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Super Junior ShinDong reveals his love story

Garnering much interests for losing 20kg early last year, Super Junior ShinDong revealed that he had gone on a diet so as to get together with his girlfriend, who broke up with him, again.

ShinDong talked about his girlfriend, 2 years younger than him, that on SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July. He explained, “To say the truth, my girlfriend is a junior at college. I’m in the class of 04 and she is in the class of 06. I did not meet my girlfriend until graduation. I received my graduation album and I was asked if I received my TA and I joked “Can I choose from here?’. So there was this photo of my girlfriend in the album, and when I saw it, I said ‘this is the one’ and I asked for the professor to link us up.”

ShinDong said, “We were going out for about 1 year when we told our parents about it but they objected so we broke up. Back then my weight was 104 kg, and it was hard gaining weight. I guess it was because I kept eating.”

He continued, “So I started my diet and shed 24 kg. To say the truth, after I broke up with my girlfriend, I had a phone conversation with her, and she made an unreasonable request for me to loose weight. I lost 10 kg but she refused to get back with me. So I lost another 10 kg and in all I lost 20 kg, and finally she got back with me.”

Also on the show that day, ShinDong revealed that he is currently preparing to get married with his girlfriend. And he did a video message to his girlfriend on the show, “I have not proposed properly to you yet. Nari ah, the thing I feel the most after I’ve met you is that without you I feel heartache. And I feel for the first time that if there is you, I would feel happy always. Will you be with me happily forever? Will you marry me?”

ShinDong also did a video message to both their parents, “I have confidence. Because I have confidence that we will be happy forever, please approve and bless us.”



29 Responses

  1. nobody gives a fuck about fat boy.he just another attention whore.hes lucky to b one of suju members.i really dont know what benefit he get from this shit.if hes really want to get attention, he better ripped his body n keep his face from becoming more ugly.i really miss kim kibum’s appearance. suju hwaiting

    • Ugh? Shin Dong isn’t ugly you twat. He dances really really good. UNLIKE YOU. =)
      + He’s happy.
      Are you? LOL

      • wth? he isnt ugly? r u blind? yup he dances better than me.but i reallllllly confident to tell the whole world that im more 3x good looking than him. i guess hes more good looking than u dirty faggot no wonder you said that haha. even though that fatty is ugly, i still support suju. kim ki bum hwaitng n suju hwaiting.

  2. In some ways, SD’s girlfriend was right that she asked him to lose weight. Over weight is not good for your health. Just like you ask your boyfriend to give up smoking or drinking. If I were her I would not marry a man who is unhealthy, and has no determination.

  3. This will be the first ever marriage from SM Artist? lol. Will definitely give my full blessing! ^^

  4. First he picks her from a photo album (so I assume only based on her facial features), and then she wanted to date him again only if he lost weight? And again he proposed her on TV.
    People might see it’s cute/romantic, but somehow their relationship looks very shallow to me. Well, I judge this just based on his statement, so who knows if it’s actually deeper than it looks.
    All I can say is good luck for their marriage.

  5. Hmm don’t really know if I would really like a person who told me that they would only date me if I lost weight…

  6. ???? She made him lose 20lbs so that she could date him again? Well they’re getting married so I guess she accepts him, but hopefully she loves him for who he is.

    Lucky him for getting married. If donghae or siwon ever said that, there’s gonna be hell to pay

  7. woah video message. SHINDONG JUST CLIMBED UP MY SJ RANKINGS!!! (although i have no idea at all who he overtook x: )
    and hah! so much for blaming that losing 20kg to teukie’s words lmao!

  8. […] K Bites 1 var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname="ShinDong is Ready To Get Married"; […]

  9. Wasn’t he criticizing fat girls in a recording for Shim Shim Tapa? Honestly, I think he looks fine the way he is. If my significant other had asked that I lose weight or else they wouldn’t get back with me, I’d say hell with it! If they don’t accept me for the way I am and who I am, forget them! To me, it makes him seem pathetic that he’d do as she wished. If she told him to jump off a bridge, would he do it? Shindong, you’re fine the way you are.

    • totally agree with you. when i read the article i was completely shocked. and some of the responses as well were pretty shocking.

      everyone seems to think that shindong really loves the girl because he lost weight for her. how deep can their love be if it is defined by how heavy he weighs. and same goes for how he feels towards her. he picked her out of album so it is clear that it is merely superficial.

      anyway, i don’t really care about shindong’s personal life but i just hate the message that comes across from his statement.

    • I agree. I think he has always had a cuteness about him. And i don’t think people should ever be together if the can’t accept each other for who they are. I hope that that girl changes her mindset before she marries him, because if she broke up with him just for gaining a couple pounds how is she going to handle it if he gains weight after they are married

    • Agree!
      If she broke him up for gaining some weight..then she must’ve not really love him.
      I suddenly feel bad for Shindong.
      Hope he’ll always be really happy with her.

  10. Wait so his girlfriend broke up wiht him after he proposed…?

  11. Awww he loves Nari so much

  12. Shin Dong is the only male idol can share his love story like that, cuz his fans love him not because of his face or body, and his image is not that kind of ‘untouchable’ as other male idols ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love him because he is so hilarious, best luck to him

    • Humorous guys tend to get the girls ๐Ÿ˜€
      Yeah, imagine if SiWon were to announce that he’s getting married… many keyboards and monitors across the globe would be broken.

      Anyway, it’s nice of his professor to introduce them (if the professor did help in the end) ๐Ÿ˜€

      • HA ha SM would be on fir ealready if it was SiWon. But actually I think that the others members, and all kpop singer, are envious of him. They can’t date but he is getting married ^^
        Anyway he really loves her and he deserve happiness

  13. K-girls don’t like fatties, they are so superficial, looking only on the soutside for a toned body! Shin Dong is a lovely fellow and I give him credit for putting up with a fickle K-girl! K-GUYS are #1, especially sweethearts like Shin Dong! A Great Big Wet One for Dongie! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MUACH!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

    • we live in a shallow world don’t we? don’t generalize korean women because most of us are. so tell me, would you date shindong if he was 90kg?

  14. wow, he truly loves her ๐Ÿ™‚ losing weight is hard. So, he showed that he wants her back.

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