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After School GaHee, “I want to get married after 5 years”

After School GaHee reveals, “I want to get married after 5 years.”

GaHee has revealed that during her appearance on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star aired on 7th July. GaHee said, “It is not true that I don’t consider marriage at all. But still, I want to do it only after 5 years.”

Meanwhile, on the show JungAh reveals, “I’m unexpectedly a bad woman.” Also Son Dambi confesses, “I like man who are rich.”

The guest appearances for the corner of the show that day are Son Dambi and After School member GaHee, JungAh and Nana.



40 Responses

  1. never really liked her..i mean she’s a great dancer and all, but i’ve always thought she was too much into herself. especially after reading about her abandoning her parents & only “felt their love” when her father told her she was the prettiest out of all of after school. -_- okay?

    this article caught my attention because her age shocks me. she looks stunning & i hope (despite the bitterness i have towards her) that she’ll find someone in 5 years.

  2. Oh come on 5 years it’s what she thinks… It could be less than 5 years. It’s the guy’s job to propose the woman (unless she wants to do the opposite). Also, there’s a trend to get pregnant before wedding…….

  3. she looks weird in that picture… she doesn’t look pretty like she does normally,……if Hallie Berry can have a kid at 40-suttin then why can’t she?

  4. Gahee is the hottest in korea
    Gahee is the best in Korea
    Gahee is the most talent in Korea
    Gahee is the most beautiful in Korea
    Gahee is the most exciting in Korea

    * NOTE * If you do not agree with me, go to hell hahahahaha

    • lolz i dont agree with anything that you said cuz maybe you dont noe much kpop stars yet but gahee is definitly not all that in korea!…. so does that me that i have to go to hell?…. just LMAO…

      • 1- no , in fact i know all Kpop stars and the all is suck 😦

        2- yes , that is mean you going to hell 🙂

    • your comment hilarious

      ya , i think what @ sam says is true
      <<<< i dont want to go to hell kekekekekekek

  5. oh girl, with a body, face, and charisma like that, why WOULD YOU SETTLE DOWN NOW? time to mingle girl

  6. Good for her 🙂 Plus she says she wants to get married in 5 years so she can start “looking” for a serious man to date in a few years 😀 She’s gorgeous and talented and that might scare a few men off but I’m positive she’ll find someone who can handle all that sexiness lol

    • gorgeous, maybe … talented, Not.
      Nana and reina are more talented.

      • Nana and reina are more talented. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        are you kidding me , no , are you blind or deaf ?????
        Yes Raina has a stronger voice more than Gahee, but she is not worth anything compared as a dancer like Gahee
        Nana is not better in anything than Gahee
        Gahee in the singing and dancing is much better than Nana
        I love Nana a lot, but let’s be realistic
        Nana just a pretty face,

      • Hahahaha, come on, that’s true in your tiny little mind only… Gahee is more talented than Raina and Nana together… Raina has better vocals, but can’t dance as good as Gahee and Nana, please, even though she’s gorgeous she can’t sing or dance as good as Gahee… Btw, search a little on the web and you’ll see who’s responsable of the success of After School and DamBi, yes, Gahee is, she’s a business woman too… After School Fighting!!!!

  7. What is your problem you people????
    Some of you even talk about her get children …..etc
    I am also tired of talking about her relationship with Yoochun , why you can not move ?? (stupid)

    Seriously, let her alone …..

    the girl is marry when she want and have children when she is want too , this is not your business
    Women in all parts of the world are having children at any age
    Even Hollywood stars do it like Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts and their children so beautiful and healthy

  8. i dont know why everybody talking about her age ????

    she is good , beautiful and talented girl ,

    Any person who denies her talent , he is just jealous of her
    Why should a person is just a child until they recognize his talent ??????
    I am tired of all those teenagers in all this group ???
    i am swaer some of this kids ther have no talent ( just like Uee even she is not a kid )

    I also do not know what the problem of Kpop with age????

  9. Gahee is not old!!!!

  10. Nana! ❤

  11. I wonder if she is thinking of having kids. a lot of women marry old, but it’s best to have kids in your mid 20s.

    • Who ever told you that was wrong.Medical professionals say 45 is the age where fertilization becomes harder for the female body. She can have them if she is 43 if she wants. There are was to conceive than the traditional method .

      • BUT did YOU also KNOW that waiting to have kids at that age say 30ish-40ish u have a HIGH RISK of having a kid with issues like down syndrome and other birth defects???

      • That’s inaccurate by 10 years. Re-read those medical journals. 35 is when problems with pregnancy and birth begin to become an issue.

        This isn’t to say that you can’t have a normal child at that age or older. It’s just that starting at 35, the risk of birth defects and problem pregnancies begin to rise by a significant percentage.

  12. at 35? have she even considered thinking that women have a biological clock ticking away. (well, unless she doesn’t really mind having children or not) its kind of hard for women to get pregnant when they enter their 30’s much more their mid 30’s..

    oh well, good luck to her

    • wow 35???? she is … old compared to other idols.

      • People need to let WOMAN have children when they want. For centuries, every woman has had children over the age of 40 and 50. Read your history books, you might learn something. She has chosen to focus on her career. Great. It almost like you expect the idols in their 20s to pop out children at 25. Come one people. It’s 2010 not 1789.

      • shes older but you know what they say now? 30 is the new 20.

        but it is healthier for women to have children at the younger age but obviously not too young

  13. so at 35? that’s not too bad, but i think its kinda late if shes gonna start “looking” at that time. well she is pretty so she’ll find someone!

    • good luck but just stay away from Yoochun.

      • Yoochun and that old lady???? LOL
        I dont think so.

      • If Yoochun wants a piece let him have some. The man has can choose for himself. He is not a baby.

      • she could do better than a boy band’s cassanova.
        plus they’re past tense.

      • Yoochun is a player.
        Gahee is too good for him.

      • I totally agree with “whoregahee”
        we dont want that ‘girl’ with micky oppa.

      • hey @whoregahee @bigeastakiba @lucia who r u? i mean, r u idiot? yoochun is soooooooooooooooooooooo last year for Gahee, & she’ll never call him back, see? poor u girls -,-

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