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Son DamBi ‘The Queen’ album revealed

Son Dambi’s comeback album ‘The Queen’ is finally unveiled and the full songs from the album has been released on 8th July.

The title song is ‘The Queen’, also go under the cut for the rest of the songs.

Love the album or not?


24 Responses

  1. LOOOOOVE this album. ❤

  2. ^^ album cover, couldn’t find it anywhere, so here it goes, just in case.

  3. her title song is too autotune for my liking….i just like ‘Can’t u see’…

  4. omg netizens are at it again
    they said tht it sounds like kylie’s love at first sight

  5. I love it, but apparently it’s leaked so you should take these down…

  6. The first two lines of the verse in “Beat Up by a Girl” totally copies “Call Me” by Blondie.

  7. i like queen
    but like someone said the style and melody just reminds me of kesha. I do like the song though. its different and its good she tried something new.

    the rest of the album is kind of mediocre.

  8. this is the first time i’ve liked a song from son dambi.

  9. Wow……….am i the only one not feeling this album? the only track i could put up with was “cant you see”, the rest were just..i dont even remember.
    queen wasnt what i expected at all. idk it was dissapointing for me.

    super duper is also allright.

  10. Wow queen is a rip off kesha tik tok.

    • Really ? I’ve listened to Tik Tok a thousand times and I didn’t think it was similar at all when I heard Queen.

    • queen also reminded me of tik tok, especially the beginning but the chorus isnt similar.

    • the beats kinda remind me of California girls by Katy Perry o_o

  11. I’m loving the whole album soo much. Queen B is back!

  12. Beaut up by a girl so not kpop ^^ but i like it ^^ didnt know Kahi would compose that kind of a song

  13. So cool!!! love all her new songs!!!! ‘Super Duper’ is my fav.

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Son DamBi ‘The Queen’ album revealed http://bit.ly/b5pXKk […]

  15. Love of course!

    Every song is good in their own way…combined it makes an incredible album…the range of styles encompassed is simply awesome.

    Not many Kpop artists can do all these styles in one career let alone one album.

    Go Queen B!!!! Cannot wait for the MVs and performances!

  16. really love it ^^

  17. It seems better than what she usually does !

    • I’ve listen to the whole thing now and it’s definitely an amazing mini album.

      BTW, her voice is really similar to Lee Hyori’s. O_O I don’t think I could tell them apart if I didn’t know which one sang this.

    • I know, right?! LOL

      She passed my expectations omg I love her ♥


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