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4Minute JiYoon and GaYoon cover Beyonce and Rihanna

Girlgroup 4Minute’s vocal powerhouses GaYoon and JiYoon did an impressive cover of Beyonce’s hit song ‘If I Were A Boy’ during their guest appearance on SBS ShimShimPaTa last week.

Their cover has also garnered much interests from fans and netizens online after the clip was uploaded online. Also go under the cut for their cover of Rihanna’s ‘S.O.S’.

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  1. it wasn’t the best cover, but rihanna’s songs suck to begin with anyway.

    Their english is bad, but they can definitely sing. I hope they covered a korean song instead.

  2. i think i have a crush on ji yoon

  3. Somehow I think that Jiyoon did better than Gayoon in this cover…

    And “emotional” doesn’t always have to translate into “power,” you know? Listen to Baek Jiyoung and Lyn. They can sing with so much emotion, but they don’t overpower their songs to do it.

  4. i think ji yoon’s voice is more like justion bieber’s voice? So it’s not suitable to sing a song originally with sucha rich voice as beyonce’s? She’d probably do well with rock sort of songs. Maybe kelly clarkson?

  5. they both have great vocals but these were bleh covers. Basically neither of the songs really worked with the type of vocals they have. Plus the engrish was really distracting.

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  7. the whole cover was okay ….. not great. the engrish is kinda ruined the whole thing

  8. Ugh engrishh ~

  9. the girl in green was holding back too much and the other one in blue was overdoing it, it was necessary.
    i wouldnt say it was all that impressive truthfully.

  10. i am totally inlove with both of their voices, but i think Jiyoon just needs to tone it down a wee bit. her voice is very strong, but sometimes it’s a little overbearing.

    god, they have come so far from that disasterous milkshake cover. they turned me – a non-fan, into a fan. great job girls!

    • agree
      i think jiyoon’s voice is too strong for If i were a boy

      they did good,but truthfully i don’t think their voices are suitable for these two songs
      its kinda sound weird to me
      but definately better than milkshake lol

      • It’s because Ga Yoon dont remember the lyric so she always need look to the lyric to sing, so her voice is not enough emotion and loud as Ji Yoon, who really love this song and put all the emotion into

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