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Narsha’s solo title song ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’ revealed!

The full song to Brown Eyed Girls Narsha’s upcoming solo album title song ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’ has been revealed on 8th July.

Previously, she revealed another song ‘I’m In Love‘ off her minialbum. Love the song or not?

The MV teaser to the song released recently:


17 Responses

  1. I kind of like it. Although it sounds sort of spooky, it’s still nice. I like how she’s going to a different concept. I like different “flavors” of music and this I ♥.

  2. Just listened to some of the songs on this album — while some of the songs are not quite to my taste — the album as a whole is OMG! It’s a very very nice, diverse and well produced effort, with Narsha showing off a wide range of styles — I think most people will find something they like in there. Not a fan of BEG or Narsha, but count me impressed.

  3. okay. ill say i like it. its spooky in a way
    its better than those electonic songs or annoying same word over and over again songs

  4. sounds good, but idont expect any live stage of this song

  5. seriously what happen to kpop these days….? i love you narsha but serisously what is with the song?…. if these kinda song can top the charts and not taeyang’s then thats BS…

    • i agree. kpop is just getting worse worse everyday. and was i the only one who felt a Lady Gaga vibe from this? idk it was so pokerface-ish for me, or at least the beginning.

    • If you don’t get tired of Kpop, don’t come here anymore, we don’t need you.

    • if you GET tired *

      • ………..it is not that i’m getting tired of kpop it is the how kpop have changed within these years…..anybody can tell the differences….. it is not that i hate the new kpop songs but looking back at 2008 that was really one of the best kpop years…… and i will still come here cuz my hopes is still on BB,JYJ, BOA,and SE7EN… cuz they will probably be the only ones to change my view towards kpop…

      • I didnt say i was tired of kpop either so learn how to read first you noob and who are you to tell me not to come here anymore? do you rung the blog? i dont think so. and who is this “we”? the commentators? i dont want you guys to need me, i dont even know you.

        if you’re so sensitive and think that everyone who leaves a negative response is some kid of trollet or hater then maybe you should be the one who should leave.

  6. Sorry unnie, but I don´t like =/

  7. I like this..

  8. i really don’t know what to react about the song…kpop is getting weirder each day…i duno maybe its just me..

    i still love Narsha but i can’t almost recognize her on that photo…

  9. the chorus was definitely not what I expected but high notes are so powerful! and i definitely get the dreammy effect she was going for.

    not bad…im sure the MV will make me love it even more

  10. mmm.. ok

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