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Jay Park records and films MV for Korean version of ‘Nothing On You’ – singer comeback in Korea?

The possibility of 2PM’s former member Jaebum making a comeback to the Korean music scene has been reignited.

It has been revealed that Jaebum recorded a song in Korean in Taiwan last month. He even shot music video footage while in Taiwan, making many curious as to whether he will be making a comeback in Korea.

The song that Jaebum recorded has been revealed to be a Korean translation version of BOB’s Nothing On You. The copyright and publication rights for the song are currently being debated, drawing people to believe that Jaebum is preparing for a Korean comeback.

However, the reveal date for the song has yet to be decided.

While articles about Jaebum’s possible return are making the headlines, his ‘private life problem’ is also attracting much attention, making people wonder how he will be handling the weight of the issue with JYPE and 2PM last January.

An associate of Jaebum stated, “Jaebum has already completed the song recording and music video filming while in Taiwan. Jaebum participated in creating the actual choreography and the styling of the music video. We’re all very satisfied with it.”

Warner Music Korea stated, “It is true that he recorded a song in Korean. We are planning to release the song as soon as the issue with copyright regarding the original song is solved. We know nothing about his activities in Korea. That’s something Jaebum’s associates must handle.”



26 Responses

  1. All de bez to him… ^^
    Personal life problem?? LOL Like that thing actually exists.
    I doubt he has the gut to show up in Korea if it exists.

  2. omg so excited!! go jay~!!! =]

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and others. Eileen Teo said: Jay Park records and films MV for Korean version of ‘Nothing On You’ – singer comeback in Korea? http://twurl.nl/zptywi […]

  4. good for you Jay 🙂
    i really witting for this a long time , but 3 version for 1 song 😦

  5. please don’t bash me I wonder if he will success in korea again I think he should keep dancing with AOM in US and Hype Nation? I have no idea about it. who will watch it? asian? this kind of movies didn’t do really well. its market is quite small.

    • He might succeed, the chances are high because of his fans. And the last bit of what you said is true, dance movies don’t tend to do well.

      We’ll see though.

  6. i seriously can’t wait to hear it. his own version!!! THATS HUGE!

  7. im just wondering, where are all those people who drove him out of korea now??

  8. omggggg!!!!! i’m so happy for him!!!!! 😀 cant wait to see the video!!! JAY is back!!!

  9. I hope the best for him these days is all about girl and boy band. If taeyang is consider a fail (even though its not) i wonder how jae will do.

  10. I want him in USA not in korea.

  11. YAY, Jay, YAY!!!!!
    Pasha! Faiting!

  12. I dont care about Jay anymore.. 2PM Fighting !!!

    • then why’d you bother read this?

    • lol, go fighting on a 2pm article then.

    • lmao coming from a Khun fan?? I laugh at the thought because your boy doesnt have any talent like Jay and u know its true… u mad!?? dont care lmfao

  13. Best of luck to Jay, hope it turns out well.

  14. i am glad that jay is back to singing. Hope we can see him on variety shows too.

  15. kinda love it. but I’ll be glad if he sings it in English. I’d like to see him to be a world star, not only Korean star.

  16. first !!! and go Jay cant wait to see you in a musi video

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