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Son DamBi, “I don’t hate UEE. It breaks my heart to have such misunderstandings”

Singer Son DamBi was flustered and reveals her thoughts when she was asked the question, “Do you hate After School UEE?”

Son DamBi did guest appearance on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star aired on 7th July. The MCs then asked, “We heard that Son DamBi hates UEE.” Son DamBi answered, “There is no such thing. Such misunderstanding breaks me heart. I don’t know how to give a response to this,” seemingly flustered.

Son DamBi had appeared on the show together with AFter School members Nana, GaHee and JungAh.



60 Responses

  1. Well..its a normal thing for the mc or reporters to ask that question..they even ask the same question to Gahee & Jungah..uee is versatile…those people who said bad things about her..they jealous of her..she’s very talented..her status is just like Yoona from SNSD..she also the one in the group who always be the spotlight than other member..so please dont make a bif fuss about this..

  2. uee all the way she s the best uee fighting after school fighting the haters are only jealous and envious so just shut up

  3. I think Dambi’s crazy pretty. And I think she’s a great dancer. UEE’s cute, and she can dance, but honestly she hasn’t got that flair and camera charm that Dambi has.

    And come on – Dambi’s got this grace that UEE hasn’t learned to show yet in front of the camera.

    Not bashing UEE by any means, but if we’re choosing to compare the two, then I’ll have to go with Dambi.

  4. wow that is one short news.. straight to the point..
    qn: do you hate uee..
    ans: no.. im surprised at the qn.


  5. lol.

    all the 12-year-olds in this post are killing me.

  6. WOW at the Uee Hate..lol
    Seriously i thought I was bad but damn ya’ll take the cake on this one..Ya’ll are horrible..lol
    I don’t hate Uee & I don’t don’t like Uee. I just don’t really care for the girl but Uee does have talent so I’m not gonna lie on that.
    SDB she’s average. Honestly SDB to me is the same as Uee. They are both equal. They both are good at one thing & not that great on other things.
    Singing- they are both average nothing amazing & nothing unqiue.
    Dancing- SDB wins even though her dancing isn’t as great as Gahee but she’s better than Uee
    Acting- Uee wins..

    So they are both equally matched.

    But SDB being name the Queen is a frickkin’ joke. She only had 2 major hits Crazy & SN other than that she’s been iight. The Queen is Hyori cause she has countless hits yeah her recent album is nothing but plagiarism but before that she has countless hits so Hyori is still the Queen.

  7. Okay, this UEE hate is getting ridic. Even fellow labelmates are being dragged into this mess.

    Never cared for UEE before but now I wish these claims would stop. I mean the UEE craze back in 09 is over, why are they still talking negatively about her.

  8. wow, people are really rude.

    im glad those rude people are not son dambi fans. it breaks her heart to hear such blasphemy and yet people here are debating whos prettier or whos better, whether shes a lee hyori wannabe, gahee or dambi, and so on.

    whatever. haters gon hate. supporters going to support. i hope queen dambi knows that comparions and useless garbage drama are stirred out of boredom, from people who stalk your lives bc they have nothing better to do with theirs

  9. Son DamBi is really pretty…that’s all…

  10. Whoever that MC is, asking such question is so rude. If Son dam bi does hate UEE, no way she says it on broadcast lmao

    • I know right, why should they even ask a question when knowing its answer already =.=”

  11. Wow. Look at all the haters 😀 As they say, the more popular you are the more hated you get. I don’t think you people get that some of these stars you call “overrated” work harder then usual since they’re wanted everywhere. Oh well, there will always be people who support Uee~! Uee Fighting~! ❤

  12. if son dambi heted uee , she is not the only one kekekeke
    i dont hate her , i just dont like her

    I think that her fame came about by accident Hahahaha

    • I think that her fame came about by accident Hahahaha

      😆 agree with you 😆

  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: Son DamBi, “I don’t hate UEE. It breaks my heart to have such misunderstandings” http://twurl.nl/c4baew […]

  14. who cares about Son Dambi? Uee is the Best girl idol out there.

    • Uee ???? ROFL nice joke.
      Gahee, all the way.

      • I’m sorry but gahee is too old for an idol group.

      • @ xun

        agree with you
        Gahee , she is the one who has a talented 🙂
        Uee , she is the one who shuld go to home 🙂

      • Uee can sing, dance and act, unlike gahee.

        Uee >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gahee.

      • Uee can sing, dance !!!!!!!!!!
        😯 😯 😯 😯

        Are you kidding me ???????
        You are just a joke just like her sing and her dance 😆

      • gahee is OVERRATED. Son Dambi is the only one talented in Pledis.

      • @ 13elieveShindong

        i think your comment is OVERRATED …
        both girls so talented
        and agree with all guys , Uee is the one who has no talented she is just a cute face

      • stop lying to yourself.

      • Gahee sucks. Uee and Dambie are hotter and sexier than ald dog gahee.

  15. Who the hell is Son DamBi ???

  16. WELL i think its normal to ask those questions. When u are in a group and u hardly get any recognition but another member does its normal to ask yourself if the other members in the group is jealous. Kinda of like yoona who is super popular for nothing really and most of the other who actual are talented get overlooked.

  17. It’s sad how they’re always asked about Uee. It’s like people expect them to come out and say they’re jealous of her popularity.

  18. I think she doesn’t hate her but like me she doesn’t like her.
    I don’t know the face of Uee expressed sometimes fake LOL

  19. Good for you Dambi…don’t even dignify it with a response…

    We all know that the Pledis sisters are family! To say other is simply crazy and mean-spirited.

    Pledis love! As the Queen says:

    The object is anti-bore, 바로 PLEDIS made style

  20. i’m more surprised of UEE’s facial expression in that picture.

  21. lol where did That come from? someone must hate them 2 and started a rumour or smthg lol

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