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Lee Teuk, “SiWon has bad hearing… God is fair”

Super Junior Lee Teuk reveals the ‘secret’ of member SiWon.

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July, Lee Teuk reveals a hidden secret of their ‘prince’ SiWon known for his good looks and body.

Lee Teuk said, “God is fair. SiWon can’t hear well.” He added, “There was once when I said ‘Let’s have a good practice’ and SiWon would come to me and ask ‘Hyung what did you say? We are going to meet Bae YongJoon?’,” which had the other star appearances laughing.

He also said, “There was once when we were watching winter Olympics and I asked ‘Did you see what Kim Yuna did?’ and he said ‘Hyung did you just said that Kimura Taku is here?’.”


25 Responses

  1. haha..i cant wait for this episode..finally Siown oppa turn out not really a perfect person..hehe

  2. whatever…. so what? Dun worry oppa! we still luv ya.. nobody’s perfect and it’s rude to tell somebody’s secret. Lee Teuk oppa shame on u…

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  4. well nobody is prefect. if i were to choose i wouldn’t mind it too ! (: but i think siwon is still prefect ! he is great , !!!! ❤
    although i love yesung more ! hehe. ^^

  5. LOL!! Leeteuk just had to add “god is indeed fair”! :p prince siwon ❤

  6. WHAT?!
    I don’t mind having bad hearing too if i could look as good as siwon

    god, make it happen

  7. Bad hearing isn’t enough to decrease his perfection. He’s one of the best guy I’ve seen… Siwon!!!

    Is it just me? or SM is promoting Siwon better? Haha… I though he was less promoted. He even had to turn down oh-so-many movie n drama offers. lol

  8. God is fair! XDDDD

  9. very funny~~~ so cute our Siwon

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  11. He is perfect! =) He is a prince for real.

  12. sure that totally makes it fair well i l have bad hearing 2 during ap euro i thought i heard their was a hermit taxation instead of a german invasion

  13. hahhaa at least he has good looks and great body!!

  14. omgd..siwoon just like my classmate..can’t hear very well..

  15. Lol, bad hearing isn’t enough! THIS GUY IS PERFECT!!! ❤

  16. Is this is the same episode that will show Gahee and Son dam bi???

  17. lmao I just like that he added that “God fair” lol

  18. lol, Siwon<333
    Even you can be a dork sometimes

  19. hehe..i totally get wat teukie meant..siwon was blessed wif dreamy looks n a banging bod..nice 2 know dat de ‘perfect’ siwon has gt something dat is less perfect bt him-bad hearing..He is still yummylicious 2 me though, regardless of dat ‘unperfect’ blemish.. =p

  20. Looks like SiWon has a THING for Kimura Takuya or is it the OTHER way around?
    Nice smile on handsome face, body to DIE for, DEAF as a post, that’s SiWon all right!
    What’s that you say? I can’t hear you!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  21. ROTFL .. Siwon .. well at least he is looking GOOD . I mean GOOOOD

  22. lol God is fair for sure
    i cant wait till this episode air!

  23. LOL! God is indeed fair. 🙂

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