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SHINee releases 1st teaser to comeback, MinHo injured during recent filming of Dream Team

SHINee is set to release their 2nd full length album on 19th July.

The group last released their 3rd minialbum ‘2009, Year Of Us’ on 19th October 2009. And from 8th July, SM Entertainment will be releasing concept photos from the album all the way till 12th July on the group’s official homepage.

SHINee is set for their comeback stage on 16th July on KBS Music Bank.

In addition, SHINee member MinHo is said to have injured himself in the midst of filming for KBS Dream Team Season 2. This was during a filming on 7th July and MinHo had hurt his calves in the midst of filming.

And on 8th July, he was sent for treatment and health examination to see if there are any hidden injuries.



45 Responses

  1. I agree with how stupid shinee have to copy 2PM style with showing their abs..2PM are bad example to copy..i like shinee with rich high class boy image..shinee are more expensive than 2PM,2PM are cheap,,

  2. This looks very artsy.
    But I don’t care because I love it., and I’m looking forward for their comeback.

  3. […] K Bites var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname="SHINee delays comeback date"; […]

  4. i actually think this concept is interesting. SHINee is known for their out-there concepts, and to say that this concept is stupid already because of one picture is just.. not fair. give it a chance guys. i clearly remember a lot of fans saying key’s hair was horrible just before RDD was released, but everyone seems to like it now. i respect them for trying different things. and about the ab thing, i think it’s about time we see what minho has to offer, even if it’s not much i think it’s nice. ๐Ÿ™‚


    but i do look forward to their comeback.

  6. Are they going for the “Village people” concept or “Gay Pride Parade” concept??? OMG, such things have to do an idol these days to get lots of money for their company…

  7. I don’t care if people think Ring Ding Dong is stupid or if their concept is weird and messed up. I love SHINee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can be wearing ridiculous clothes and sing songs that don’t make sense but I will always love them. SHINee is awesome and Ring Ding Dong and the rest of their songs are amazing. Their new album is going to be great!!!!!! I love you Jonghyun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I feel bad for Minho. All the comments make it sound as if he decides the concept. But SM’s producers are the ones who planned everything so if you’re gonna complain about the concept, talk to them.

    I do think that the concept is kind of strange. And I don’t really wanna repeat of the Juliette days… RDD was their best “era” so far I think…

    Well, I’m gonna wait for the rest of the images and most importantly, the song is crucial too. Although considering it’s Shinee, the song’ll top the charts anyway…

  9. omona Minho looks like a clown.o_O

    • nope. more like an indian boy minus the teepee. >.<

    • Minho look gay (like a drag queen) ๐Ÿ˜€

      • no he doen’t look gay! anyway it’s not as if he chose to take the photo that way! he’s not the stylish. they have worked very hard. pls keep harsh comments to yourself if there’s nothing better to write.

  10. LOL WTF is he wearing on his head?! eww -__-

  11. Minho reminds me of a Red Indian~~
    please DO NOT JUDGE SHINee based on the concept photos.
    i mean,who doesn’t have these ‘funny’ concepts in kpop?
    please give respect to the artistes.

    so what if they show abs?
    isn’t it like ‘normal’ in kpop now?
    don’t use the word ‘resort’.
    they work hard too.
    so what if Fantastic and Elastic has no link?
    the point of kpop songs is to be catchy.
    it’s their song to sing and your choice to listen,or not.

    just wanna say i’m waiting for their comeback,and it’s irritating to see rude comments by fellow kpop fans.

    • they are too thin, I pity these boys.

    • i totally agree with. wtf with the people being so rude here?! they didn’t even release the song it’s just a photo a PHOTO!
      besides shinee works hard and I respect them a lot.
      I can’t wait to see the mv and listen to the song!

  12. I’m quite a fan of SHINee, and I can’t even spot who the one in the picture is. Goodness gracious what is he wearing in that picture?? Well, hope the end result (album, performances, outfit, song, dance, etc2) turns out well and way less crazy and weird than the one in the picture. Going to still be staying tuned for their comeback ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. That’s messed up.
    “that thing”

  14. @hyon
    Oh c’mon, it’s not only SHINee who’ve “resorted to 2PMโ€™s tactic of showing their โ€œabsโ€ to get attention”.
    Ok — It’s not ‘”2PM’s tactic” to begin with, showing abs to grab attention from ladies ranging from young schoolgirls to ahjummas started way back with Bi Rain.
    And subsequently, boybands follow after this style so no fan from any fanclub can claim that it’s “their” idol’s tactic in the first place.
    Take for example, Super Junior’s latest album track ‘Bonamana’.
    They are also going the “abs to get attention way”.
    ELF may claim that it’s their originality but we all know it started way back.
    Same goes for the 2PM which you’ve mentioned.
    I would say it’s the concept of almost every boyband these days, for they are all aiming for the “boy-to-man” trait which they want to present to their fans.
    I’ve something to say:
    This style of SHINee (above) is not the usual “hunky” and “hard-abs” concept.
    I am fine with any boybands’ concept of this “hunky and hard-abs” but SHINee’s this time round really, really looks like a *red-indian* (I believe commenter “kokofark” above has already pointed this out)
    I would very much prefer their style and concept in Ring Ding Dong, though there are not much revealing of body here and there, that bad-boy concept in Ring Ding Dong IMO, is the best SHINee’s concept I’ve ever seen and I guess it’s best if they stick to that in the near future.
    I don’t think the above concept appeals to just anyone, ok, maybe SHINee’s die-hard fans would, for SHINee’s first image wasn’t like this.
    If they were to debut with THIS image, then gosh…
    They may not acquire as much fame as they had.
    I love them from Ring Ding Dong, and I hope that image stays on.

    • Whatever. I’ve seen Shinee fans who going around saying ” Shinee don’t rely on their abs for popularity, they’ve got real talented and rely on good vocals” and now i see their least talented member showing his abs. This does get one wondering.

      And how fail does is a”red Indian” concept. What they gonna do run around stage with bow and arrows wearing face paint. Concept FAIL, this isn’t Broadway.

      • you’re so pathetic.
        when you don’t have any arguments agaisnt SHINee, you just say stupid things.
        Concept FAIL, this isn’t Broadway ? well, why not ? why can’t they use a Broadway concept ?
        you tried to diss them, but you’re a FAIL.

        and i’m not even a SHINee fan to begin with.

      • keep your harsh comments to yourself not as if you are more talented than him. he looks great. dont get jealous it’s pathetic! if you dont like shinee y bother searching and commenting on them?

  15. >_> looks gross man

  16. whathef…
    seriously i think shinee’s concept was fine as it was though the lyrics no logic like what ‘5=2 ‘ say what link has ‘fantastic’ gotta do with ‘elastic’ lol but yes it’s a fast number, catchy tune and overall dancing + dressing all okay but this time round…
    lol… *sees above*
    remind me of RED-INDIANS.

  17. ooooh, we get to see their bodies. but don’t overdo it!

  18. sorry sookyeong
    It’s finally here! Jaypark.net is now open
    just for jayโ€™s fans

  19. Dear god, not Juliet 2.0

  20. what ridiculous concept are they going to do next? And like eww…seriously, Minho or other ShiNee member shouldn’t think of having abs. Their image suits Cute more. I hope their comeback song is not ridiculous.

  21. that is really ridiculous ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    • LOL agree with you, that guy looks totally Gay.
      and I thought minho was the only man in shinee ROFL.

      • he does not look gay at all. that’s jus your opinion other might not tink so.

  22. Special…….polar bear friend with the liberty statue’s crown hmmm
    i wonder how the other members look like.

    We have footballers, car racing drivers, geeks a la MJ…
    I wonder where the stylists have those ideas XD

  23. WTF is that on his head i hope there music is good this time no more stupid song like ring ding dong fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic elastic, elastic, elastic, elastic is stupid but catchy.

    • It’s not stupid. Just that you don’t have such good taste ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Actually it is stupid, Shinee have had bad English in nearly all their songs but get away with it since fangirls are soo blind (yet when other artist have bad English, ya’ll go CRAZY).

        Anyways, he looks gay in the picture, why is their a dead bird on his head and is he wearing eye makeup? SM never gives SHinee a normal concept. Also funny to see they’ve resorted to 2PM’s tactic of showing their “abs” to get attention. Lets see if it works out for them.

      • ^ he looks gay ? i thought gay was a sexual orientation, not a look >.>

    • actually it is stupid… ilikke what the helll does ring ding dong means? only stupid song deosnt make sense…

  24. There’s a funny contrast between the tank abs and the normal arms haha

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