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Rain sings praises of newcomer G.NA

Singer Rain sings praises of new singer G.NA whom he had sung duet song ‘The Things I Want To Do If I Have A Lover’.

Rain has relayed his congratulations and praises for G.NA on her debut through Newsen. He said, “G.NA is a friend with great talents. One can see that she has been training for a long time. She is one talented singer. I hope that she would get great results as much as she has been working hard. I wish music fans will show interests for G.NA.”

This debut duet song for G.NA is also the first duet song for Rain since his singer debut. And it is a compliment for G.NA and acknowledgment to her talents for being chosen to sing a duet song with Rain as a newcomer singer.

The song is currently moving up music charts fast, garnering much interests from music fans.


6 Responses

  1. Hi there,

    I don’t know why everyone keeps saying this is his first duet, because it’s not. Rain has been featured in several duets during his career.

    One I know of for sure is called “Man UP,” a duet he did, in English, with Omarion some years ago. I know “Man Up,” because it’s one of my favorite Rain songs. The song was made for Omarion’s 1st or 2nd album. I don’t remember which. And I’m pretty sure there are others, but I just can’t think of them right now.

    I do think this one is his cutest duets though, don’t you? :-}

    Terri :-}

  2. there’s diff meaning in duet and feat. i doubt.

  3. i wonder why media reports keep saying this is rain’s first duet since debut because it’s not. rain has already had a number of duets before this.

    • maybe a duet meaning he is featuring in another persons song that isnt hes own song ? if you get me.

      • But he was feautured in Byul’s song before. And on Rain’s album he already sung with Bada and Lim Jeong Hee before.

        I think articles are sayign it’s his first duet just to bring more hype to the song with G.NA.

        I liked the song with G.NA, she has a lovely voice and her voice matched his voice. πŸ™‚

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