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Kim JongMin, “ChangMin is amongst my list of top singers in Korea”

Kim JongMin praises 2AM ChangMin.

2AM, Cheon MyungHoon and Kim JongMin were present for the recent filming of SBS E!TV ‘Variety Production’.

On the show, 2AM ChangMin talked about the process of getting his current vocals capabilities. With that, Kim JongMin said, “I think there are less than 5 singers whom I think have the best vocals in Korea,” pointing to veteran singers like Kim GunMo, Lee SeungChul and ShinJi etc, and the list includes ChangMin.

ChangMin then confessed, “To get my current voice, I changed it for 3 times.”

The show is set to air on 10th July at 12 midnight.



33 Responses

  1. kim jongmin s the best singer saranghae oppa

  2. oh c’mon people, stop comparing.
    2AM and TVXQ are both vocal powerhouse groups..

    what i want to see is a TVX2-2AM collabo! daebak!

  3. When I listen to 2AM songs, I always listen for Changmin’s parts, over and over again. His voice is incredibly unique in the Kpop world of idols.

    DBSK will always be my first Kpop love, but I agree that Changmin’s vocal range can easily beat most of the DBSK members. Sorry for dragging DBSK into this, but since some ppl were discussing it, in my opinion:

    Junsu’s got the best technique and control. Jaejoong’s extremely consistent and has a to-die-for milky voice. Changmin can hit some crazy high notes, but his voice doesn’t have as much substance (and yes he sounds like he’s screaming sometimes). Yunho and Micky are good singers, but honestly vocal range is quite limited.

    Just my two cents.

  4. I loveee changmin! He is so underrated in 2AM in the looks department. However hearing him sing always give me goosebumps. His body is damn solid too, after seeing all the magazine spreads. Plus, he is hella funny in star golden bell!

  5. you guys ar so funny, dont bring DBSK here because you like them, this article is about Kim Jong Min and ChangMin 2AM !!!!

    Dont judge a book by its cover.
    Like the one mentioned about Changmin’s audition video, Even some idols today cant sing better than him there.

    forgive my bad english

    • I agree some DBSK fans can be so stuck up. Thinking that their oppas have the best voice on earth. Sorry but Changmin pawns them anyday! He just debuted almost 2 years ago n the training he received isn’t as long as DBSK but his singing talent already pawned!

      Just my humble opinion, Jokwon, Yesung and Changmin 2AM have better singing voices than all DBSK combined.

      • Agree! the only one who can sing in dbsk is junsu (and jaejoong) but his voice is girly -____-

        2AM, all of then can sing and they are not pretty boy like DBSK. so people really love 2AM because they are talented.

  6. Changmin’s vocals are one of the best in 2AM. He can sing ballads, upbeat songs, trot, etc. <3333

  7. Kim JongMin jokes are hella funny.

  8. Chang Min has the best vocal capabilities in current idol group. If your audition video by singing Indie Arie – Video song, then of course you will be signed up instantly.

  9. o_O 2AM ChangMin is hella ugly.

    • I couldn’t agree more. only Jokwon is pretty and hot in 2AM.

    • If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t bother.

      I think he’s hot.

    • totally agree with ‘chunnie’.
      Changmin is a nice guy but he is hella ugly :/

    • Ur comment is a comment made by only douchebags.
      He’s not good-looking but calling someone ugly is very harsh.
      The article is talking bout his voice not his face btw.
      If i were a singer I prefer people praise me for my voice than my abs or pretty face.

  10. ChangMin’ voice is great, but for me Xiah Junsu is the BEST among the best singers. šŸ˜€ ^^

    • Xiah Junsu has a good control and technique but his voice sounds like a girl ROFL.

      • Totally agree with ToP_sun_lover

        honestly I dont like junsu’s voice. for me Jaejoong’s voice is way better.

  11. Oh yeah, Changmin is the best šŸ˜€

  12. he’s also on my list šŸ˜‰
    (of course along with Junsu(dbsk) and Bom)

    • DBSK Changmin is more talented (and hotter too) šŸ˜€
      and Kim JongMin is just a clown LOL

      • sorry but DBSK Changmin can’t sing. He only screams

      • WTF r u talking??? Changmin and Yunho have the best voices in DBSK.

      • Jaechunsu >>>>>>>>> Homin any day.

      • JYJ Sucks !!!!
        Homin Gambaette kudasai !!!!

      • First of all I am a big DBSK fan (even more than a 2AM fan) but while DBSK Changmin is hot,can sing, and can definitely hit some high notes, he isn’t that great to be honest and he cannot touch the kind of vocal range that 2AM’s Changmin can do. I like both Changmins but in regards to singing ability, I am sorry but 2AM’s Changmin has DBSK’s Changmin beat by spades. I love both groups don’t get me wrong, but their are very few IDOL male singers (there are definitely some solo singers that can are equally talented if not more but very few idols) that can touch the singing ability of people such as 2AM’s Changmin and DBSK’s Junsu.

        In regards to vocals in DBSK I am sorry while all of them can sing, the best vocals would probably have to be jaejoong and junsu first then followed by changmin . Yunho and Yoochun can sing but their singing is only decent at best with limited range.

        Honestly I can think of much better singers than what is on his list (I mean Park HyoShin , k.will to name a couple) but I will agree that 2AM Changmin has one of the best voices in kpop.

      • n u is just another sob

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