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TaecYeon shows support to G.NA’s upcoming singer debut

2PM TaecYeon shows his support to G.NA’s upcoming singer debut.

TaecYeon wrote on his Twitter on 5th July, “Gina noona is finally having her debut!! Please show lots of love for G.NA!!”

2PM and Gina have known one another for long, as Gina was once a JYP Entertainment trainee. Gina also appeared in 2PM’s debut song ’10 out of 1o’ MV. Currently, Gina is under the JYPE sub label Cube Entertainment.

Her debut song is duet song with world star Rain.



25 Responses

  1. you guys are so stupid.

    and any news about him or 2PM, you call him/them as an attention whores.

    lol look at you πŸ™‚
    you’re the attention whores. πŸ˜‰

    always looking for attention to insult him.

    overrated or not, it’s not a reason to insult him. if it was, then there’s a loooooong list of idols that we can insult. and i don’t think that you’ll like it.

    • So you’re one of those delusional fans who thinks their idols can do no wrong. Taecyeon is an attention-whore. Why can’t you see that?

      Ok, let’s re-word.

      Taecyeon is someone who likes attention.

      Is that better?

  2. His tweet is news?!? okie…overrated….

  3. oktent is a bitch that can’t rap and no one needs you to promote for them you geek big teeth big ear fool

  4. That’s so nice of him! Cube & JYP are sorta related though so yeah πŸ˜€ You guys should grow up; Taec may be overrated (and he really isn’t) but what does it matter.

  5. wow bitter much people. how is being an attention whore by supporting someone he’s known for such a long time? i mean obviously from past actions i can see why, but this is just pure support.

    anyways, CUBE IS NOT A SUB LABEL OF JYPE!! my god people always keep on saying that, they aren’t related in anyway, their just on really close terms!!!

  6. WAHHH?!?!?!?!!?! why are there so many anti Taec nowadays?!?! hes still awesome imo.

  7. no one needs his ass to promote them why the hell is he in the music industry anyway?? this bitch doesn’t love music he does it because its a job.

  8. “Please show lots of love for G.NA….”
    “God knows I HAVE…..I’m still sore from all the loving…”
    For a jug-eared nerd Taec really gets around in them girls’ panties!
    Perhaps he should change his name to “Casanova Taec”!
    (^O^)Ke Ke Ke~~~

  9. LMAO@ most of the comments
    man ya’ll ain’t ashame to let it know that you guys can’t stand taec.
    honestly i don’t blame ya’ll. he is an attention/man whore.
    his pretty overrated.

  10. G.NA β™₯ Great !!!!!! It’s nice to him, she is his sister-in-law because she debuted under JYPE before CUBE ^^

  11. He’s such a manwhore

  12. That is a really bad picture of him. Makes me want to punch him.

  13. Taec support any girl/girl group, disgusting pig.

    • If only he shows that much dmiration to his fellow label mate, WG. I mean seriously, it’s all SNSD on that guys mouth.

      • you two guys are the disgusting ones =_=

      • This one I hv to agree despite being a SNSD fan. In fact most 2pm members have to show more support to their label mates, WG. It pained me when I knew that since debut 2PM never gave their signed CDs to WG.

        Heechul likes WG but u can tell his support for SNSD n fx is never-ending. One should bend inward not outward.
        Should learn from Shinee, SJ n BB how to bend inward. Show more support for family first.

      • agree. come on 2pm.you guys trained together with wg. at least show some filial love. WG and 2am supported 2pm since debut but 2pm only have gave love to 2am.

  14. Taecyeon is such an attention-whore. Seriously. Is the Taecyeon-Yoona scandal (that you work so hard to try to fool people) enough? I just hope this guy will try to be humble. I think this is the drawback of having no leader in the group. No one to tell you to stop.

  15. eurgh pls don’t

    • haha yes i get to leave a positive comment! good job taecyeon for supporting gina πŸ™‚
      i hope she is successful!

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