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Taeyang solo album slump, ‘Is Big Bang losing their touch?

‘Is Big Bang losing their touch?’

A member of the group Big Bang, Taeyang’s recently released song ‘I Need a Girl’ is not doing so well. While they had swept first place on music charts with ‘Lies’ and ‘Last Farewell’ in 2007, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ in 2008, now it’s almost as if Big Bang’s grandness can no longer be felt.

The song that was released on the 1st is only in 6th place on Bugs by the 6th of July. Melon and Dosirak. 5th place on Soribada. And it’s in 8th place on Cyworld. It made it to 2nd place on mnet.com and is barely holding on. All the while, IU (Nagging) is reigning in the popularity and Jo Kwon (The Day of Confessing My Love) is doing likewise having released his comeback song post-World Cup. Narsha (I’m In Love). Son Dambi (Can’t U See) and others are providing competition, and [Taeyang] is fighting hard. He’s losing not only to veteran singers but also to miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl) who just made their debut.

Taeyang had to recover his pride last year after releasing ‘Where U At’ and ‘Wedding Dress,’ both of which were below expectations. It’s obvious that YG especially gave blood, sweat and tears to this new song. You can tell even just from the featuring by the team’s ace, G-Dragon. Because of all this, Taeyang’s slump is that much more of a shock. Not only Taeyang, but Daesung (Cotton Candy) who also released a new song this year received a reaction that was subpar to its expected popularity.

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  • TRANS: seungie @ tumblr

315 Responses

  1. hey quit talkin shit about taeyang. go back to journalism school and retake that class a thousand times. god you suck!

  2. HAH!If you’re seriously comparing a solo artiste to a popular idol group, and saying that he can’t compare…..it’s just sad. Big bang members are talented individually and as a group. I think they complement each other rather well. And I reckon YG has that policy of not putting his artistes on too many variety shows cos he wants to maintain their statuses as IDOLS……which is
    1) An image used as an object of worship.
    2) A false god.
    3) One that is adored, often blindly or excessively.
    4) Something visible but without substance.
    Get yourself seen so often, you lose that air of mystery and anticipation people get about seeing you so rarely.Everyone now knows that its hard to get Big Bang to appear….so there you go….Idols.

  3. I think the person who wrote this article has the wrong information. Taeyang’s album has sold out and needed new orders and has gotten to number 3 on U.S r&b charts. YG said themselves that their company is stunned by the response. So please people get your information correct. He is outselling so many people right now

  4. he’s #1 in #Canada
    take that haters

  5. losing touch based on digital sell????

    But.. I’m not very into the album tho.. i love his mini albums but solar is a bit.. bland.. i suppose.. don’t judge me, i’ll still buy his album, just have to wait for my first paycheck :p

    Big Bang / YG losing their touch ?
    WTF ?! Wedding Dress is so effing popular practically EVERY asian in the US knows it. Screw chart ratings. They don’t mean shit to true VIPs !!!

    • wedding dress was good but I need a girl is FAIL !!!

      • YOUR STUPID.. TAEYANG’S SOLAR ALBUM IS CURRENTLY #10 IN US FOR RNB/SOUL….. i just want to smash this in to your face haters…

      • Make that #4 on r/b soul


        fail my ass

      • @12345: WOW … i’m so proud of Tae Yang. HAh .hah .. i guess the writer and all the haters are now choking as their shits are being shoved back down their throats by the news.

    • haha lol
      make that #3 on RnB soul
      and #97 on the main chart

      in your face

  7. what the eff? who wrote this must be one heck of a biased writer.

    • I dont think so, the author is just telling the true.
      INAG is really a bad song.

      • eh? so if i say, you’re butt ugly, it is true then?

      • no the author is stating the Big Bang is losing their touch just because TY’s song is not going up on charts when CLEARLY….his album is topping the charts on every Itunes worldwide…(Canada, Germany, Japan and America) and his deluxe album has been sold out in less than a day. Yeah, how’s that a slump. &nd the title…it’s very misleading becase Tae Yang is NOT Big Bang. He is a PART of Big Bang but he is promoting as HIMSELF.

  8. I think Big Bang and Teayang are amazing. I was so surprised when I stumbled across Teayang’s Wedding Dress MV on youtube because it had the rmb feel to a lot of western stars had in their music. I loved it even though I didn’t understand the words. What irritates me is that the music that YG produces is what would be perfect for the UK market and maybe the US yet some people can’t or won’t acknowledge that they are different from the usual trashy pop that’s polluted the Korean music scene. Even I had to admit I was unsure about the new album but it’s grows on you because it’s different and you have to love Teayang’s daring. Frankly i still only love Korean Music just because of Big Bang and Ft Island because they are different. Though this is just my opinion. Peace.

  9. I hope this slumps get over soon, because you can tell he has been working hard….but honestly I don’t like this type of music but there have been a couple songs by Big Bang that I have liked. I just don’t like them enough to buy the cd but I do hope things brighten up for the members, both solo wise and group wise. Big Bang Fighting

  10. i hate how they make the solo artist seem like the whole group itself. all those top charter songs were from the GROUP big bang.

    i’m sure they’re saving up more goodies for the group than solos in the upcoming album!

  11. absurd article. ridiculous reporter. enuff said -___-“

  12. well i feel that a song doesnt have to be way up on the charts to prove how good or bad it is. if taeyang decides to promote INAG it means he has a certain amount of faith in delivering the song with his own unique flavour and i dont think anyone can counter that (:

  13. i seldom comment on any posts but this article is absurd as well as some opinions with no basis at all… TAEYANG is a single entity from BIGBANG, he is supposed to make it different!!!!!! as well as the other members to show those retards that everyone of them can showcase different types of music that they are good at…BIGBANG as a group is in another level that is surely the best out there….(.no argument there- 5 heads are better than one ) BUT TAEYANG still is in another league on his own NO one is comparable to him as in NO one( korean artist wise) he’s the whole package given the looks and the talents no one can touch him even dbsk members sorry but that is the truth.(taeyang is a performer dance is fluid like a black man dancing,voice- to die for ,intonation and deliverance not maybe in english but reaches your heart not maybe diva like but definitely addicting and cool and after every performance the end result will be WOW! i want more!!)..maybe kpop are lurking with fangirls going gaga over looks and sounds that are catchy with no sense at all, with songs that are hideously boring and forgettable… and the lists goes on. I cant concord why people keep on complaining about INAG and his album. People should just try to listen to everyone of them they are good. they give you different hype, mood and feelings… the album is a variety of music its like neyo’s album or lyz so rnb and taeyang!!!! it reflects the direction hes taking and you will feel the hard work he put into making it… TRY to listen to MOVE, JUST A FEELING,SUPERSTAR, TAKE IT SLOW, AFTER and so on where u at and Wedding dress IS IN FACT included in the same album why ask for something like that when you have it in the album-crazy people!! people tends to forget that those songs are INCLUDED in the album!!!! INAG is a good title track because its different from the other previous songs that he promoted(WD AND WUA) i dont know why these people dont get it..i dont care about music charts we all know that hes doing great not only in korea but international as well, he was selected by alicia keys,brian mcknight etc to performed before them at their own concert that goes to show how good he is as a soloist you dont need those number 1 in music stations as long as the album is doing good its what matters most… TAEYANG have so many international fans if kpop doesnt appreciate him and his music damn with them they are missing a lot as for us international fans WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT TAEYANG hes our number 1.

  14. L:OL. Big Bang is definitely NOT LOSING THEIR TOUCH. How on Earth then are they still the top searched male boyband in Korea despite being absent there? Heh.

    The reporter is hella twisting up the words.

    Taeyang’s album was SOLD OUT.

    And also, they don’t ALWAYS have to be number ones or anything.

    Taeyang and Big bang themselves have said that they just want to do THEIR OWN KIND OF MUSIC which they have always wanted to do instead of satisfying the whole world to their likes.

    So yeah. Sorry, had to capitalise some of my words to get the message across cos some people just refuse to accept some facts..

  15. I love ‘I need a girl’ …it’s been on repeat..this album is 짱! just that it’s not a mainstream kind of album..not many ppl like R&B in korea…that’s all…

  16. Bigbang losing their touch? Nah… I don’t think so. If they already did then there would be no CFs or anything from them.

    I don’t know about you guys but I love INAG not just cause it was from Taeyang and GD. I honestly love all the songs in Solar which is why I am one of the fans who battled it out to have the deluxe for collection and buy the regular one for my sister.

    Its not a question of VIPs supporting Bigbang or the solo efforts of each. Taeyang’s album sold huge amounts right? As for the charts, there are lots and lots of great KPOP artists today and being able to compete (in a high ranking) with a different genre from the norm is already an achievement. He did his thing and I’m proud to say he did well.

    I also hope YB won’t read that article or else he’ll feel guilty because of the unnecessary linking of him not getting #1 to the success of the group.

  17. I really like your song, I think it depends on taste…

  18. Whatever, Big Bang is still rocking on!!!

  19. ^ me too lol

    Anyway, I do find his latest album is too Taeyang’s. You know, it doesn’t different much from his previous hits – the beat, the tempo.. I know it’s R&B concept, but the producer should be more creative. Honestly I was expecting more from Taeyang since I like his voice & style the most in KPop. but his music should develop, not only recycling the previous hits.

  20. Wow 213 comment!! This is the first time I see kbites have this many comments in a post.

    • No kidding! But honestly, I like the discussion on here. Even though some trollers get in the way, people seem to be more mature about things as opposed to a little while ago.

      Honestly, no one really cares. YB’s Rn’B style was never meant to top the charts; KPop is simply dance/electronica at the moment, end of story. Honestly, INAG isn’t really my favourite of the album either (Just A Feeling is LOVE) but I like that he’s doing something different compared to a lot of other promoting artists at the moment.

      First people complained with Wedding Dress/Where U At that YB’s songs were too similar and sounded like LAOM, and now that he does something different, everyone’s going off about how he’s ‘lost his touch’ and what a let down it is. Far out, if YB came out with electronica stuff, ora single that was a similar style to GD’s Heartbreaker, people would be complaining that ALL YG music is the same etc etc.

      Goddamit, critics don’t know how to appreciate diversity when it’s right there in their face.

      • I don’t think the writer of the article is a legit critic… might even just be a blogger so I’m just going to take it with a grain of salt (after raging a whole day about it, LOL).

    • If you notice, usually YG related articles tend to have a lot of comments.

  21. WOW!!! many many discussing.

    I think ” I need a girl ” is a good song and really really like it ! ^^
    Taeyang has many cool song in this album.^^
    Maybe korean fan (i’m not korean) don’t like sound and style of ” I need a Girl ”
    ’cause it different from other K-singer.
    I love YG ’cause they love their fans , they try to create a good NEW things for their FANS.


    • I’m so sorry for above reply but …
      ….I ♥ Bigbang , I ♥ YG …. ^^

  22. Taeyang is a real artist making real music…!!!

    some Koreans doesn’t appreciate real MUSIC that much…!

    i pity those real artists in Korea…!!

  23. Is selling 30000 albums in 1 day considered a failure? I don’t understand. ><

    • I agree with u ^^ Taeyang so Cool!!!

    • even if his album were a crap the amount of albums sales would be the same.

      and btw, nobody cares about 30k in 1 day.
      we want to see if total of album sales in 1 month is near to 100k.

      • …. why would nobody care about 30,000 in a day? some groups can’t get that in a whole year and he gt it in a day. by idol standards, his sales already make him a success.

      • If you guys look at the album sales chart for the 1st half of the year most of the idols on that list haven’t even sold 30k yet (the only exception are SNSD, SJ, & Rain). Not to mention his regular album is not even on sale yet so we won’t know how much more he’ll sell until it releases.

      • really? i’d say it’s much worst when the crap is Version A to Z being sold to and bought by rabid fangirls for the sake of upping the sale of the album. nothing to be proud of there.

  24. this is so funny. Laughing the whole time reading the comments.
    Everyone needs to chill. We all have our opinions. & obviously this reporter is being dumb & making the article out of his own opinions & bs.. or he has something against yg family.
    Lets just dismiss this article. Its not like TY & BB are gonna be less popular so forget the stupid reporter.


    & please stop comparing SM & YG, they are 2 different companies with different styles.
    & there waaaay too many new groups with like the same sounds. Its like crazy. mass production f idol groups…

    This article is not gonna kill anyone.

    • LOL, True-true. I’ve never posted as much comments here as I did today. It’s difficult not to feel upset reading this so I went into commenting rage, haha.

      But yeah, waiting for Solar on iTunes on the 15th… will probably buy a physical CD too.

  25. hey can i be really honest of what i have oberved of k pop while talent is extremely important what u need is visibility and promotion like actually appear on shows pomote your songs etc i havent really seen yg do tht and i think that is where they are really falling short .

    i mean quite honestly k pop is overcrowded now and u need visibility to stand out imean if super juniour can come to shows to promote their songs i dont understand what is so gr8 in big bang an yg artists in general that they think they are above varitey shows im not hating but tht seems to be the general norm
    quite honselty even huge artists like rain and lee hyori went on every show did their dances etceterea than i dont think taeyang should think twice abt it

    i think wat big bang really needs is a new album they havent been active since 2008 and now its already mid 2010 its high time they ome out with a new album and silence all the critics


    • who the hell care how the other companies promote their artists. to each his own. YG has his own way of promoting his artists and he’s been doing a great job at it for years. by the way, i’d rather see my favourite artists stand out because of their music and their passion for it, not because of showing their faces regularly on variety shows.

      • Agree 1000%, I am a fan of the MUSIC not the promotion tactics. YG artists put out music that is great to me. I could care less if they NEVER appear on another variety show so long as they keep giving me outstanding, meaningful, yet still fun music. SO long as they continue to perform with the passion energy and joy as they have been, whether they are in korea, japan or swaziland i will continue to be a fan and support them.

        I am not knocking any of the other music companies, but MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE is yge music. I like that YGE has an elitism and a classiness, that they don’t appear to whore out their artists to every tom dick and harry show just for visibility.

        I like that they trust and respect their fans enough to switch things up and think outside the box.

        Thank you YGE, much appreciated.

  26. I use to not like I need a girl. But, the more I listen to it, the more I like it. And now, I’m addicted to it.
    I wish taeyang all the best, we VIPS still here for you 🙂

  27. I need a girl s gd but not that great, i was actuali a lil bit disappointed on this album i expected more,, the mv was gd but since its d main mv they should have shown sumthing shocking or spazzing as that wud help to increase its popularity,, i heard it was d most aniticipated mv b4 release but wen ive watched it i was a lil disappointed the interaction between taeyang and dara s lesser dan i thought,,
    one more thing y does yg keep on hiding bigbang and 2ne1 away? they should do more of activities while they r resting d others r being active and to conclude this actuali helped them to be popular. In my opinion suju and snsd songs arent that gd for me but since they r active in other fields of entertainment they remained popular till now. Whats more is that alot of girlgroups and boybands are coming, this is gonna be tough competition. SO YG U NEED TO SHOW MORE OF BIGBANG AND 2NE1!

  28. Tae Yang never really performed TOO strong chart-wise anyway. Album sales are his strong point. Daesung’s “Cotton Candy” was expected to under-perform since it was mainly for their concert and FREE to download from Mnet for like, 4 days. TOP’s solo song did well without promo because people couldn’t wait to download a HQ version of a good song they could only hear from a video months ago.

    I, for one, enjoyed Tae Yang’s new album because you can really feel the effort that he put into it. He didn’t get beside himself and make some run-of-the-mill K-Pop song to keep up with this “catchy trend”. His music is actually mature, and has longevity as well as replay value. People these days are too obsessed with songs being #1, but that’s all that number is; a shiny, sparkly #1 that make your list of achievements prettier, but it doesn’t make you a better artist. If those are the only songs people care about, they”re missing out on so much great music. Physical sales are what matter. High rankings on charts are a plus.

  29. i think there are a few factors in terms of this so-called ‘slump’…
    i think firstly Big Bang hasn’t been promoting much in Korea for the past year as they’ve been in japan and so their popularity may have become a little lower because of less exposure…
    And i was really looking forward to TY’s solo album but i have to admit that ‘I need a girl’ probably wasn’t the best song to use as a title song…usually i can’t stop playing his songs like ‘look at me’ and even ‘wedding dress’ but ‘i need a girl’ didn’t really make much of an impresson, i mean i’m a TY fan…but…i thought ‘wedding dress’ was a better song than ‘i need a girl’….
    It’s good that his already sold out on the deluxe edition but in terms of his songs on the chart…is lower than what a lot of people would’ve expected…but i don’t think this means that BB as a group is losing touch..i think the choices made for this album weren’t the best in terms of public acceptance…but i’m still a fan of his music 🙂

  30. I dunno why, but people have forgotten that the album sold was the deluxe edition… and that the normal one will be sold now, in a larger number to the public… He did pretty well in album sales unlike other artists who have most of their singles as digital.

    Like everyone else’s said, Kfans like autotune and repetitive music whereas Ifans like styles like INAG, so they appreciate Taeyang’s album more right now.

    Also, why is Big Bang losing their touch when only Taeyang is promoting? TOP would conquer the music shows and all if he were promoting.

    Big Bang will be coming back with a “B to the I to the G to the BANG!”

  31. I think they are… them and Wonder Girls have lost their crowns fo’sure. The negative impact of spending so much time abroad. 😦

  32. why write this article in the first place
    seriously is she a hater or something
    cuz taeyang as a Solo is different to Taeyang in BB
    BB as a group have more fans than TY

    they can’t just based on a solo song and judge BB as a group

    BIG group like SUJU and SS501 didn’t do well on the charts either , they actually did worst than TY but hey how come there is no article about that ?
    even a popular boy band right now which is 2pm didn’t do well on the charts either and their album sales wasn’t as great as suju,ss501 or Taeyang but hey no article about that either

    • I don’t think she’s a hater.
      She just write what she think or analyze.
      Or, maybe she’s a bit try to put on a HOT stuff.

    • i don’t think she’s a hater, she didn’t actually write this article… it’s a translation of a Korean article…

    • LOL… sometimes life isn’t fair hahhahaha….

  33. Huff…. I’m tired reading the comments here.
    So many of them and mostly are essay-like.

    IMO, Korean Music industry is just not ready for this kind of music.
    Autotunes and repetitive lyrics are the trend nowadays.
    And there are so many debuts as well during this first-half of the year. Mostly (if not all) are doing the same ‘catchy song’ concept.
    At first, it’s fine… but soon I get tired to those kind of musics.
    Glad that Taeyang’s here staying with his own style.

    I like to listen to various kinds of musics!
    I’m not following the trends only .

    • Owh…
      I hate no singers nor groups!
      The only I hate are HATERS.
      I don’t get what’s on their mind.
      Let’s just be positive and respectful!
      Can’t we?!?

    • ‘Autotunes and repetitive lyrics are the trend nowadays’

      The Top 50 songs for the first half of 2010 were as follows:

      1. Won’t Let You Go Even if I Die – 2AM
      2. Unable – 4Men

      these songs arent ‘Autotunes and repetitive’ lol

      • yea, 2 out of 50. the rest are pretty much “autotuned and repetitive” not my words.


    • This. End of Story.
      Seriously you guys should move on. Haters will always be haters. Who won’t be happy to see the fall down of popular boyband?
      We shall talk until BigBang really make a come back

    • Yeah! big bang is always #1 .. Taeyang not.
      taeyang alone is not great.

      • well … at least he’s achieved success already on his own apart from his bandmates. don’t you think?

  35. i disgree. instead i think they are already working very hard so why does people keep giving them pressure? EVERY MEMBER OF BIGBANG is talented . i juz dun understand why people cant look things at another angle . LOSING THEIR TOUCH? not at all!! their songs have always been very popular! why does ppl say they are losing their touch?? it doesnt make any sense!!

  36. what’s so wrong about being sixth ?

  37. funny b/c I was thinking the same thing…
    honestly I think just think that its not about popularity at all lets be honest I Need A Girl is not the best song that came out of YG.
    The problem was the song period

    • No, it’s not the song, it’s musical preference. INAG is too chill of a song to be popular in SK.

  38. Wtf. Is this article necessary ?? Nate has too much time on their hands. I think INAG is a nice song. The more you listen to it, the better it gets. It’s a slow grower. I do agree with their decision to be a title track. Plus, the korean hits nowadays are too generic IMO. I’m glad he stuck to his style. As long as he’s happy with doing what he is doing, I’m glad. Of course, it’ll be great to top charts but anyhow, overall I’m very satisfied with his album. I don’t think he’s “losing his touch”. Korea just don’t appreciate his genre much.

  39. Sometimes i think ppl are expecting too much from BB, they need a break…

  40. Not surprised.

    Let’s have a review of SOME trending songs this year:

    Bo Peep < —- I can't believe crappy song like this won, in all honesty.
    That 2PM song (lol sorry I don't follow them) < —– members putting Jay aside got nothing on YB and yet.

    It's so obvious. Youngsters in Korea are obviously not into his music. Secondly, Taeyang matured on this latest release, people who are on the same wavelength are those who stopped bothering on daily/weekly charts and are more intent on buying his albums.

    • What I find funny is, idols who are much older than him still doing the cute stuffs, while he, we could say still young, going to mature type of songs.

    • imo the youngsters in korea just support their idol group, and ONLY their idol group. despite their song isnt good.

      haha yeah bo peep was just….

    • imo the youngsters in korea just support their idol group, and ONLY their idol group. even tho their song isnt good.

      haha yeah bo peep was just….

    • lol bo peep…ye the most ridiculous one but weirdly it shoot t-ara to being star idol…

      and as much as i think the song is stupid and retarded… it is catchy hahaha… i guess thats the thing about hook song…even if u hate it u cant help hum it along every now and then.

  41. I really like I Need a Girl song.
    His voice is really soft in this song. Korean is most loving the electronic music than RnB music. This song is really suitable for him, I don’t mind he will in 1st chart or not, because i LOVE his song so much!

  42. i don’t think that it’s so much they’re losing their touch. and i agree with some of the comments saying taeyang is separate from big bang. big bang as a whole will come out on top imo. but taeyang’s album isn’t a total slump either. i think the genre of music is more popular with international fans than with koreans, which is evident in all the mass produced electronica songs currently out now that keep winning number 1 spots.

    INAG isn’t the best song on the album either. i think there were much better choices as a title song. and whatever “slump” taeyang is in, is most likely due to poor choice of title track.

  43. he hasn’t even promoted the song for over a month and we get complaints that bigbang is losing their touch?

    what about snsd? run devil run wasn’t as popular as tell me your wish. or gee. and no one wrote an article about them?

    Just because it’s not some autotuned catchy over repetitive song that little teeny boppers don’t like doesn’t mean anything.

    idols and their easy catchy music have been getting awards way too fast thats why im losing interest in korean music now. its the same thing and its getting old fast.

    there hasn’t been a big hit in such a long time.

  44. In my opinion, I don’t really give a DAMN about music charts.

    Taeyang is doing what he loves to do. What he suffered so much from training to do.

    He sings the songs he wants. He’s doing what he dreams to be doing! Isn’t that what’s most important? Rather doing what is in the trend now and being fake to yourself, he’s doing what he really loves to do and coming up with songs that is his style.

    Doesn’t he get an applaud for that? Why should anyone really care about how he’s doing on the charts? We should really look at how the album is selling!

    It makes me so pissed of when people say that INAG isn’t a good song and that’s why he’s not being #1 on the charts.

    People, let’s just all appreciate Taeyang’s hardwork and doing what he loves to do!

  45. This article is such a bs, if u think Big Bang is losing their touch then u are retarded. Big bang is INTERNATIONAL. I think Taeyang is underrated, he has many talented and dancing skills. Let’s not get to INAG, just based on his “Wedding Dress”, how in the freaking world a song with over 8 million views are not topping the chart. Obviously there is something wrong. I think Korean ppl don’t like R&B style. End of story.

  46. wtf slump?the author is stupid or something~plz someone kill her/him,so bs~

  47. Most Koreans think this article is very foolish. The comments are like, “Don’t criticize Youngbae. Hyung will take care of Youngbae.”, “I felt it’s the most touchable album of the latest albums.”, “His album is freakin nice and great. Poor writer, you have no sence of music? Why are you touching a talented boy?” The writer originally doesn’t like YG and has been writing provocative articles about YG. Taeyang is doing fringe music. What a singer does fringe music in Korea, is not expected to be popular. You know Korean music industry demands only idols. But Taeyang always goes his way and never care too much about popularity, so he has been receiving favorable evaluation from critics. I think you have to pass over this stupid article like Korean fans. This article is not worth a shit.

    She is korean who live in korea. Go to the source and read the comments left by korean fans.

    It would be nice if you translate some comments and put it with article. The article is plain BS and groundless. Just took out all the negative things.

    • LOL his fans are in denial.

    • HEAR HEAR.

    • crazy, obsessive fangirl

    • leave sookyeong alone.

      bottom line, it would be nice, sure. but it would also be nice if i had a yacht and enough money in my bank account to retire before the age of 25

      point being, its a luxury to have sookyeong and the kbites team translate articles for us for free. and thats why the world wide web is so great. you cited a source. it only means that other sites offer other information. same with kbites, it offers a different set of info but with many other sites available, who needs to complain

      • @alife
        I think you don’t understand what I said and I don’t understand what is your point either. She did not translate this article and took from some BB/taeyang or original seungi sites. I am not complaining here. Just don’t want to spread rumors amd want every one knows that this writer indeed is an anti and many korean fans did not trust this writer.
        Why are you attacking me by the way? Did sookyeong pay you to defend her to retire before 25?

      • “TRANS: seungie @ tumblr”

        i know she didnt translate it for it was noted in the post. i was speaking in general when i said”point being, its a luxury to have sookyeong and the kbites team translate articles for us for free”.

        i understand you dont want readers to be fed incomplete information or information that can be misleading. anti writer or not, there is no denying that this less than stellar dominance is surprising. and that writer was stirring up gossip, as any other reporter would. and um, this article is nonbiased btw. as one sided as it sounds, they used facts so idk how it can really be an anti. just someone who likes to stir up drama.

        oh, i wasnt attacking you btw. i understand your position, and i, myself, do not believe bb is losing their magic. everyone goes through a slump.

        and no, sookyeong did not pay me.


  49. it is not that Bigbang is losing their touch but because of the choice of music. I Need A Girl is much better compared to the songs which where released recently in kpop but kpop fans prefer addictive, repetitive and hook songs, i dont give a big deal on it as long as YB is doing well in album sales theres no reason to feel bad. and also, to consider the age bracket where online sites are flooded by youngsters, it is reasonable enough why theyd choose pop music than a hard to relate Rand B.
    Daesung’s cotton candy was a little bit experimental but i really love the song opposite to TOP’s Turn It Up which really did well chartwise, #1 baby but im not really diggin it.

  50. R&B just isn’t the style of KPOP fans. Taeyang’s obviously popular, I remember a few months back wedding dress was #1 in some European country. Now if that doesn’t show his talent (no promos, basically an unknown singer in a foreign industry), I don’t know what does.

  51. He’s not doing well on the charts but his album sales are really good.

    Taeyang’s album isn’t what you’d hear on a Bigbang album, just like GD’s Heartbreaker songs are. They’ve all released music that is very personal to them. Therefore, to say that BigBang is losing their touch is just plain WRONG. It’s kind of insulting to them because Taeyang and GD had a very individualistic approach on their solo releases and they didn’t do it just because they think they could rely completely on BB. If this is a BB album, then this article would make sense. But it’s not.

    • on the contrary, “remember” and “wonderful”, songs off the 2nd album and even haru haru from the 3rd mini album i think it was, sound like something along YB’s most recent album.

      and as for the article, yes its a bit exaggerated. but its the MEDIA. its the gossip news, and its doing just that. look how many hits this post had. to say the least, the report and news did exactly what it wanted to. and the article wasnt completely inaccurate which eliminates the possibly of falsified articles

      • The similarities of the songs you mentioned isn’t even that glaring for the real reporter of the article to automatically compare this to BB’s hits. Taeyang didn’t even release an uptempo song similar to BB’s past promoted singles in Korea. HOT gave me that feeling, but solar obviously was about Taeyang and his personal preferences. If this was compared to his past solo effort the article would make sense. But to completely insinuate this as a direct connection to BB is just wrong. And anyway, the points the reporter posted had reasonable and understandable underlying reasons but he overlooked it. The fact that the deluxe album had solid sale was completely missed. It is off-putting.

        I know that the media spit out full blown biased articles sometimes, but just because it’s seemed so normal doesn’t mean I won’t say my opinion about it anymore.

      • yeah, “The fact that the deluxe album had solid sale was completely missed. It is off-putting.”

        but its the hardship of being one of the elites in the industry. as with wonder girls, people expect nothing short of greatness and when something falls short, even at the slightest, it gets blown up because it is big bang, a group that sets the bar so high

      • Really? Remember, Wonderful and Haru-Haru? Did you listen to the whole album?

  52. This author is stupid. It’s not doing well on online charts, but it’s selling well offline, meaning people actually go and buy the album as the first 30,000 is already sold out.

    And if BB is really losing their touch then why the fuck is their Tell Me Goodbye song doing well in Korean chart?! This author is anti, that’s all I gotta say.

  53. I think his Solar album aims more of a mature group rather than teens (they’re mostly responsible for the rankings/charts). I don’t think he “lost his touch”. Taeyang’s album is unique. It’s different than what everyone’s doing nowadays in Kpop.

    & Also I think YG hyped it up a little too much. Everyone’s expectations were SO HIGH, to the point when the tracks were released, a lot of people went, “Thats it…?”

    But its the music that really matters. I’m in for the music, not some number.

    But when Big Bang makes a comeback, I’m sure it’ll be jjang 😉

    • So how did YG hype it up? By telling you the releasing date? Oh MYYYY, lesson learned!

      • And Yang Hyun Suk is confident, ‘I Need A Girl’, the title song of Taeyang’s first full album, is a song which has a rhythm and beat that will be even more popular compared to ‘Look Only At Me‘”

        Credits to ATY.

        “Will be even MORE popular compared to LOAM”.

    • my expectation weren’t high and i wasn’t disappointed. i think SOLAR is easily the most well put together album put out by an idol this year.

      and people always say YG hyped it too much but i think it was more of FANS hyping it from excitement.

  54. I liked all of big bangs releases. GD’s solo was pretty good and did well too (Highest selling album in 2009).
    But after that it went downhill.
    Daesung’s solo song cotton candy was eh, and Taeyang’s Where U At and Wedding Dress were basically copies of Look Only at Me, so those songs got old quick and TOP’s new solo song Turn It Up was pretty bad, the beat was wack and there wasnt really anything special about it. But Taeyang’s album is solid but i can see why some would think the single is not amazing because it’s not the usual kind of single kpop artist use. but the album is enjoyable and big bang as a group will have an explosive comeback so no need to worry about this “Slump”.
    sidenote: YG needs different producers because a lot of their beats are starting to sound the same

    • they do have new producers. the person who produced INAG is new.

    • first, very typical answer from a non-fan.

      second, all that you mentioned were discussed by YG already. So if you do not follow YG family (as is obvious by your last comment), then of course you will be mistaken and not understand how a family works.

      Families do not force their kids to sing songs they do not want to. They nurture their dreams and encourage individuality. And help them develop who they are as musicians.

      Also, YG does have new producers. INAG’s producer is new.

    • Wedding Dress is the shizz man. I LOVE that song more than Look Only at Me.

  55. Always thought he was born in the wrong country cuz of the type of songs he’s doing.

    I’m proud that he is making music that HE wants too n not following the trend.
    To the reporter: BB haven’t release an album in Korea for months, come talk when they will.

    • Haha, “born in the wrong country.” Thats cute!

      But I TOTALLY agree! If he were to promote in the states, he’d been mega popular 😉

      • be*

      • me too…R&B type of music is one of fave songs to listen to coz its lyrics are more meaningful to listen to…not too much no added preservatives just so Suave!!!
        and for PoP and Rock it gets me awake and alive!

  56. Taeyang says he wanted to make the kind of music he likes rather than what’s everyone likes/currently popular so maybe that explains it.

    To be honest, I don’t really like INAG much.
    He had so many other great songs on his album that should’ve been title song but the slow is slowly growing on me.

    Personally I think he should’ve made “Just A Feeling”, “After You Sleep”, “Super Star” or even “Move” one of his title singles. Slow songs don’t always make an earth shattering comeback.

    But hey, even though he’s not number 1 on the charts, he’s doing extremely well so far for album release. 30,000 limited edition sold out within one day and not counting his regular cd releases in a few days. That’s still pretty successful to me. =)

    Some artists can have number 1 in the charts but don’t sell as well in terms of album sales.

    As for those who may think Big Bang’s losing their touch, just you wait.
    Big Bang’s style and Taeyang’s style is two different worlds.

  57. dude, all his new tracks did fell short of expectation

    • it’s cause YG hyped too much. YG NEEDS TO STOP HYPING ISH UP. D< LET YOUR ARTIST DO IT'S HYPING, like how GD did his own "leaks" on his me2day.

    • thats your fault isnt it?

      it isnt YG’s fault. they didnt HYPE IT TOO MUCH. you EXPECTED TOO MUCH.

      aond how is GD’s leaking his own beats different from YG releasing the beats?

      • Yg hyped it too much by saying it would be the best album ever/ YG’s best song ever.

      • @hyon YG never said it would be the best album ever or YG’s best song ever. so i have no idea what you are talking about

  58. Maybe the song isn’t being too well received because his fans don’t want him to have a girl. haha.

  59. Taeyang rocks! BB rock! Haters just speak out bad words and then shut up when BB make their GREAT COMEBACK!

    I love Solar!!!

  60. to be honest i hate it when ppl keeping saying kpop industry is losing its touch or something of that sort. kpop has always been like that, just because your fav singer is not on the top doesnt mean he’s not getting recognition. you dont need to be always number one to prove to others you are that good. taeyang is doing a very good job and many ppl loves his rnb style, although it is not as popular it’s still doing relatively well on the charts. but if you compare ‘only look at me’ and ‘i need a girl’ you can tell the difference, although they’re both rnb ‘only look at me’ is a lot catchy than inag . in order to stay number on the charts it needs to be catch, where people want to keep it on repeat. although inag is a good song, in my opinion it’s no where near as ‘only look at me.’ please dont diss other idol by saying they’re copying the trend, autotune, etc. each singer worked very hard on recording, and if they got number one for it, they deserved it. btw taeyeng’s album is definitely not a slump.

    • well it is true if you compare it too the past… cuz nowdays with all these rookie groups debuting with all these autotunes and upbeat songs kpop is nowhere same as it was a few years ago… maybe your a new kpop fans but if you were to compare this years kpop to the past it just doesnt make sense to say that kpop has always been like that…

    • no, kpop was better 5 years compared to now. now, most of the songs are garbage, more idol groups keep debuting and they are all the same.

  61. big bang losing their touch???
    so, what about Tell Me Goodbye which is has the strong position on oricon chart…
    it’s a new song..

    i don’t think if INAG is a suck song,
    but WD is much better than INAG..
    i like INAG because YB’s angelic voice and GD’s rap …
    i think you’re my is the best…

    • “You’re My” is actually my least favorite because of its cringeworthy falsetto. But it was pretty good before that part.

  62. who cares if he’s not winning. he’s making good music and i appreciate yg artists for that- for giving us listeners real music and not bubble gum auto tune noise follow with catchy choreography.

    • who cares??? lol didnt big bang fans said BB is always n1 and all???
      well Taeyang comeback Sucks !!!!

      • well .. since you’re no BB fans, you won’t understand what do we mean by that. of course they are no. 1 to us … what we feel about them is not something that could be reflected on the charts, it’s in our hearts and we show by supporting them in any way we can. i guess it’s not like that for you and your favourites? no wonder you don’t understand it. sad.

      • lol, who ever said that bb will always be number 1?
        it’s everybody else’s expectations.
        nobody said that.
        so shut up cause it’s making you look stupid.

  63. That didn’t explain why the deluxe album was sold out in a day. Maybe the song didn’t do well online, but great offline.

    • Also, the regular album won’t be on sale til 7/9 so this article is full of kaka.

  64. You know what at the end of the day Taeyan did it for the love of music how many other kpop idols can we say the same thing about? Emphasis is being put too much on being number 1..whatever happens to just enjoy the music and artist but fans want their artist to be number 1 in everything. Just be happy he came out with an album you cant make everyone else love it if they dont just support Taeyang the best you can

  65. as much as we can be proud of him sticking to his genre, its just not showing the results YGE wants. thats the fact. honestly i like the song, but it just doesnt fit in with koreas culture at the moment. its a dam shame but what can you do. thats why there are so many underground artists. (not saying YGE is becoming an underground agency. =P)

    • what result? topping those charts? well, i’d rather his album doing well in its sale as it can go on and on, even years after the album is released whereas a song can’t top these ‘popular’ song charts for long since new songs will always come out which will surely topple the one at the top at the moment.

      i’d say it is those people’s loss for not able to appreciate Tae Yang’s music, which is truly sad, nor for Tae Yang but for them.

      • Yes! Jesus what happened to appreciating music w/o it going number 1? It’s a plus if he wins number one; some fans are butthurt if their favorite group(s) aren’t number 1 in EVERY chart.

        I bought Taeyang’s album because I like his music and voice ever since HOT. I’m still living if he isn’t number, we fans are lucky that he released a new album for us.

      • YG NUMBER #1 BABY

        Other song out there are Crap.

      • you didn’t have to bring others down to bring Taeyang up :/

      • @Gummybear…seems like your one of the Butthurt fans here on this article…
        I truly doubt your NOT a true BB fan coz ur commnets are all related to Suju of yours whenever a person here talk to some other kpop idols…
        DUhhh and here u are braggin about them…
        You’re Not a help…Just stay AWAY please!!! CRAP!!!

      • @Gummybear: pray tell me in what way i bring others down to bring Tae Yang up? that statement is a general statement applicable even to my favourites. they had topped the charts and they may top do so again in the future, but they had been and will be eventually toppled by newer songs. it’s a fact. and yes, as i said, rather than having that, it’d rather have their albums doing well not only when they first came out but hopefully, for years to come.

        now tell me again, where in that statement that i bring others down?

      • @pace13: I never claimed to be a huge Big Bang fan.
        Don’t know why you’re angry, since I’ve pretty much said I liked Taeyang’s INAG. I only brought Suju up towards that one commenter, since he said SM artists lacked talent. I was only informing him. Not bragging. Please go back and read.

        @lay: I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to TaBi5Bang. I should’ve made that clear, so I’m sorry for confusing you.

      • @Gummybear…okay my fault I apologize for reacting so much just that of ur comment,.

      • @pace13: ^^ Naw, it’s ok.

      • @Gummybear…Apologize again but I forgot to write down on my comment…
        “….ur comment is a bit biased.”…coz it seems. Peace!

      • @pace13: Uh o-kay


    • LOL, how did you know what YG wants?
      Did he personally email you?

      Cause I am pretty sure he has mentioned in his official statements that he gave taeyang free reign on this album. That he gave taeyang the time he needed to polish the whole thing instead of releasing it last year.

      The point of the fans here is that YG lets BB members shine with their individual colors during their own solos. Period.

      And really, YG has underground artists. Stonyskunk, masta wu…

  66. Funny how this writer think his album in a slump just from looking at the title song position in online chart. Shouldn’t they check up the sales? Korean Entertainment reporters probably are currently have less material to write.

    They should rewrite this article after the regular edition make it to the market.

    Well, if you look in all those chart, INAG is till doing good for an R&B song. It would take time for mainstream fan to change their hardcore-pop-genre-I-like mindset.

    I’m happy, Taeyang stand tall despite people dissing his height. At least he is brave enough to be different than being a photocopy version of other idols.

  67. I don’t think it’s losing touch i think that the songs are amazing. but in korea it’s all about techno and really poppy sound and not like rnb. Korea entertainment needs to open up to more variety genre of music. Even artists think that too. brian said it some artist in america actually said it too. We tend to copy american style and just stick to one single genre. on music shows who always win? snsd, super junior, wonder girls etc… its cuz of their fan base and their style is what the people in korea are familiar with. I don’t think he or YG ent is losing their touch.

    • sorry but wonder girls are better than YG girls. Its a fact.

      • it’s your opinion.

      • nah. they’re gay

      • just ur opinion….
        WG ever came to my country for Sony E phone promo. i really excited at that time, but to be honest,,,,,,they are so terrible….
        just sun ye can sing…other,,,,ah….can’t say.
        BIG BANG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WG
        THAT’S MY OPINION !!!!!!!!

  68. he’s playing the music he wants honestly, the reason he’s doing it on his solo album. Some will love some will dislike, not everything can be a # 1hit

    personally i love his voice and music and I’m a guy :/

    • Exactly. I’m glad they’re with YGE where they are allowed to go solo and have artistic freedom. YGE allows them to release songs they wouldn’t have had a chance to sing as a member of Big Bang.

  69. All I can say is that I respect YG for making his artists release songs that they love and reflects their personality well.

    Imagine if Daesung were to sing Wedding Dress? Not him.

    Imagine if TOP were to sing Heartbreaker? Not him.

    Imagine oif Seungri were to sing Cotton Candy? Not him.

    Imagine if GD were to sing Strong Baby? OMG LOL.

    Just, shut up haters.

    • Oh and imagine if Taeyang were to sing Turn It Up?


      • uhm … maybe with a different kind of sexiness?? heh heh …

        anyways, from all their solos, we can see their individual styles and the great thing about Big Bang is that, each one of them has managed to successfully bring out their individuality through their solos. i have never been disappointed with them as they always deliver either together as a group or in their individual and solo effort which is not only limited to being a singer.

        now, can anyone tell me which other groups have so far managed to do the same?

    • LOL >___<

  70. “You don’t have to do what is popular, what you do is popular.”

    Taeyang could have easily released a song following the “trend” (which they started, by the way) but he didn’t. He released something that he loves and I respect him for that.

    Wedding Dress and Where U At didn’t make it big either because RnB is not something that Koreans appreciate much, especially with all these autotune crap.

    Honestly, reporters in Korea are just writing these articles for the “clicks”. In Korea, if you can write, it is so easy to be a “reporter”.

    It’s actually funny how even nonsense things get translated just because they are written in Korean.

  71. “i need a girl” was a terrible choice for a single… just terrible… also, YG has to realize that though fans are loyal, many of them get tired of waiting…took taeyang almost 9 months to release his album, but he chose a dismal single = disappointment.

  72. sorry! but i find it funny how people are saying its the song’s quality.

    excuse me, but Miss A’s song and idk, bo beep bo beep won.
    ITS NOT THE SONG, its the trend. the fickleness of the fans. they want new and exciting stuff. some stars have the overwhelming power to dispute the trend, like snsd. but snsd stayed active in korea and were on many shows and radio shows. they stayed connected with their fans and constantly kept in touch with them through different medias.

    if you havent noticed, Bigbang doesnt participate in many variety shows. sure, they wowere on fo, strong heart, and older shows like that one show (forgot name) where they were in a classroom and played minigames where they carried desks and ran and froze and such (funny show). some were on golden bell but it was a rare appearance. YG overestimated their grip lock on the fans and are paying for it now. but with fangirls, you never know. just bring back big bang as a whole and it might be all dandy again.

    stinks though, fans of big bang, are not really fans of all the members individually. they must only be fans of a members looks and personality and not a fan of bb’s music because it takes all 5 members to complete their songs

    • Its because many new groups are coming out. If their weren’t any groups right now taeyang would be fine. And those groups are consumming kpop right now. I say good luck to anyone tryn to go solo bcuz the trend right now are girl bands they are poppin out of everwhere to the point that its annoying. Look at Sori i know she is new but she is still getting outshined even if she is on invinsible youth. Plus the song is not catchy. Everyone wants a catchy simple song to be stuck in their head. If u look at most comments about kpop songs that are not popular, its always ohh i don’t like that song its not catchy enought. Thats why kpop is crap they saw it work with snsd gee and oh and now everyone is doing it fire, huh,hot issue, good girl bad girl…

    • It’s how GD and TOP said about the fans that only joins Big Bang’s fandom because BB’s the in thing; “it you wanna leave, leave.”

      • i just love it when they said that. those who become their fans for that reason don’t deserve to call themselves fans. what? out of sight, out of heart? if one is truly a fan, their absence should make one’s heart grow fonder for them. it really pissed me to read people who said that they used to be fans but since BB was not active or that they rarely made appearances on variety shows and all, the y lost interest in them. well, i guess good riddance.

      • I love how GD n Top said that.. That ‘flying bird’ don’t deserve to be call fans if they left the artist just because they’re not around or they’re not the ‘it’ thing.. If they are a true fans, they will remain loyal to them no matter what happens.. But many fans choose to leave them just b’cos they’re not active or they’re not the ‘it’ thing and they’re comeback again if the artist make a comeback or they become the ‘it’ thing again..

    • actually, you’ll find that a lot of us support all of them more than you think. i don’t get how ppl can say, oh VIPs only support one member like GD or YB or etcetc. but truth is, we hype for all of them.

      VIPs aren’t known to be one of the more pronounced fanclubs anyway. and to think of it, BIGBANG throughout their almost 5 year career, have only been active for 3 years and one year was spent promoting abroad and only 2 years in their homeland korea. so i doubt you can judge VIPs and tell who they’re supporting or not. hardcore VIPs support ALL members. there’s no way BIGBANG could have achieved most of what they put out, without our unfailing support for ALL the members. those who only support one member or the other aren’t VIPs anyway.

      please don’t pass fleeting judgements on VIPs. opinions are opinions but do care for who your aiming your comment because words hurt and you have a sharp toungue. peace.

      • “you’ll find that a lot of us support all of them more than you think.”

        that was my mentality before this whole issue came up. i support bb as a whole and always have. contrary to your belief, i am a big bang fan.

        my last paragraph, which i presume is what youre aiming towards, indicated a perception i have of fans based on the results from yb’s solo promotions. sure, we can be overreacting because the article wasnt written by analysts, but more from the simple eyes of an outsider. plus, these are current results and by no means will predict the future. it isnt that i truly believe fans of bb are fickle and only like one or two members of the group, its actually that im saying it is a shame if it is. “stinks though” as in, if this article truly was the case, it stinks that fans of bb are so and so.

        you sound pretty down, naninoona. whether my words truly hurt or not, then fighting words should affect fans even more. that being said, all theres left is optimism. and you of all people should know bb isnt fazed by any of this. its the media that wants a story when in reality, bb can be sitting back on their couches laughing about all this because they, yg, and optimistic fans know that they’re still the boygroup to beat. (with only a few worthy contenders). so no worries

  73. im not much of a bb fan let alone a taeyang fan. but i do admit taeyang is talented, he can sing, he can dance. i like “look at me” but apart form that i thought his other solo sing were just ok… tbh “i need a girl” is kinda boring but that doesnt mean it flopped right? i think it sold decent amount.

    TOP’s song, im not into as well but surprisingly he did well, i guess his fanbase is just bigger than that of taeyang the supposedly not so popular member.

    Anyway reporters cant expect solo work to be the same with group work… when a member go solo after a group only few manage to surpass their popularity while being in a group.

  74. Nope. More like the Kpop industry is in a slump. They need to get over all of this auto tune crap and repetitive lyrics. lmfao, but hey strip all of that, get down to the core of Kpop and there’d be nothing. XD

    I’m glad that TaeYang is sticking to this ‘RnB’ genre cause it’s great to hear at least some of the big names doing it.

  75. to the peopel that thinks INAG was a terrrible song… i mean i noe everybody have their own opinions.. but if you actually took time to listen to the song again and againi’m sure you’ll like it… sure it might seem lke a bad song when you first listen to it but dont judge how the bad is the song just from your 1st time listenning to it if you actually spend time listening to it more i’m sure all of you will find it addictive to listen to…. or maybe is it just that kpop these year are full of autotunes,pop,and or ballad songs that they just wont learn to except different genre of songs…

    • Yeah, I agree. At first, when I heard the song, i was like, eh, boring. But the more I listen to it, the more it’s stuck in my head. Now, I still don’t think it’s the type of song that should’ve been chosen as a title track, but it’s not a sucky song at all. I mean, many of the “popular songs that are sweeping the charts right now” are far worse. I just want to listen to songs that will be listenable(?) even in the years to come, not just now.

    • Yeah, everytime I hear other’s people opinion on INAG, my reaction is almost always along the vein of “do you have ears?” but, I keep myself restrained and tell myself that music is all about preference and I should respect other’s opinions.

  76. honestly, the whole kpop music industry is loosing its touch.

    taeyang is talented, though i don’t like “i need a girl” (as compared his previous tracks), it’s still a good song and it has been polishly performed, it’s just that not a lot of people appreciate it.

    • yes i agree, the kpop msuic industry is loosing its touch rather than the groups itself.
      tohugh there is the possiblity that he may creep up on the msuic charts and the others falling down ?
      this article seems too misleading, as they dont count hes album sales and what nots which he seems to be doing well in.

  77. It’s just all a matter of the kind of music that Koreans like. They are not ready for RnB yet. Taeyang’s songs don’t have the beat, the loudness, the incessive reacurring words/melodies that KPOP just love. And its not one of those weepy melodramatic ballads either. But beyond the type of music that he makes, its not like Taeyang doesn’t have his fair sure of loyal fans. They are just not as pronounced as other fan clubs. Also, Taeyang’s album is doing so much better than the other artists. The other singers mentioned above are SINGERS. Meaning they have no input into their music, and promote merely INDIVIDUAL tracks. Whereas for Taeyang, his fans enjoy the whole package – the album.

    And about YG’s marketing strategy. True, its not like the usual KPOP promotion schedule. But their style is exactly like the marketing strategy of American music. There’s not that great of an emphasis on the MV and individual songs. Rather, I think they go for the longevity of their albums and the numberous gems that come with it.

    And don’t worry about Big Bang. They are still one of the best there is.

  78. come to think of it, YG is always full of themselves..they say something like they will dominate the kpop world in the 2nd half of 2010, starting with Gummy and so on..they said things like they are on the way of making the best songs everr and what do we have here, failure.
    So far successful artists came from SME, mostly and also Jyp’s 2am…urgh, they need to have a taste of humble pir

    • humble pie*

    • and when did YG say this? please quote, to back up your claims.

    • YG said this!? I think reporters said this, not YG?

    • plzzz tell me which article that YG HIMSELF said that… He didnt say they were gonna dominate the kpop world in the 2nd half of 2010 nor did he say that they are on the way of making the best songs ever… YG just revealed his plans for his artist in the 2nd half of the year…. they people who actually said that was the writer in allkpop, or the ones in some korean news… and plzz just becasue you dont like YGE you dont need to make up fake stuff.. and the word FAILURE used on taeyang’s song is just too much…. i bet you havent even listen to the whole album yet , but still your just judging on the title tracks… like i said if you actually spend time listening to it more i’m sure you’ll find it addictive to hear… and if your talkign about succesful artist what is SE7EN, Wheesung,Jinusean,Bigbang,2NE1,and etc… if they arent succesful they you must live in a differnent world than us…

      • i think this hihi and huhu are the same person, or maybe they are siblings. that explains their lack of reasonable comprehension skill. bad genes.

      • ^ LMAOO !!

    • If you look at the figures YG made, it’s obvious that YG is very successful. SM manufacture artists that don’t really have talent. Dress them up and promote them to make them famous. But when it comes to a show down, SM can’t prove nothing….SM is like McDonald.

      • LOL SJ maknae and Yesung are more talented than Taeyang 😀

      • @13elieveTukkie: Your comment wasn’t necessary

        @Dood: Wrong, members of DBSK have composed songs (don’t remember which since I don’t really follow them). Suju’s Ryeowook has composed “Love you more” for suju’s 3rd album and Sungmin wrote the lyrics too. Eunhyuk wrote the rap lyrics for “U” the lyrics for “One Love” and “A Short Journey.” Donghae composed “A Short Journey” and his own song “Beautiful.” Leeteuk and Henry composed “All My Heart” and Henry composed his own song “Sick of Love”

        Not saying SM artists are better than YG artist, but just enlightening you since you sound like a noob.

      • @13elieveTukkie: I like Yesung… but I like Taeyang as well.
        They are both tallented but working on different genre. I listen and like both.
        So please stop commenting like this cuz ur comment is just making ELFs sound like cocky fans.

      • I don’t know who maknae is and as for Yesuck, too bad for him he had to cry like a little b*tch so people will listen to his horrible voice. Hmm maybe Taeyang needs to cry on national TV too…wait, he doesn’t have to, Korea & the world already recognizes his talent and love him for it. Poor Yesuck. He will always be branded with the teenybopper title and his fame will die out soon.

        @Gummybear, sounds like bigmac, chicken sandwich, double cheese burger, etc. mcD menu to me. Please don’t talk about “rap” because kpop’s style of rap is kinda lame and if real rappers hear it, they’ll be so disgusted. DBSK is no longer together with SM so you don’t have to include them 😀

      • Oh puhlease… if you said that your loving YG artists are very talented, then why on the first place do you compare them with SM artists which you said were “not talented'”?
        Jealous much because your precious and very “talented” Taeyang, didn’t sell as many albums as SM artists?

        If you believe in your fave artists so called “talents”, don’t compare them with other artists who are selling more albums. It only makes you look like a jealous fan and a hater.

        Oh thx btw for saying that SM artists are like Mc donalds. It means that they’re famous around the world :).

      • Wow, you’re showing your insecurity, that’s very brave of you! NOT! LOL XD….

      • * @Dood

      • McD, famous and very unhealthy, bad quality crap food. I know I can’t win this debate. No one can ever win an obsessed whining teeny bopper.

      • Yeah, no one can win with a jealous & insecure fan also :).

      • Oh btw yeah, i agree Mc D is unhealthy. But people still love it anyway, don’t tell me you haven’t tried to eat it yet? Coz’ i won’t believe it LOL XD…

      • xiah junsu would pawn taeyang anytime no offense

        i’m just saying lol

        taeyang is good but not the best

      • @toni: well, let’s wait until he comes out with his own album, then we’ll talk.

      • @Dood: lol, I see you’re still acting like an ignorant d-bag.

        If anything you’re acting like a “teeny bopper”

        Not surprised


      Seriously, you arrived at that conclusion using ALLKPOP’s article? That’s the title they made, you IDIOT.

      Dumbass, YG just announced the dates of their artists comebacks.

    • @hihi: Ur comment is too ignorant.

    • sorry but i think u’re an idiot…YG didn’t say that!! all the articles and the titles are written by the bloggers or the writers themselves!! they’re the one who make the articles up!!! u idiot!! OMG!!! i hate it when ppl twisted the facts! shit!

  79. Just to add: this article spreaded like wildfire on BB/Taeyang fansites! LOL. Seems like some VIPs want the writer to eat his/her words. Haha, comical.

  80. it’s not a pop-electronic-dance song…

  81. it breaks my heart to see TY not doing well on the charts, but I think the most important thing is that he’s able to do the music he loves and that his fans love his music. I really don’t understand why Korea appreciate his music…to me, it is infinitely better than idol music.

    • THIS.
      he has a stable fan base that supports his music for his music, not because he’s ‘in’ at the time.
      and he’s finally able to do music that he wants which makes it better than gaining obsessed fangirl votes

  82. TOP went to number 1 with no promotion, Big bang isnt in a slump. I Need a girl just isnt that good of a song.

    • well to me, Turn it Up wasn’t a very good song. And Wedding Dress/Where U At didn’t do that well in Korea either…it makes no sense to me.

    • yep, i agree with you, its the song, not taeyang~ I need a girl is just not strong enough to b TY’s title song~

    • i oppose.

      “I Need a girl just isnt that good of a song.”

      thats an opinion. opinions are useless as support for they are based on your own preference.

      i actually really like “i need a girl” and the other singles that didnt meet expectations. but its my opinion

    • its cuz TOP has been promoting himself through dramas and movies.

  83. tbh, before i need a girl was released, YG hyped it up, in my opinion a bit too much. they said that its one of the best tracks ever produced by them etc…. but when the song was released, i was really disappointed, and felt that its not strong enough to b taeyang’s title song~ wedding dress was so much better! i really like taeyang, and feel that its a pity for him~ i just feel that “i need a girl” doesnt have the wow factor~

    • i so agree with you, the problem isnt because of taeyang only, but also because of that terrible song.

    • Wedding Dress was good but it actually didn’t do too well on the charts either.

    • YG never said that it was one of the best tracks they ever produced. they said TY and Teddy chose INAG as the title song because they liked the way it sounded.

    • WORD! Yg really is a hype machien. Can’t he see creating all this hype for his artist is killing them slowly. First we see too much GD in the media and then slowly people start to anti him, then with 2NE1(gosh who remember how many articles were relesed before this gorup had their debute song! It was immense) but lucky for them they did kinda live up to the hyp however some people still anti them for be overrated. And now the same with YG.

      I hate to compare but Miss A who have also recently relesed a song are getting all kills on music charts. They had no teaser video/ Teaser pictures released. Plus their a girlgroup which means harder for them to get fans (since female prefer boy bands) and also rookies. Their song is being received well because it’s a good song. I think YG should have more faith in his songs alone and stop over hyping them.

      • huh?? so what if YG hype up the music of his artist. that’s part of promotion, as if other companies don’t do that. at least he concentrates on promoting the music and not some cooked up image of his artists everywhere.

      • It just really comes down to taste. I think INAG is a well-produced and arranged song and I think the Miss A song is too monotonous and repetitive, but that’s me. Unfortunately for Taeyang, most Koreans prefer the bland (for MY taste) offerings of the latter.

  84. all ur arguments are great, but his first single나만 바라봐 did really well. so how do u explain this, when its of the same genre. i think its because BB hasnt been active as a whole. they need to remind people, again of who they are. kings of hiphop. XD

    • look only at me did well because it was during big bang’s prime in korea. they were fresh off winning songs and they were still relatively new.

      oh, his first single was “my girl” if im not mistaken (: and dok2 is hiphop. big bang is pop. hence, “kpop” but we can say rnb even though rnb is strongly linked to jazz

    • Yeah, Big Bang was still coming off of their HaruHaru popularity and stuff, so their fans were mostly likely supporting Taeyang back then. And, this is my personal opinion, but the song lyrics were quite controversial and contrasted his image, and I think that really helped his song.

      And yeah, I hope Big Bang would stop being given the image as being Hip Hop, because that isn’t true anymore(?). Maybe in the beginning, they did have more hip hip influences, but now, there is little hip hop elements to their songs. I hope you know what is and what is not Hip Hop… -_-

  85. Taeyang’s Solar Album is so awesome. It really shows Taeyang’s growth; musically. Koreans need to be more diverse with their taste in music.

    • sorry but Taeyang’s Solar Album SUCKS!

      • yeah … no wonder that many limited edition of his album were sold out in less than a day. i guess all the other artists who have not managed to attain such feat, their albums suck more than.

        by the way, i’m curious. how many usernames do you use here?

      • Taeyang’s Solar doesn’t suck..its just not ur taste.

    • so do i….
      i like all of his song. enjoy to listen them…^O^
      people overrated with tae n YG…
      as long i know,hater always wanna make YG’s artist n singer become bad with their opinion….n it always not enough for them.

  86. I agree with you on that. R&B is not that big like here in the U.S. But I somewhat believe that ” I need a girl” was not a wow for me. he is very talented and I love him… but the song did no good. I still wish him the best and I LOVE BIGBANG.

  87. i agree with this article..hope the same thing happened to 2ne1 too, cuz they are way too overrated

    • Good luck with that.

    • seriously get a life….. i’m sure you have better things to do in your life than bashing singers tha tyou dont like… and plzzz explain to be the definition of OVERRATED…. BIGBANG/TY aint overrated they’ve worked hard to reach where they are now and it fuckin pisss me off when i see coments like yours… just GTFO

      • of course taeyang is overrated. Look at how they say about his new song before it was released, something like the best track sang by him. Even that sandara park promote him heavily on her minihompy or something…when it came out, i was like, wedding dress is wayyyy better than this crap

      • seriously? taeyang himself didn even say that.. it was YG himself….. everybody have their own opnion… just becasue you think INAG is crap doesnt mean that it is.. sometimes you have to spend more time to listen to it … just becasue nowdays kpop is all stuffed with catchy,autotune,and bubblegum pop songs you need to exceot new stuff too… and i so dont consider taeyaang overrated but if you still think that way then i shall say every kpop idol group is overrated right?

      • actually YG saying it would be the most popular song was the title of the articlle. YG never actually said it in the article.

    • *rolls eyes* … okay then

    • @huhu: aaww .. how stupid can you be? of course if you are to promote your stuffs, you hype it up. you don’t go and bring down yourself and your product. that’s a full time job already snagged by idiots like you.

    • Miss A’ song is so much better compared to Taeyang INAG

      • I’m not liking Taeyang’s album, but I prefer INAG over Miss A’s “you don’t know me, so shaddup boy” song

      • i prefer miss A’s song too 😀

    • wow!!!! applause for your Stupid Crap comment,…

      AS if YG artist are the overrated….Better check your eyes, ears and face Girl!!!! there are alot of them here on kpop that we watch see and listen everyday on blogs thats OVERRRRRATEDDD!!!!
      so much hatred in your life! better Stay AWAy!!! such Loser! who keeps changing their Names here!!

  88. I agree with the above comment, RnB isn’t ‘in’ in Korea.

    And I don’t consider selling 30,000 copies (deluxe = more expensive) on the first day is a ‘slump’ either. Everyone has their opinions, and the writer of this article proved it. Expectations are what hurts people, and those expectations are posted by critics, fans, and others, not the artist themselves.

    Taeyang/YG is not in full promotion mode (I do not understand why!), MV was taken down, the album release date is late, everything seems out of order.

    Taeyang said in an interview, not too long ago, that he doesn’t have to be first or the best, he just wants to give music to his fans that he enjoys. Taeyang got the message across to his fans (well, at least 30,000 of them). This CD is doing well internationally (#190-something on iTunes RnB list for example) without promotions there. And numerous articles, reviews internationally.

    Taeyang and YG is ‘brave’ to release something out of the blue right now. Now, Kpop is all about upbeat, poppy stuff, Taeyang’s album is sooo different, and I dare you to tell me otherwise.

    Long comment, but it makes me irritated when people say stuff like this (for anyone).

    • Nice!
      Yep, they’re just not doing the trend.
      They stay true to their music and I’m happy with that.
      I really respect their decision to do this.

    • i think your comment says it all.
      it’s not about how much you sell or how popular you become as a singer, tae yang did this for his love of music, he did it for his true fans like he said in that interview. and just because some don’t like this type of music doesn’t mean that it’s no good…

    • big bang fan for life man. yg cares about music. not money. taeyangs a true artist not a sell out. vip always support

      • I agree. I love his music. No autotunes, easy to the ears and so catchy. His ablum doens’t do well? who said, he’s losing his touch? really? Watever! I love his work and will always support artist who dare to be different. HE has the talents. He’s just Great!!!

      • people think YG music is CRAP.

      • @sunyeyong no no, that’s ur own opinion,crap?huh

  89. hmmm i think overseas promotion did this
    it just gave a chance for the new rookies to show what the next generation of idols are like
    some are good, some……well arent

    besides i dont think taeyang’s songs are especially that awesome. just good.

    but g-dragon heartbreaker did well i think

    *sigh* it’s sad to think but dbsk, big bang, super junior and ss501 are the veteran idols now and they will have to go their way some day.

  90. I don’t get it… So where u at n Wedding Dress didn’t do well? I know that I Need A Girl isn’t that good compared to the other 2 I mentioned but i expect Big bang’s huge fanbase to show immense support for the member. I honestly still like I need A Girl… lol

    While Cotton candy isn’t Koreans’ type of song.
    But TOP’s solo did well right?

    This group needs to comeback ASAP. They should be banging! N get the attention back coz their fanbase is constantly decreasing along with other veteran boybands’…

    • Taeyang is the most talented n respected as soloist in BB. Too bad he’s less popular once again coz he’s less “commercial”. He’s not high-profile, he doesn’t have pretty boy looks, he’s quiet n unexposed. But I’m most proud of him coz he got recognition n admiration from neutral people and celebrities.

      Lyn likes him, WG like him, Sooyoung likes him, IU likes him…N many other celebs respect him.
      Among celebs, Taeyang and Dae2 are the favorite. Ironically, they’re the least popular among fans.

      Taeyang’s first mini album won the prestigious award that could be barely won by mainstream singers, right? That proves him as recognized for his music not his abs or controversies…

      • if taeyang was a bit taller and has the face that resembles the look of a “pretty boy” or “girly type” of male whom for some reason, asians girls dig, he’d be up there in popularity.

        people can deny it all they want, but a “gorgeous” looking male will always prevail. hence the popularity from TOP, as you said. and im not dissing TOP by any means, but he appears one-dimensional in his songs but is still a great rapper nonetheless.

        as for 2ne1 being so popular without the killer looks, its because i presume the fangirls want a a female who shows off strong features and personality and they also like the gorgeous ones. but it doesnt work both ways for males

      • Not really 2ne1’s most popular member is Sandara. She’s the prettiest honestly…
        It does work both ways. ^^
        Hence, why Hyoyeon SNSD is the least popular. Not a typical korean beauty.

    • Just because a fan likes Big Bang doesn’t mean she will support their solo activities, and vice versa. It could be that a fan likes Big Bang because they like only one specific member. In that case, she will not likely support others’ solo activities. And yeah, I think it is pretty ignorant for the reporter to base solo activities on the group’s popularity. Big Bang is still very popular, but Taeyang’s style of music isn’t the typical style of k-pop that is popular right now, so it’s understandable why it’s not topping the charts.

    • BIGBANG’s huge fanbase aka VIPs do support him. his album got sold out didn’t you hear??? and that’s only the DELUXE version. it’s just that this type of soulful music isn’t made for mainstream audiences. and it isn’t YB’s intentions to cater to everyone anyways. YB’s fans love his music. and YB makes music from his soul. if it doesn’t speak to what the major audience market for idol music, then it won’t do well in charts. but in terms of sales and popularity, BIGBANG still has it. for sure.

  91. I don’t think it”s BIg Bang losing their touch but more like the majority of the mainstream kpop audience doesnt want to change or don’t know how to listen to other types of music.
    I guess they are too accustomed to autotune, synth, electronic crap that they dont know what other types of music there is…
    Plus I Need A Girl [and Cotton Candy] isnt really considered ‘pop’ as compared to other songs in kpop.
    Who cares if his song isnt the most popular song, I feel like Taeyang stayed true to himself and released music he liked, not some lazily composed song with random synths, snares, etcs just so the kpop masses will ‘love” its repetitive nonsensical lyrics….
    I applaud him for trying to inch his way out of the confinements of kpop, even if all the teeny boppers dont love him.

    • i forgot.
      i find it insulting for the reporter to write that Big Bang is losing their touch only after seeing Taeyangs results as a SOLO artist. which is separated from Big Bang work…I hope he doesnt read this article because seeing Taeyangs personality in interviews, he seems like the type who would internally beat himself up for ”bringing down’ BB’s hard earned image

    • I am with you 100%, it irritates me when certain groups gets famous and ‘rave reviews’ for songs that are you-know-what. I hate putting down any group/song so I won’t even name them.

      Its annoying when I listen to an upbeat, poppy song (whats ‘in’ in Korea now), my friends say ‘that’s some Korea stuff!’ And I realized now, more than ever that its true.

    • i agree with you too. i believe that’s really the case with the K-Pop audience who horde the various music programs, voting lines, polls etc. and just as i said before at some other site, if Tae Yang is happy doing the kind of music that he’s doing and dares to walk the path rarely taken by others, his true fans will always support him. as a fan myself, i would want from him and Big Bang (of course) music that i could always listen to, music which i don’t get weary of, music which does not go old with time. and so far, this is the kind of music that Big Bang has given me, be it from their group or solo work.

      • IU’ s ‘Nagging’ is way better than Taeyang’s new song.

      • well, to you. good for you. but i care not.

      • @reina_nana…Please get away here and stop bragging ur IU….crap!

        @pease…..so much agree….that’s what I noticed too Koreans arent fan of this kind of music. And most of them are in their TEENS!!!
        hmmm..so many reasons why this article have said that to Taeyang…I guess for people like us should support his doing.

    • I agree with u.
      He doesn’t get number 1 just cuz he’s not doing what is trending now.

      • are you sure????
        Won’t Let You Go Even if I Die (2AM) and Unable (4Men) were not hook songs and they are #1 & #2 in 2010’s half year digital charts.

        Taeyang ‘I need a girl’ is boring and SUCKS !

      • @junsu_love those songs r ballad songs,RnB and ballad r 2 diff genres and for ur information,ballad songs r acceptable in korea than RnB~INAG is a brand new sound song in korea,big bang and taeyang r trendsetter indeed~

      • even for an RnB song, ‘I need a girl’ is really bad.

      • @tarabeeep: beeeep bop … i beg to differ. i can name one song that beats his song in its ‘badness’. dare to guess?

    • i agree with you. Big Bang is not losing their touch nor is Taeyang losing his talent. Koreans music listeners need to broaden their range in music. not every song is autotuned and made to fit “pop” standards. These people need to widen their musical tastes. 🙂

      • So Taeyang’s song flops and sounds boring and rather than blame YG for creating such a bland song you’d rather blame all the Korean music listeners for not liking it!

        That like Ferrari creating only pink cars and blaming poor sales on stupid people who hate the colour pink rather than themselves for producing pink cars (ok ok poor analogy but get the point). YG should have had better knowledge of the marker he was aiming for.

    • thank u!! gosh, seriously people. just bcs his songs are not auto tuned and poppish techno or something does not mean its not good. and better yet, his songs are great!!

      i bet many song writers is envious of his songs. dont worry, his fans loves his songs no matter what, bcs we know that his songs are great

  92. this album sold out like crazy though, no? i dont think its big bang thats loosing their touch. once they perform all together again it’ll be daebak! this post made me sad :/ ahahah. i do admit i prefer his othe singles more than this one though. i didnt even know daesung released a song o.o


      beat that!

      you keep saying his album SUCKS… well~


      and his songs are WAY better than the shallow stupid songs that are basically MEANINGLESS that are in the industry right now!


      • dude, even if you suck but you have tons of fangirls you will sell a lot!

      • VIPS make me LOL.
        Taeyang is mediocre.

      • LOL at troll

      • horny fan girls’ll buy taeyang album even if it is crap.

      • Aaww …some of you people commenting above, i bet you must be going crazy with hatred and jealousy now seeing how good Tae Yang is … which has already been internationally acknowledged. i’d suggest that the energy you spent on hating him be used for nobler purpose like … supporting your favourites? i think they really need that …

  93. i dont know, i just dont know.

    but i dont think fans should fret. its good that they face adversity. i remember back in 08, top artists were joking about big bangs dominance. like “if big bang is promoting from ____ to _____, i want to promote after theyre done” sorta thing.

    and big bang is now filled with men, not boys. im sure, with the right adjustment by management and YG, they’ll take all the doubts and shove it back in those doubters faces. saying like, “don’t you know we’re big bang?”

    like i said, no need to panic. if all else fails, big bang can ask wondergirls to help them with overseas promotions in the US, lol.

  94. I don’t think Big Bang is losing their touch. I do however think that in terms of solo artists, while Taeyang is extremely talented, he is not the most well-received/popular. I think that would go to G-Dragon and TOP. And this may hurt some people’s feelings but my boyfriend and I both agree that if Taeyang were taller, he’d be a megastar in Asia with his talent. Anyways, I live in Korea and Big Bang is still everywhere including some big name brand CFs even though they haven’t promoted their music as a group. They will be here for a while, but I think that they should start promoting as a group or at least let TOP perform his solo track, which I think is hot.

    • One more thing, “I need a girl” is a great great track! however, Koreans are still into the electronic music (which Big Bang made huuuuuge with their hits “lies” and “last farewell.” Korea doesn’t still LOVE R&B music…yet

      • “I need a girl” is a boring song :/
        I think taeyang’s sound has changed compared to the lies and haru haru days.

      • i was disappointed when i saw the MV of i need a girl, what i mean is they should have added more SPICES in the mv. it lacks a STORYLINE unlike his other MV’s. then it lacks some choreography unlike in wedding dress and only look at me. perhaps we just expected too much of him.

      • Haru Haru and Lies are both Big Bangs songs.

      • I love Taeyang but you have to admit, I Need A Girl wasn’t the best choice of song.

      • There were better songs on his album.
        and honestly, “I need a girl” SUCKS !!!

      • I really don’t feel his new album.
        It’s all right, but I was expecting a lot more, especially after how great Wedding Dress was.

        btw, “I Need a Girl” is nice, but it’s not great.

      • @jaechunsuSUGOI: you can’t even distinguish between Tae Yang and Big Bang and you want to comment about his music having ‘changed’? LOL.

        @hyomin47: oh … trust me. i honestly can name a lot more crappy, meaningless songs which suck more than his INAG.

      • wow a lot of people liked wedding dress.
        i didn’t like it.
        i think where u at was way better

        idols= teeny boppper fans (well mostly teeny boppers)
        Thats why “wedding” theme doesn’t really relate to their lives in anyway. thats why it wasn’t popular either.

      • Smurf Taeyang new song is bad, really bad.
        Honestly I’m dissapointed T_____T

    • even DaeDae Cotton candy was better than taeyang INAG.

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