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Drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ Male Lead, SS501 Kim HyunJoong vs CN Blue Jung YongHwa!

There is intense competition among stars to get the male lead for drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’.

Drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’, which is scheduled to be broadcasted at the 2nd half of this year, is made into drama from a Japanese comic that sold 27 million copies in Japan alone.

Young actors who are currently gaining a lot of attention such as Lee MinHo, Kim HyunJoong and Jung YongHwa, are some of the actors discussed for the male lead.

Lee MinHo has revealed his intension with “I have no plan to take part.” Kim HyunJoong has debut successfully as an actor through ‘Boys Over Flowers’, Jung YongHwa also gained a lot of popularity through drama ‘You’re beautiful’ and group CN Blue.

Production Group Eight revealed “We are currently at the final stages to finalize, we have not confirmed who would be casted for the roles yet.”

‘Mischievous Kiss’ which became a hot topic as to whether Kim HyunJoong will be casted, continues to draw attention on who would play the female lead.

Group Eight who will be the production crew for ‘Mischievous Kiss’, they have created a craze with ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which is made from the same titled Japanese comic also named as the bible in romance comics, each and every time any news related to this drama is released, it has gained extensive interests.

Kim HyunJoong, who has recently moved to another management company, has raised a hot topic as a potential candidate for the male lead. Park BoYoung, girl group Kara’s Han SeungYeon, Park Shin Hye, Chungmuro ShinAe Baek JinHee, have all been discussed to be playing opposite him.

Drama representative said “Recently, we are comparing between Han SeungYeon and Park ShinHye. Seems like it would be one of these two.”

‘Mischievous Kiss’ which shows the love stories among the youthful stars, will be directed by Hwang InRoi who also directed for ‘Goong’, ‘Ijimae Returns’.
It is scheduled to be broadcasted after ‘Road No. 1’.

Source : cnews + osen + SS601

Trans by : xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

63 Responses

  1. KHJ is kyoot and since his stint in BOF, I’d like to see more of him but I really really really really really want a drama with these two featured as main characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum.. colloquially known as SoEul Mates 🙂 … Mischievous Kiss is a drama about a handsome young man with matching 200 IQ but aloof then enters a girl who’s not so bright yet a ms. sunshine, which is a bit too much for him especially that she presents him with love letters and some sort until he starts returning the feeling.. Come on, it’s perfect roles for Kim Bum and Kim So Eun!!!!!! I’d watch this drama and get addicted to it maybe even like the actors but I’d still harbour some feelings because Kim So Eun and Kim Bum weren’t cast as the leads 😦

  2. now that it’s final that KHJ will be in Mischievous Kiss it is now less exciting because i find Kim Hyun Joong a little bit boring in BOF. Maybe that’s the reason why Lee min ho declines Mischievous Kiss because the lead role there is similar with ji hoo in BOF a man with few words. Lee min ho deserves better project than Mischievous Kiss.

  3. Why are you guys leaning on couples that have already been tried out. Something new would be good too. Honesty, I started watching BOF because I knew it was a famous drama. Then continued because of Hyun Joong, than because of So Eun and Kim Bum. The plot itslef was really boring. So I started skipping some moments just to finish it quickly. KHJ wasn’t that bad why do you all seem to be against him? His character was one of few emotions but he did good – even cried relatively believably. Yonghwa’s face expressions though were quite stiff and even after watching some more of him he seems boring as a person too. It was already announced that Jung So Min and KIm Hyun Joong are to play the roles so don’t hate them that much.


  5. i think kim hyun joong suitable for this character because he has 4D! BOF to different/ weird for him and that drama was first drama for him! u want to see a same actor to act in this good drama??? so why dont give a ‘new air’ to this drama with new lead….KIM HYUN JOONG n KARA member is awsome choice!

  6. for me, i’d be happy if they’ll have Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk as leads..or Kim So Eun and Kim Bum so i’ll get to see SoEul kiss. ^_^ they need to cast two capable actors with undeniable chemistry.

    • agree with jang geun suk & park shin hye or KimBum & So eun.. all about chemistry.. acting also need chemistry.. who said it wasn’t important… if there is no chemistry.. then the drama will fail… huhuhu.. i skipped some drama because of this factor… huhuhu..

  7. OMG… ITAZURA NA KISS!!! i love the anime more than the dramas.. hopefully they follow the anime.. The guy have to be smart-looking, mean and tall and a bit built.. preferably black haired or dark tone colour..
    for the girl she have to look cute and stupid, slow and charming at the same time..

    LMH made the right choice, i think for his career advancement and be part of the A-list actors he need to get a bigger and better project rather than a teen-idol dramas. Plus he already have the exposure during BOF.

    I think we need some new idols to take part and talented young new actors/actress.

  8. I thing moon geun young would have been more suitable.

  9. I have watch the Chinese version and I thing both male actors are not suitable for the role. The main guy has to be able to act forceful and the two are not that type. It’s too bad lee min ho rejected this role because he would have been the perfect person for the male lead. As for the main actress I hope they can look at more choices because the girl has to a certain persistence in likeing the guy like the original show. My personal bias would be jiyeon from t-ara.

  10. Omg. It Started With a Kiss is my favorite taiwanese drama last time! cant wait to watch the korean version one, i really hope they will do a good job ! but i will prefer if they choose a real actor for this drama not idol unless they really can act well. hmm , well if have to choose between jungyonghwa and kimhyunjoong.
    i myself will prefer jungyonghwa !!! i think he do well in you’r beautiful. . & the female lead will be parkshinhye!!!! 😀 they work tgt before so i think they will be more comfortable with each other ^^


    • You should understand that people who say that KHY can’t act are not always a hater ! I really like him but I still find that his acting sucks. You can support him not matter his choice but you can’t deny the truth and force people to say he is a fine actor while he has only shown two expressions in BOF. Real fan can accept the truth even if it’s not something pleasant to hear.
      Of course people who hate him as an actor can pass this drama if he is chosen but you have to understand that some people may be fan of Park Shin Hye and want to watch this drama for her…and that they don’t want KHJ in it.

    • Agree to Solin.
      U are too judging Ryme.
      Not everyone who say that KHJ’s acting isn’t good is a hater.
      We just make a fair valuation.
      Even a true fans should admit that.
      Hee needs to improve more on acting skill..

  12. i dont really care who takes on the lead role … all i care about is the fact that this drama is going to happen!!!!! It Started With a Kiss, is my favourite taiwanese drama 🙂 after watching it a few times, i think its safe to say that joe zheng did an okay job, especially for an idol.
    so i’d like to see how the korean version goes 🙂 especially with the involvement of the people who worked towards the craze behind BOF & Goong. lets hope they choose a cast based on ability rather than popularity… 🙂

  13. i want jang geun suk + park shin ye~ why must idol??

  14. Hyunjoong?

    I’m sorry, he sucked playing a second lead and then they’re gonna make him the LEAD next time? On one of the most celebrated drama/manga ever? Are they serious? I’m sorry but I’ve had enough of him ruining Hanazawa Rui.

    Yonghwa did well on YAB but I don’t think this one fits him.

  15. My only wish for whoever chosen for this role, i hope they can act.

  16. if it really comes down between khj and jyh, i’d definitely pick the latter, both aren’t that good at acting but at least jyh didn’t make me cringe.

    i’d want kim soo hyun in this, he’d be perfect as the male lead

  17. Ittazurana Kiss???
    Oh No! Can’t imagine how the drama will be with one of these two idols.
    Their acting skill is just so so.
    I think none of them suit this rule.
    I want real actor for this drama..

  18. Hmm.. shouldn’t the director made an audition for the role?

    I may have not read the manga yet… since the drawing stop me from taking interest in the manga… but seriously… could they do some justice for making real action drama from a manga..

    Korean adaptation have ruined my favorite Hana Yori Dango…. People who watch the drama but haven’t read the manga would have love the drama.. but those who read the manga and love it, would have some trouble loving the drama… hope they don’t do the same thing for this manga…

  19. This drama deserve a real actor for the lead male role lol. But if I have to choose, I would take Jung Yonghwa because Kim Hyun Joong was a disaster in BOF. Park Shin Hye is probably the best choice but I want Seungyeon because I want to see her acting.

  20. Aigggooo, Itazura na Kiss. Korean version? I’m interested but… Hmmm.

    I like both dudes but let’s just say neither can act really well. Nor did Joe Cheng in the taiwanese version.

    Well I have no complaints, like with Boys Before Flowers (which had exceeded my expectations considering I wasn’t that appealed to the manga like everyone else was), hopefully Mischievous Kiss will be like that for the manga.

    If I had to choose, Yonghwa and ShinHye. 😛 I want the ShinNyu moments back. I dunno about Seungyeon acting.

    It’s gunna be a drama full of idols acting.

  21. can it be gd??

  22. i didn’t like the taiwan version.. seriously..
    but i’m gonna watch the korean version for sure.. be it hyunjoong or yonghwa.. i love both.. i have no complain.. haha

    i’d love to PSH in this drama..

  23. neither… honestly.

    this drama deserves a lead man who is eye candy AND can act and frankly neither of them are good.

    • “squint: neither… honestly.”
      Have you even read the manga?
      Have you even watched of the drama the version made in taiwan with Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin I don’t think so………..
      let’s see what happens…..

  24. KHJ deserve a better drama than this Mischievous Kiss .

  25. ahhh this is exciting!! ^__^

  26. I think they will pick kim hyun joong. He’s more popular and I think he fits the role perfectly. I’ve never read the manga but I watched the taiwanese drama and the male character has like 2 expressions through the whole show which (no offense) is what kim hyun joong showed with his acting in BOF.
    This role is made for him.

  27. i love kim hyun joong since his wgm days but as an actor are you kidding me? he’s not an actor. he’s eye candy. i’ve watched this drama and seriously, lee min ho would be the ideal role for this. now he’s an actor.

    • you are BIG LIAR!!!!!! your not a fan of khj. you ride on only the rumors..truly fans agree and support whatever his decision! You are very funny to say you love him, ewwwwww!

  28. no kim hyun joong please
    i like the guy but as an actor he really kind of sucks
    jung yonghwa has too much going on right now and esp since he’s doing wgm its gonna be hard to believe that he’s irie or zhi hsu..

    shinhye would be amazing for the role =D

  29. Please PARK SHIN HYE !!!!!

  30. actingwise park shin hye and for the male lead i think jonghwa act better than kim joong

    • oh really?i think HJL have more aura compare to Jonghwa 🙂
      He can improve his skilled in acting, can’t he?

  31. sorry as cute as he is KHJ cant act, soo please not him

  32. I wanna see KHJ move away from the romantic acting and do something well… different.

    • i agree. now that he’s moved to KeyEast, I was hoping that the company would get him a serious project that can hone his acting skills… But, as a fangirl missing all SS501 members, I would like to see them come out with any project right now, though the practical side of me thinks it’s a waste of time to just pick any project for the sake of having one…

    • agree with you… maybe he can’t really give all he has in romantic acting.. yah.. i don’t know about KHJ really well.. i don’t know how his personalities is.. sorry.. but i’m excited with this drama, more over it is an adaptation from japanese manga…

  33. PARK SHINHYE AND JUNG YONGHWA!! a little reunion

  34. hyun joong can’t act


    • whatever!!! we love him and we watch him all the way…go go hyunjoong!!!!! your famous in Asia, don’t afraid to get the role. as long as you’re the lead actor we will watch it not because of your acting but because of your charisma & we love to watch you everyday

  35. I fell in love with hyun joong through BOF not because of his acting, but because of his smile and the bts stuff that I saw. I watched WGM and that started my obsession.

    He couldn’t act that well…. with a stony face the whole time… BUT I think if you look at his other variety shows, you can see that he is sort of the type who is silent, but cute and caring at the same time, which is what the main lead is… so I think we should give him a chance (and I’m seriously not being biased)

    I feel that yonghwa is at the same level acting wise as hyun joong so i mean really it could go any way, even though I want hyun joong 🙂

    i’m kind of rooting for shin hye though! both main guys have worked with her before (yb and DK cf) and she seems like she would be able to pull off the main girl’s character. seung yeon is cute, but if she is casted, i would like to see if she can pull off the stupid yet loving character

  36. shin hye && jong hwa!!!
    although i would’ve loved jang geun suk hehehe

  37. oh please let it be park shin hye and yonghwa!
    they worked together before so the chemistry will be perfect! but i have a feeling that since yonghwa is so busy with his concerts and all he might not do it

    but i seriously hope its those two. they have experience!

    • This! I watched YB and these two have chemistry in and outside of the drama. I really hope they can be together this time.

  38. i really hope that hyun joong doesnt get the role

  39. if its between those two males, i would pick jung yonghwa… compared to kim hyun joong, hes better at acting
    between those two females, i would pick park shinhye because shes more reliable in acting, not that seungyeon might not be, but noones really seen seungyeon act before

    i dont want that cringey feeling while watching boys over flowers again D:

  40. NO, kim hyun joong oppa is the best man ….
    he can do it .

  41. My vote goes to Kim Hyun Joong < 3333

  42. wowww, i didn’t know Seungyeon has been one of female lead candidates. hehe..
    really wish her & HJL can play together in this drama!

  43. KYUHYUN! Kim hyun Joong is not a good actor! PLUS! SANDARA PARK SUITS THE ROLE!

    • If they chose KHJ, seriously this drama is gonna be a FAILURE.

      Thank god LMH didn’t pick this role.

      • kim hyun joong >>>>>>>>>>> Jung YongHwa
        any day.

      • FACT: KHJ can’t act to save his dear life.
        jung yonghwa isn’t any better either.
        seriously. Can’t we get REAL ACTORS here? I don’t know idol group members!!!!!!!!!!!!
        male lead: Kim Soo Hyun
        Female lead: Kim Byul
        please please pleaseeeeeee!

      • @jo Oh gosh!! Yeah Kim Soohyun!! N Kim Byul! They’re cute n awesome!

        Hyunjoong is robotic… he even needed water for crying scene when SS501 had to at for a parody.
        Yonghwa is better than Hyunjoong I guess.

    • Can’t act well is ok for all his fans, everybody will be very glad just to watch this eye-candy, furthermore, acting skill can be acquired along the way. SO it’s KHJ anytime better than that CN Blue whoever or whatever his name…hahaha!

    • don’t watch if he’s not a good actor!!! your only jealous maybe because of your idol didn’t chose,bwahahahhaa

      • hahaha agree agree. sorry dudes your idol were not considered =)

        i think the role suits his personality

    • Excuse ME!! KHJ is the best! 😛

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