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Lee Hyori’s Last Appearance On TV, Ending All Activities With Running Man on July 11th

Lee Hyori’s appearance on SBS Good Sunday’s Running Man,hosted by Yoo Jae Suk will put an
end to Hyori’s appearance on tv,and she will therefore resume all activities after that.

Lee Hyori’s name has been tarnished by the recent controversies involving 6 songs of her latest album,which appear to be plagiarized tracks stolen by so-called music producer,Bahnus,who is currently facing a lawsuit from Hyori’s last company, Mnet Media which declared that “We will take full responsibility and will solve this matter for Lee Hyori,even though she didn’t renew the contract with us.We are aware that the plagiarism issue has put Hyori and Mnet Media in a bad position,affecting H-Logic’s album sales and damaging her image”.

Not only her name,was tarnished,but her reputation which caused her to resume all promotional activities for her 4th album,H-Logic.

After Haha Mong Show’s new episode was broadcast not long ago,Lee Hyori who was guesting was the target of criticisms because she was still appearing on tv shows,and viewers complained that she was chosen to starr in variety shows.

Lee Hyori originally planned to promote her album actively for a long period of 3 months,promotional activities which would have included being a guest on various variety programs.She initially planned to do so to please her fans,having been MIA for 2 years.

A representative revealed :”Lee Hyori won’t be able to appear on shows from now on,she decided to cease all activities because she felt that appearing on tv at the time would be inappropriate.”

Therefore,Lee Hyori will now focus on setting up her new company,B2M Entertainment,since her contract with Mnet Media’s come to an end.

Running Man’s first episode is scheduled for July 11th.

13 Responses

  1. hahahahaha lmao whahaha. anyway oh well i dont feel bad at all. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    • i hope to see her in another 2 or 3 years. maybe more than 2 since it is not only one song but 7 songs. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  2. What? Viewers complained about seeing her appearing on TV shows? That really gets on my nerves! She just tried to support Jaesuk, HaHa, Mong with their new shows and bring joy to viewers and then viewers hate to see her?

    Hyori unnie, forget all about them and make a great comeback! We are waiting for you!

    • netizens very horrible… its not hyori fault…. i felt bad for her…but at least she can rest for a while and make her comeback with a bomb…

      we always support you lee hyori unnie.
      dont hear them…all antis get out..

      love you hyori unnie…


  3. that’s sad i hope she joins running man when she decides to comeback.

    • IKR .. i just want to see her and jaesuk on variety shows again.

      personally, i don’t really care for her singing, but she’s an amazing entertainer and a great personality.

  4. People should stop accuse another of plagiarizing shits.
    Lots of these have been happening, I’m sure quite a number of artistes have faces this including Bi Rain, Lee Jun-Ki, G-Dragon (of Big Bang) and there are just too many to name.
    With no prior evidence that someone “copied” when it’s just pure coincidence, then maybe your intention is corrupted to begin with — Squeeze money out of one’s pocket.
    Because you needed money.
    And so, you find the littlest similarities between one with another and you accumulate them together and form a “plagiarize” shit when actually, you know it’s minor resemblance that have been stucked together by you just to HURT ANOTHER AT THE BENEFIT ON YOURSELF.
    Now if you do not want others to do that to you.
    Then you.
    Like what I always say: You reap what you sow.
    So don’t ever do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

    • go allkpop to get more info becos she is very guilty of plagiarism

      • she is guilty of it but she did not do it intentionally. she and her agency found out about the plagiarism after it was discovered. its not like she wanted it. i cant believe netizens are reacting so harsh about her being on show tho

      • she’s NOT guilty, and I don’t even know why you can use such a word. She is the singer, NOT the composer. Sorry to say this but every single one who accuses Lee Hyori and makes her to come to this decision are all retarded. Please, you know who you are. And to Lisa Nguyen: I find your line “she’s guilty of it but she did not do it intentionally” makes no sense whatsoever. I personally believe that if you “don’t know” or do it “unintentionally”, then you’re not “guilty”.

    • there evidence that’s why she stopping her activities and mnet is suing the producer who made the song.

      • you say she’s not guilty. that’s hilarious cause last time i checked, hyori produced h-logic. and isn’t it the producer’s job to check if the song is plagiarized or not?

        LMAO. you irrationally passionate fans are worse than trolls.

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