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Girl’s Day releases MV to debut song ‘Tilt My Head’

New girlgroup Girl’s Day releases the full MV to their debut song ‘Tilt My Head’ on 7th July.

The girls garnered interests even before their debut for having their international fanforum already set up. Love the song or not?


27 Responses

  1. I think the autotunes is part of the music genre.. what do you call the genre? club music kinda disco beat sumtin like that.. definitely not pop.. because their voice is like machine-nise (if there’s such word lol)

    the green girl really looks like sulli.. but it seems like she fixed her eyes tho..

  2. nothing special…
    sorrry girl’s day, but there are too many girl groups that have better songs right now!
    come back with something better!

  3. I actually expected more from them.

    Their videos released on youtube earlier like the flash mobs were super GOOOD and yet they came up with this cotton candy concept. that was a disappointment.

    Definitely digging Miss A right now which i must say that their song & MV was good and it didn’t looked overrated. Their performance was also superb for a rookie.

    I hope that they do better in their debut performance and come up with a more powerful song next time. This concept was just TOO MUCH.

  4. The doll part is too sugary for me It’s giving me diabetes! Too much autotune too. Sorry Girl’s Day. Not digging the song.

  5. it’s weird —

  6. i dunno but im so not feeling this song at all.

  7. When the team got their hands on this song, did they really think it would be a hit? Hahahahahahahahha total failure.

  8. kinda agree with some of the people, abit much on the autotone wont translate well to live stage unless they will lip sing all their performances :/

  9. well, i expected more from them but… yeah
    i think they’ve talent so i wish they will have powerful song next time
    this song isn’t catchy at all (for me, okay) no offense
    but i like their flashmob
    so i will look at them after

    by the way, the green one (min-a if I’m not wrong)
    kinda reminds me of GD BigBang lol
    and sometimes Sulli f(x)

  10. pheww thank god i stopped that at 1:00 otherwise I think I would have had severe brain damage.
    the song plainly sucks, as well as the music video. seriously annoying to the ears and I thought they would be much more different but I guess it’s just another one of those girgroups that’ll jst fit right in.

  11. I dont like.. many auto tune!!
    bad concept to debut..

  12. Ahhh… I don’t like the song. Besides, I DON’T LIKE DOLLS!!!! Scary. And too much autotune… can’t even hear their real voice.

  13. Too much autotune!

  14. They remind of perfume( a techno japanese girl group.) I kinda like it 😀

  15. its like 4min but not as good and wg stylist if they sang a slow song i might be a fan so i would be able to tell if they are talented

  16. one of them remind me soo much of sulli…the green hair one, with the crazy curls sticking out each end.

  17. this is catchy I’m liking it. I dont like Miss A.

  18. UH??

  19. Is boring ZzZzz

  20. Same, not digging it. There are too much talented female groups atm

  21. wait.. WUUT ? D:

  22. I don’t like it.

  23. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Girl’s Day releases MV to debut song ‘Tilt My Head’ http://bit.ly/auMsNe […]

  24. not digging the song, too much autotune. sistar missA are much better

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