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MBLAQ and f(x) chosen as the best newcomers for the 1st half of year 2010

MBLAQ has been chosen as the impressive newcomer for the 1st half of year 2010.

A poll ‘Which is the best newcomer for the 1st half of year 2010’ was held on music portal site Bugs from 29th June to 5th July. And MBLAQ came in #1 with 46% of the votes (3,459 votes).

Known as ‘chic-dols’, MBLAQ is an idol group groomed by world star Rain who debuted last October. They released their 2nd single album in mid-May titled ‘Y’. ‘Y’ also went up to #33 on Bugs Weekly Top 100.

At #2 on the chart is girlgroup f(x). Netizen commented, “Recently of all the idols, f(x) stood out as addictive”. f(x) recently released their 1st minialbum ‘NU ABO’ in May, and they had received great reviews for their performances.

At #3 is group BEAST. For the first half of this year, BEAST had promoting hiphop number ‘Special’ and ballad ‘Easy’. Currently, they are doing their Asian promotions in countries like Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia etc.

And at #4 is band C.N Blue who made their Korean debut with the song ‘Loner’. The song was very well received and netizens commented, “CN Blue is a good which stands out, whether for their music or on variety shows.” They recently released their 2nd minialbum ‘Bluelove’ and the title song ‘Love’ went up to the #1 spot on various music charts. And the group is currently preparing for their Asian tour with the promotions for their album coming to an end.

The rest of the ranking:

  1. MBLAQ
  2. f(x)
  3. BEAST
  4. C.N Blue
  5. Secret
  6. ZE:A


What is your list of the best newcomers for 1st half of year 2010?


28 Responses

  1. […] » You can see sookyeong’s post in its entirety and the full list on the K Bites site HERE. […]

  2. OMO… BEAST must be the 1st.. -_-

  3. CN Blue is a joke. Just like secret and zea.
    at least f(x), mblaq and beast have some real talent.

  4. MBLAQ love u and i am so proud of them.. the best boyband ever..they’re talented so real 🙂

  5. MBLAQ & F(x) Fighting !!!

  6. To me MBLAQ >> BEAST. the beast boys are cute and adorable but MBLAQ has better music and they are better prepared talents-wise.

    C.N. Blue is definitely a strong newcomer as well, but somehow, they lack stage presence. That is something they must work on. This weakness is especially prominent during their “love” performances :O :O nevertheless they produce excellent music and i absolutely adore yung hwa and jong hyun.

    As for the girlgroups, I’d say f(X) too because the rest are simply too lousy to be compared with :S

    • Not really, if you think about it, Beast has 3 members with such great vocals, its unbelievable. Yo Seob, Ki Kwang & Hyuseung sing really well.

  7. Although MBlaq has been successful, I think Beast and CN Blue have the edge. I’ll f(x) their props even though they havent been getting the recognition I think they deserve.

  8. SECRET!

    I agree with this ^^.

  9. where in earth is 4minute?
    i guess they’re not rookies anymore :p

  10. i’m so happy that ZE:A is 6th place!! At least they get some kind of recognition! I love them!

    Congrats to MBLAQ! I think they truly deserve it! I love Y. Such a great song! No lie! ^_^

  11. Pretty accurate list if you look at it in terms of most popular newcomer. MBLAQ and f(x) are definately the most popular.
    Music chart wise I think CN Blue would be number one seeing as both their title tracks and mini albums are doing really well. Followed by BEAST and then f(x) with the success of NuABO which I think is still charting quite well. I think it’s their most successful single so far, but I may be wrong.
    MBLAQ’s songs from what ive seen on the charts aren’t very strong on the rankings but then again, I dont really pay attention to them so I may be wrong again lol

    I think the best newcomers for the second half of 2010 may be Miss A from the amount of attention they’ve been receiving and how well their song is doing on the charts. Then in second place Sistar? Hmm I wonder, time will tell though 🙂

  12. Woo yeah, congrats F(x)!!

  13. I would choose C.N Blue as the best newcomer for this first half of the year ! I really MBLAQ but C.B Blue did a better job and deserves the title !


  15. why is MBLAQ, Beast f(x) is still newcomer when they debuted last year? C.N Blue is the only one in the list i think debuted this year.

  16. Base on popularity, i think the list is fine.
    Base on music quality, cnblue should be #1 (i’m a loner and love did both reach #1)

  17. I’m an A+, so I’m super proud of the MBLAQ boys!

  18. I like mblaq, I really do but I agree with others that CN Blue or Beast deserve a higher ranking just based on the quality of the music and performances those two groups have done in comparison to mblaq. I see all the potential in the world in mblaq but they really need better songs. But as for the list as a whole I completely agree. I really like Secret and wish they had more popularity since they are really talented.

  19. CN Blue & Beast for me..

  20. congratz to mblaq. although i think cnblue deserves higher ranking. but congrats to all groups. mblaq cnb beast fx zea secret. they worked hard!

  21. i don’t get it did they debuted last year so they are not newcomers no more?

  22. come to malaysia, cn blue!

  23. a good list! doesnt seem to be too O.o! and stuff

  24. OLLEH!

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