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Son DamBi releases MV to comeback title song ‘Queen’

Son DamBi releases the full MV to her comeback title song ‘Queen’ on 8th July!

After listening to the full song and seen the MV, are you excited for her comeback?


12 Responses

  1. sucks, boring too, I didn’t even finish video, pass thanks

  2. Two words… Auto Tuned!

  3. ehhh…

  4. I really like the video! It’s a nice upbeat song for the summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i like the whole alice in wonderland concept but thats about it, the song’s okay meh

  6. i dont like, and have many bad sounds! *bubbles*

  7. okay, this is just an opinion, there is something that is familiar with this song…. its sounds like kesha’s song. i dont know, i mean, the part when she raps/talks– kinda sound like it. but i dont think she’s plagiarizing or anything– it just sound a bit similar

    • I have the same feeling with u!0.0
      Some part of this song is familiar with Ke$ha’s song..
      BTW i love dambi but this song and video is just OKAY for me….

  8. i like Dambi but I do not like this song or the video especially the rap/talk part . I can see this being somewhat popular on the performance shows since its a dance number but I really wish she promoted “Can’t you see” because in my opinion its the only good quality song on her mini album and the teaser video for it looked a lot more promising than this queen MV. But if she really wanted to do a dance number she should of did “Beat up by a girl ” since at least that song showed some of her vocals unlike this big bag of autotune.

    • i agreeee!
      there’s so many unnecessary sound effects. and even in the video there are unnecessary visual effects!
      and those talking part are really annoying. they make it sound all over the place.
      not so strong comeback..

      • those talking arn annoying it’s so cute
        listening it again maybe you will like it ^^

  9. the song’s good. but the video’s meh. it’s too all over the place for me. i’m waiting for comeback! at least she’s much more entertaining live!
    go dambi!

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