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Super Junior releases MV to ‘No Other’

The MV to Super Junior’s 4th album followup hit ‘No Other’ has been revealed!

The group has started promoting the song since last week and it has been well received by music fans. Love the MV or not?


28 Responses

  1. My heart stopped when I saw Kyuhyun and Ryeowook..

  2. I super love the mv, suit with the song.
    And SUJU with cuteness overloadssss……………

  3. superloveSJ

  4. This is song is just perfect for the summer
    I love this song when it came out, but I fell in love with Suju all over gain when they performed it on Music Bank. They were just so happy that I became happy.

    Oh and my repackaged album came in yesterday! Yay!

  5. i don’t know why ppl hate this song, i though it’s pretty good, i like the slow flow

  6. I LOVE this song! And the MV is super cute! ♥

    Donghae’s smile and rose are the sweetest things I’ve ever seen ❤

    And Heechul finally smiling! He looks good with those glasses *-* .. wookie's and yesung's parts are lovely too ^^

  7. love it. it’s very simple yet lovely. they really need this sort of thing.. they exhausted already…. too bad kyu n’ siwon couldnt join the MV in the dance part.

    aaandd SM finally gave them the proper MV!! not just a stage and a worn out wall with a lamp!

  8. i loooooove it
    DonGhae ♥ give this flower *-*

  9. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: Super Junior releases MV to ‘No Other’ https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2010/07/07/super-junior-releases-mv-to-no-other/ […]

  10. You people are never satisfied.
    If they come beastly you ask them to be cute again
    If they’re cute and lovely again, you say they should change

    I fucking love this, not only because it’s super junior,
    but because this is different from what we’ve been getting lately.

    A change in kpop general style is always welcomed. (:

  11. I feel that this is the best mv of suju ! OMG YESUNG IS SO ROMANTIC! the girl in the mv is so lucky ! :((((
    HAHAHA . love suju ! all of them look so hot and cute.
    i love this song tooooo ~ 😀

  12. suju is a great group, they have the talents and all but the only thing that irritates me are the little things, ha-ha, their cute expression seems a little bit gay and overr… but yeah, as long as the song is great– i dont mind

    p/s: not hating !

  13. it is more than loving this mv!!!Seeing them dance,sing,hearing their voices, it seems like i am in heaven!!! it is a kind of song tat no matter how much times u listen to it, u will nvr get tired of it. teukie taking pics<3333 he is such a great leader!!! TEUKIE<3333333

  14. I love the freshness of the MV, very romantic!♥

  15. I lote it. I always have this song on repeat on my mp4 and I watch their videos a lot too

  16. i super very much love it..
    it’s really nice to listen to their song for even several times..

  17. I love this 🙂 it’s just full of happiness!! 😀 and may I just say that the boys look super gorgeous 😉

  18. ya..this song is really nice..they look so happy!!

  19. I honestly think Super Junior should stop being a group if they keep doing songs like these…

  20. finally…
    i like the dance so much..
    and also their smile..
    remember me to the “Happiness Era”..
    keep your smile like this oppa 🙂

  21. CUTE MV
    but where is siwon & kyu for the dancing parts? i hope they okay!

    • i think it’s bcoz kyu just finished his surgery and siwon is busy with iris shooting

  22. anddd…is it just me or ryeowook’s hair really works on him???? he loooks hottttt

  23. heechul looks gorgeous with those glasses. dont get the point why eunhyuk has to unbotton his shirt though

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