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Super Junior ShinDong’s surprising confession, “I am currently preparing to get married”

Super Junior ShinDong gives a surprising revelation that he is currently preparing to get married with his currently girlfriend.

ShinDong has revealed during his appearance on SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July. When Super Junior first released their 4th album ‘Bona Mana’ on 13th May, in the ‘Thanks To’ section of the album, ShinDong has expressed his love for his girlfriend using secret codes, as pointed out by fans.

ShinDong said, “To say the truth, the reason why I use secret code is because I really wanted to get married. I asked our agency president beforehand, ‘Is is okay to get married?’ and his answer was ‘Marriage? Good!'”

He added, “I am currently preparing to get married,” which had the other star appearances shocked.

Meanwhile, for Super Junior’s 4th album ‘Thanks To’, ShinDong had left the secret codes to his girlfriend:

‘B2B8, B4B9, B3A8’, ‘B3C6, B4B9’, ‘A4A7B4, B5B6B2, B5B8, A2B8’, ‘C3B7B3, B5B6B2, B5B8, B2C7B2, A4B7, B3A8’, ‘A5B8, B4B8B3, B5A9, A2C6B4, A4A10’, ‘B3A7B3, B3C6B7B2, B5B9’

He revealed that to decipher the message, just key in accordingly on the keyboard to get the Korean characters:

‘B2B8, B4B9, B3A8′(나,리,야), ‘B3C6, B4B9’, ‘A4A7B4, B5B6B2, B5B8, A2B8′(우,리,결,혼,하,자), ‘C3B7B3, B5B6B2, B5B8, B2C7B2, A4B7, B3A8′(청,혼,하,는,거,야), ‘A5B8, B4B8B3, B5A9, A2C6B4, A4A10′(사,랑,해,줄,게), ‘B3A7B3, B3C6B7B2, B5B9′(영,원,히)

English translations:

Nari ah. Let’s get married. I will propose. I will love you. Forever


60 Responses

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  2. […] his girlfriend and TaeYeon who was brave enough to speak up for a better environment for singers. Super Junior ShinDong came clean on a variety show recently about his girlfriend, his plans to get married with her and even did a propose on national TV recently. This is unlike […]

  3. […] his girlfriend and TaeYeon who was brave enough to speak up for a better environment for singers. Super Junior ShinDong came clean on a variety show recently about his girlfriend, his plans to get married with her and even did a propose on national TV recently. This is unlike […]

  4. 3cat emite Sargento Keroro y Doraemon…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  5. Can’t blame him. Suju is going to disband soon anyway

    • no one knows if that’s gonna happen yet.

    • Can’t blame you. You are going to die soon anyway

    • congrats for taken up LSM’s position in SM. *claps*
      can i know the exact date they are gonna disband???

  6. Lucky him for getting away with anything yet still popular as part of an idol group but he doesn’t have crazy fangirls. That’s the reason why he can get away with anything. N it wasnt easy for him back in debut days. People scrutinized him for being fat…

    It’s a different story if Shindong is 15 kgs slimmer. This news will make all hell break loose.

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  8. Shindong is the only one who is not gay in Super Junior lol.

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  10. hmm
    Hwaiting Shindong oppa!
    if i’m not invited to wedding i’ll commit suicide. jk

  11. I am jealous.

    • Hey cunt, I don’t know who you are but that is just lame of you to impersonate me.

      Sookyeong, I hope you know that there have been imposters here lately.

      • hmm…. gummy bear as a name is very common.. its even a fanbase for umm… gummybears.. hehehe..

        really.. am a gummybear too…

      • Nawww, obviously the loser was impersonating me. Since I was talking about jealous fangirls are stupid, then this imposter wrote “i am jealous” under my name.

        Besides this is the first time someone impersonated some commenters here. Seems to be a lot of that going on lately.

      • this isn’t the first time*

  12. I’m telling you if it were the other boys getting married, you fan girls won’t be here and congratulating them like you are to Shindong….

    • Only stupid jealous fangirls will be upset.
      Others like me and my friends have said before that we want all the members to get married(and other ELFs I have talked with through the internet). Since we value their happiness. While the jealous ones don’t.

      You don’t speak for all of us.

      And would it hurt you to congratulate the man on his article?

      • ELF has stupid jealous fangirls.

        (kangin murder fan girls)

      • @ susu

        Every fan club has jealous fans, not only ELF. I’m not an ELF (more a SM Town lover), my fave SuJu member is Sungmin, and i will be soooo happy if he has a girlfriend, settle down and get married. As long as he’s happy, then i’m happy too.

        Well anyway Shindong, i hope you’re happy with your girlfriend & congrats! I’m happy for you 🙂

  13. Way to go Shindong<3333
    Happy for you man!

  14. Hapi 4 shindong..Wonderin if my faves ryeowook n heechul r taken..I would b hapi 4 them if they r n b sooo envious of de galz.. =p

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  16. ShinDong = A Chubby Straight Nice Fellow Amongst GIRLY “Muscled Marys”!
    Oh I forgot, ShinDong tried to KISS a sleeping EeTeuk!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  17. Congrats! how come he has a girl and the others don’t…..i mean some them might have a gf but they wont tell us yet.

  18. Congrats Shin Dong.

    Everyone should stop hating on the boy, everyone is not perfect, look-wise & personality-wise.

    If he has found his happiness, just be happy for the man for god’s sake.

  19. WOW she must be so lucky to marry Shindong she will never get bored or sad cuz he will always make her laugh

    and she will have SUPER JUNIOR as her brothers in laws

  20. wow!!! what a brave man Shindong is. wishing him and his girlfriend all the best.

  21. “Marriage? Good!”… oh man.
    Congrats to Shindong. =D

  22. Good! 😀 He’s around the right age of marriage! I hope his marriage will influence others to get married when the time is right…

  23. he might be unattractive like the rest but in marriage we dont depends on looks, it’s more than that..

    happy for you, dongdong!

  24. It unfortunate that the other members cant experience the same happiness. Shindong maynot have the best appearance, but his personality makes up for it even more.

    • Agree completely. Looks do aid you but when you have no personality, people will only have a good first impression but subsequently, you would bore people to death.
      Shindong surely doesn’t have the best looks or shape but he definitely have a personality which shines.
      And that certainly beats a statue standing there looking all handsome with nothing to add on.

    • Betcha’ that the other members have girlfriends too.
      Just that you know, Super Junior are at the peak of fame therefore they do not want to lose ‘fans’ by proclaiming they are taken.
      But after this, I guess members may just reveal that they are when Shindong even dare to openly declare his love (by the code matter though) through their album, and is mentioning marriage now.
      Maybe fans should know their position as a fan, not restrict and wail like all hell breaks loose when their idols are attached/going to married.
      We should wish them our best for they are humans too, what more tiring themselves out with a hectic schedule daily, they would all the more need someone to seek comfort and solace in at the end of the day… Isn’t it?
      Fans or whoever out there who doesn’t like their idols being taken: CHANGE YOUR MINDSET!

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  26. meh no girls find him attractive so no one really cares.

    • Don’t imply your opinions on others, thank you.

      • I agree. People love to speak on behalf on majority when actually they know nothing. I guess that’s how the term ‘loser’ came about into this world.

    • I remember he said he doesn’t like fatty girls :s

      and honestly I dont find him attractive.

    • no one finds you attractive i suppose.. for you to say that.
      maybe not even your mom, or dad. sigh.. that’s depressing.

      • Ha if you find Shindong attractive then it’s you who has the problems not me.

      • Anyways, you know its true. If Siwon or Donghae were to marry right now there will be fan girls acting ape shit. Seems like no one is doing that to Shingdong

    • Yes I agree he is the least attractive one in SJ — But his weight play a huge role to that.
      If he were to shed some weight I believe he’ll look much better to what he is now.
      Well, you mentioned Siwon and Donghae… Then I guess you ain’t an anti-SJ then, just anti-Shindong. Lol.

    • Meh, only stupid fans will cry over this. I know some of my friends who are ELFs and myself, will be DAMN happy when all the suju members settle down. Especially the older members.

    • He may not attractive but truthfully I think girls don’t think about that. Apart from them girls that only look at his appearance. But I’m sure he is WAYY better than you in appearance AND personality.

    • Ey… Attraction doesn’t lies on looks only…

      I don’t know Suju or who they are.. but I get to know Shindong first thru variety shows and I really like him making me laugh… I really love his personality which is very rare in guys….

      Looks fade…
      personalities don’t..

  27. he surely can get away with everything..

  28. Didn’t know our big boy of SuJu is such a romantic pooh bear.
    All the best in your marriage and don’t neglect SuJu thereafter!

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