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Kangta – “Big Bang is the idol that draws the most attention”

H.O.T member Kangta who was on MBC TV’s “GoldFish” attracted attention after he mentioned “Big Bang is the idol that draws the most attention“. Kangta who has re-appeared on TV after being away for two years was afraid of being awkward.

Kangta talked about his activities with H.O.T, his military life, his solo career, etc. He frankly confessed many stories and attracted the attention of the public.

In addition to this MC Kang Ho Dong asked Kangta, “What idol singer has attracted your attention the most nowadays?”

Kangta replied, “When I was an idol there was a dilemma of limited genres, so it would seem that all the idols [attract attention nowadays], but Big Bang is a group that can digest [do] all kind of genres and each member of the group is also able to do their own solo activities.”


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  1. big bang all the way

  2. I totally agree with Kangta. Big Bang is the best.

  3. It’s so true !
    Big bang have so many charms! NUMBER 1 for me too


  5. Bigbang is the only kpop group who can sing very well even if it’s a live performance, as if you were listening to them on a radio. Very suave unlike other kpop artists. They barely use auto tune too! And oh you can distinguished their voices. You can hear 5 different voices. I don’t hate suju/2pm but to tell you honestly i can only hear 1 voice. it hurts but it’s true. sorry! peace!!! BIGBANG forever!!!

    • I wouldn’t go as far as to say Big Bang is the “only” K-Pop group that can sing very well, but they are definitely “one” of the few K-Pop groups that can pull off live performances so well.

    • No, Big Bang is NOT “the only kpop group who can sing very well even if it’s a live performance.”

      You’re just listening to the wrong groups.

  6. Agree with most comments here, that’s why I like yg artists too and yg cause he let’s them do their thing and trusts them they have careers in the music industry for years to come

    speaking of solos taeyang got #1 on mnet just one week in

  7. I agree with the person who said YG was smart at letting each member try different things.

    All idol groups have an expiration date, so when the time comes for the members of BB to go on their own separate ways, they will all have a backup career.

    Also, fair of him to be completely honest abut his opinion since YG himself has praised DBSK as one of the best idol groups before.

  8. agree w/the cmmts so far as well as kangta’s. they boys shine individually as well as a whole. i love how each member has a different feel to them, a different sound, sense of style and etc. and although i’m glad they’ll still have solo careers to fall back on in the future, i really wish for a big bang comeback soon. they shine the best when they’re all together and that’s when they make fans the happiest. at least imo. 🙂

  9. True True. Big Bang is most prolly the only group in Kpop now where ALL the members can go solo and still succeed.

  10. As much as I love Super Junior coz they are (*inserts whatever good points*), I have to say when it comes to music:
    Big Bang Is Number One.
    No one can simply surpass them in terms of different music genres.
    I mean what song have you ever heard of Big Bang that was poorly presented?
    When given a task of synchronizing each and everyone’s vocals, they do it perfectly.
    They have this Americanized-slang when they sing english verses, and especially, when they rap.
    Therefore, I can proudly say:
    Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t a die-hard fan of Big Bang to begin with.
    Frankly speaking, I’m more attracted towards Super Junior, and maybe SHINee, but in terms of music I can’t deny that my favorites are when there is actually a better boyband out there.
    And they are none other than: BIG BANG.
    The team which hit everyone around with their uniquely distinctive music, a blasting difference, just like their name, a blasting — BIG BANG.

  11. What he said is true and I know some might disagree with me but I feel H.O.T and BB is kind of similar when it comes to music I dont know maybe b/c their are so many rapping parts in both of H.O.T and BB music anyway I cant wait for H.O.T comeback to all white angels please show ur support to H.O.T when they will make their comeback

    • true
      in a lot of ways, although h.o.t. was one of the first examples of what you’d call the typical korean idol group, they were definitely a group who tested the waters of many different styles.

  12. People have different basis of what a best idol group should be, but Kangta’s reasons for BB are true. They have different styles and preferences as individuals that are awesome in itself and they’re also awesome as a group.

    Looking today I haven’t seen another group that could carry solo activities as well as group activities like BB can.

    Probably one of the reasons why I like YGE, too. They really do put some effort on encouraging their artists to have some individuality without completely sacrificing the group.

  13. I agree to that!

  14. I agree with Kangta. In my opinion YG did very well with Big Bang in allowing them to grow as both a group and as individuals so that if the time does come that they no longer want to promote as a group they will definitely have feasable careers as sololists

    • Now that I think about it, GD and TY are all about Music while Top and Dae are more into acting and variety. What about Seungri? Poor dude, being left behind.

      • seungri does musicals, like dae. he’s not left behind.

      • SR is not being left out
        he won triple crown and won several awards during his solo in early 2009,now he is attending Uni

      • lol seungri fans have to go defense mode
        because they know that the poor guy is the weakest link in that group

      • @anonymous:
        neh, he is not weak… he just haven’t show his full potential/talent yet… =D

      • I wasn’t a fan of Seungri’s solo song, but after watching several performances of Big Bang, I have to admit that he’s got a wide vocal range, so I’ll side with “asdf” and say he hasn’t yet shown all he can do.


  16. I miss Kangta,hopefully HOT really do make a comeback.

    I can’t wait for BB’s comeback, I miss sooooo much<3

  17. I agree with him 😀

    • i think SMs next-gen artists will have their training geared towards this idea of being able to “digest many genres” aka, be multi-talented artists with creative encouragement.

      • If only they can write their own songs and produced it. But with SM i don’t think they can have any saying on that

    • Dong Bang Shin Ki is way better than big bang.
      DBSK boys are talented and not overrated


      • BIG BANG is the BEST korean boy group <3333

      • @jaechunsuhomin:

        i thought kangta never mention about him compare bb boys with dbsk boys. nobody has comment in this article dbsk boy is not talented (yet). are u feel threatened that kangta said bb is the idol that draws the most attention from his pov? please grow up fans (if u r one). or do u need me find u some vitamins to get rid of ur negative perception of others idol?

      • seems like your one of a hella pathetic fangirl here…whenever BB got mentioned you go Crazy and brag dbsk…Sour Loser!!!

    • Agree with kangta. Other idol boys are just pretty faces.
      Big bang, all the way !!!!!

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