time for wedding dress, there was nearly ZERO news about the wedding dress MV, dance version

    • i say that plagiarism thing is ridiculous bc people have posted caps if pharrell williams i believe it was doing the same thing as yb. but that art style, with colorful words coming left and right has been done by b.o.b (similar style) and kanye plenty of times

    • there is no “plagiarism” in the first place,
      that scene from Pharrel’s MV is just a fanmade

      oh can’t wait,
      interesting to see Dara as a dancer

  11. I’m waiting for Dara to surprise me. I mean Taeyang as his dance partner, that’s just wow! 😀

  12. Yay! the 1st mv was awesome in my opinion but I wouldnt mind a second one. I know its too much to ask but I really hope these two will dance together on music shows 🙂

  13. COOL!!!! ^_^

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