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2PM Nichkhun,” Put on your seat belt everytime you step onto a vehicle!”

On July 6, 2PM member Nichkhun asking all his follower to wear seat belt everytime you step onto a vehicle.

Along with his tweet he also posted a photo of him wearing a seatbelt. Yet, as he posted the photo of him while in the car, the majority of the comments saying that he drives recklessly or he drives without license.

And, Nichkhun clarified everything and tweet :

“Haha dun misunderstand guys! I’m not driving! I’m sitting in the back! Kekek still need to wear a seat belt tho!!”

Meanwhile, still from his Twitter timeline, Nichkhun also shows his support to same company new girl group miss A and asking everyone to check out their title single “Bad Girl, Good Girl”.

S: Nichkhun Twitter + newsen


10 Responses

  1. Wtf does everything he tweets make a news article its ridiculous

  2. Just curious, did he typed those (tweets) on his own or it was translated to english by others?

    • He tweeted those himself, I think. He’s fluent in English so I think that’s him… unless JYPE’s making other people write for their artists. x__x

  3. haha it’s what seohyun does all the time. she told yonghwa to do that on WGM.

  4. OMG! Look at his muscular body. He’s so cute!

  5. yay for miss A! haha 🙂

  6. hehe…Everything nick khun does is sooo cute..! Even minor things like can put a smile on my face coz of him.. =p

  7. more like a safety reminder or public service annoucement :), number of people hurt not wearing seat belts is amazing. Required by law here in florida,usa or you get a traffic ticket.

  8. Is this considered a news? oh well lol

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