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SuJu ShinDong-SNSD TaeYeon, idols also want to speak their minds

Does idols always have to follow the concept of being mysterious? And hence there is the misjudgement that a celebrity should live not saying the things he/she wants to say.

But recently we see idols slowly opening up to the idea of voicing their thoughts on reality programs, showing the true side of them.

We have ShinDong who openly proposed to his girlfriend and TaeYeon who was brave enough to speak up for a better environment for singers. Super Junior ShinDong came clean on a variety show recently about his girlfriend, his plans to get married with her and even did a propose on national TV recently. This is unlike what idols normally do, openly showing their love.

As for So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, she recently garnered much interests for commenting, “As much as singers are working hard with our music, I hope that we are provided a good environment,” on KBS Music Bank.

Netizens’ comment to ShinDong’s confession are “Envious”, “It is good to see that he is openly speaking up about his love” etc. And as for TaeYeon’s comment, netizens commented “Her comments are of her opinions”, “Not like a pro” etc.

It seems that with idols making appearances beyond just performing on stage, what they say will have great influence on themselves. That is why they have to be even more careful with that they say. It is important to watch what they say, and it is equally important for them to listen as well.



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  1. Maybe Taeyeon wants a better environment for singers b/c SM’s conditions *were* (and maybe still are) not suitable. A friend told me (I don’t know if it’s a fact), that while a low/average income is 50,000/yr, these singers make 22.000/yr. If this is true and the conditions are as bad as rumors say, then I say Taeyeon is trying to be a good band leader by not keeping quiet when her peeps are getting short shrift.

    • and about the black girl/Alicia comment, of which this is the first I’ve heard.
      Don’t pretend you’re not racist, either. If I quietly said, “white trash,” people would laugh, but if I quietly said, “nigger,” I’d be lucky if I were just publicly rebuked. Every culture, every person is different. They deserve the same basic rights, but even a tall person won’t be treated exactly the same as a short person.

      • Don’t assume everyone is that way just because you may be. If someone muttered white trash that would upset me.

  2. Alicia Keyes is worth 10000000000000 of that Taeyeon

  3. only if their comments has substance
    but her mouth is such a tranwreck
    sometimes its better to just shut up

    • @someone… taeyeon said that she hope kbs music bank will provide good environment for all the artist. can you see the substance in what she said.? if you cannot, then you should just shut up. and in that incident, her ear-mic didn’t worked, and she did not said anything harsh, only hoping something better for the future, that is the substance.

      well, once you hate someone that badly, you just anti.

    • Ur comment proves ur stance as a hater and your comment here is an example of a comment with no substance.

    • definitely something w/o substance but you still gave a damn. why so defensive?

      come on, we all know its not just the music bank incident that proves this girl’s “professionalism and expertise” as a host! because they look so pretty and innocent, i guess they always will be forgiven. a lot have forgotten about her racist comment about a black woman, her complain about people in the healthcare field cause of her impatience and the list goes on

      • I think you should take those issues separately. It’s absolutely terrible about the bad stuff she said, like asking for priority in a hospital b/c she’s famous, but I wonder if in this case it was a jab at the SM contracts? In which case it would be a different story and we wouldn’t be looking at “Taeyeon’s comment” but at “SM singer’s comment”.

    taeyeon and shindong are brave enough to openly voice their mind…
    i respect them for what they did…
    just because they are idols, they can’t do anything??
    and just follow the crowd as what their fans (mostly antis) want they to be??
    GTH with that…

    i support both shindong & taeyeon….

  5. That Alicia Keys comment was a long time ago. I’m gonna give Taeyeon the benefit of the doubt and say that she learned her lesson already about stereotyping people of different race. Hopefully it would be the same for the other idols who made comments like that in the past. We shouldn’t dwell so much about that one statement they made in their lives. The fact is, all of us view things differently and have different perceptions. I mean, who in this thread didn’t make any single judgment in their lives? I bet some ppl up there judged an idol for how they looked and what they said even if they don’t really know squat about what these idols are experiencing in the first place.

    Anyhoo, I’m all for idols speaking up for themselves but it should be kept in mind that expressing their opinions should be done in the right manner and if possibly, with the right choice of words. I mean in Taeyeon’s case, while I don’t see anything remotely rude with that MuBank speech of hers, the way she acted in their performance wouldn’t be what you’d call professional either.

    • Agree with u…
      People here are busy judging Taeyeon without knowing the condition she was put in backstage.
      I also agree her Oh perf didn’t make me happy but her speech was all good.
      We didn’t know what happened backstage. Like only those people there knew how. A korean who was in mubank said that a lighting almost fell on Nicole. The singers communicate with each other backstage. I can see the reason why Taeyeon spoke up was due to the piled up problems she or her fellow artists encountered in Mubank.

      Moreover, people here suddenly judged Taeyeon’s comment about Alicia keys. It wasn’t even an issue in korea. The issue was the nurse comment she made. Korean as a whole is a country with only one race, skin color n culture background. it’s called for that they have stereotypes toward many races. It’s just unfair to judge Taeyeon only when it’s the Korean’s culture n background that should be blamed. If it was Tiffany or other american bred who commented like that, then it’s a different story.
      I even believe in multi-race countries, there r still a lot of ignorant people who stereotype certain race.
      Honestly, in my country people also find black people not attractive. There r a lot of comments from people around me saying things like Beyonce is pretty for black… or Will Smith is the only handsome black man. Most people here don’t find it offensive, they just nodded n agreed. See?
      Can u blame these people? While our own race is prob also treated like that in other countries… Now who’s to blame?

  6. @ Erm… that was just an example in general. the fact that some ppl speak as if they know everything irks me, it’s not directed to one person, not directed at just this post but as a community in general. the fact is, not a lot of ppl are considerate in their post. it’s ok to be harsh with criticism, but some ppl are just pure bashing.

    • The thing is I don’t see the bashing. Unless you’re still talking about the community in general…then yes it does happen often. 😦

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  8. Dictionary definition of racist/racism
    1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
    2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.
    3. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    4. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    5. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    im not defending taeyeon but by all means some of you are using the word racist/racism too lightly. the way taeyeon said ‘she is pretty for a black person’ doesnt exactly define racist, it defines ignorance:
    1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
    2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
    3. uninformed; unaware.
    4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

    some of you need to understand the cultural differences, it’s no surprise they focus more on the history of Koreans in Korea and in America, we focus more on our history. black, white, Chinese, etc have all faced discrimination and racism, every culture, some still are, have faced these things before. because in America, our population is more diverse, thus the word racist/racism is heard a lot more often. Korea is a rather conservation country, thus the word racist/racism is relatively indefinite, that’s not to say Korea doesn’t experience racism, it is more or less not as big of a deal than as America or Canada. taeyeon was not discriminating or hating a black person because she thought they were ‘ugly’. that is only your own subjective way of thinking what she meant when she said ‘she is pretty for a black person.’ she didnt say she was better than alica keys, she just said she was pretty, (of course poor choice of words) i’ve studied cultural history and wrote an essay on discrimination so i do have a fair amount of knowledge in this area.
    as children of the future (corny i know) we need to learn to understand things in a rational and objective manner to judge a matter.
    taeyeon has fault, but we as netizens, also have fault. we immediately judge a situation before knowing the whole story. i dont understand why there are even people bashing a certain artist for no real good reason. (oh b/c they’re plastic! yeah very intelligent) our words can and will hurt others, just because you’re behind a computer doesnt mean you’re not responsible for some of the things you say.

    • People here would not dare to say in real life half of what they say behind their computers so what you say is true. 🙂

      • What has anyone said in this article that is so horrible they wouldn’t dare say it to someones face? No one called anyone plastic, a slut, a racial slur, or anything like that. I have and would say everything I’ve stated in this article to someone’s face.

    • OK! So let’s just conclude this by saying Koreans are not racist, they’re just ignorant and very insensitive. Happy?

    • Bravo!! a good example of a good comment. u have both side of arguments.. people do need to think outside the box and not just see what’s visible but also invisible. I did learn on cultures, and yes cultural differences is a big issue to understand. We always have different views on things and get misintepreted all the time by others although we meant otherwise. But the only things is artist, entertainers are public figures once they said something they can’t turn back and i pity them sometimes because human make mistakes and said things unconciously or without thinking, like you said being ignorant at times.
      Let’s just all pray for the world to get better and create a greater understanding amongst nation.. peace!

    • If I was a black girl, I’d be hugely offended by her statement. Are black girls not pretty? She also phrased it as if people with lighter skin are much more superior in terms of beauty to those with darker ones.

      1. Superiority Complex
      2. Ignorance
      3. Discrimination & Prejudice

      If someone with the same ethnicity as you do was told the same comment like that, don’t be pulling my leg and say its okay when your entire race had just been told to look ugly. What she said is equivalent to saying for an Asian, you’re dumb statements.

  9. im not blaming taeyeon for what she said in the past, but i found it funny when she spoke during the winning speech, i mean most of the time i saw her members talking, when snsd had mic problem she didnt say a thing, but when during HER performance she had prob then she spoke up her mind, ayy

  10. “snsd has had a lot of mics problems and they never complained. taeyeon probably talked this time because music bank has showed some security and technical problems many times”
    I agree.

  11. stop blaming taeyeon for her ignorant comment, blame the culture.

    • Exactly. Thank you for this because that is probably the only comment that is worth reading here.

      • lolz… why dont you guys just admit the fact that taeyeon was ignorant for her ignorant comment… just because you guys like taeyeon doesn mean you can make up excues for her..

  12. I don’t see why people are trying to pull off as if asia in general is not a racist as fuck place. Note to those who aren’t asian, asians are some of the most racist people ever. they are even racist to those of the same nationality. i know a shit ton of people who are racist to those that are even from neighboring provinces, cities, villages, countries. you get the point. yeah its a problem, but over on the other side of the pacific; its everyday life. get over it or go to asia and teach them not to be that way. stop complaining if you know nothing about asian culture.

  13. hum i think taeyeon didn’t speak for herself only but for all the artists who have problems and who don’t dare to speak because they are not big enough to be heard………….

    snsd has had a lot of mics problems and they never complained. taeyeon probably talked this time because music bank has showed some security and technical problems many times

    • Yeah right! Do you think she’s still gonna say that if the staff let her redo her mistake? I don’t think so.

  14. thb, snsd & suju aren’t in my list of faves at all, but always giving them the benefit of the doubt bcoz 2 of my friends like them(1 for snsd, 1 for suju). but after the fat women comment made by 2 suju members, i was completely turned off(i’m sorry if the remaining suju’s aren’t like that, but i’ll wait for this confirmation with my own 2 eyes/2ears). but i’m glad shindong can openly talk about his love life, i hope the girl can shove some common sense into him, and make him less ignorant & less chauvinistic…

    in regards to taeyeon, i saw the perf, and to be quite honest, i think she was being a baby about the situation. i agree, it’s their right to work in a good environment, but if having a faulty earpiece constitutes to a ‘working in a NOT-SO-Good environment,’ then i’m sorry but that is a very brattish statement to make. I’ve seen many artists perform with a faulty mics, faulty earpiece, some just takes them off during their live performances and their perfs are fine. she can’t blame her out-of-tune voice to the faulty earpiece just because she has problem with her pitch, w/c wasn’t the first time, from what i’ve seen.

    • Shindong’s fiance broke up with him twice because he gained weight and wouldn’t get back with him until he lost 20kg so I don’t think she will make him less ignorant.

  15. I agree. TaeYeon was really wrong to say that about Alicia Keys. I was/am really offended by it because while I am not fully black I am part of the way. It was completely ignorant, and it really does sound racist regardless of how many black people there are in Korea or how they are portrayed in the media. Most of us black/part black people are not gangster like at all. And I think that her comment has affected her career in some type of way and if SM ever tries to debute them in the US. You can bet that this will come up and SNSD would be unsuccessful here and would recieve a lot of critism. SNSD should have a more openminded leader and Shindong (funny as I think he is) should also be more openminded because I mean first of all he isn’t skinny either and I am sure that there are some ELFS that aren’t skinny either and all his comment served to do is make them feel horrible about their bodies.

    • It didn’t affect her career because everybody thinks like her in Korea. They didn’t even care except a few people…

      Honestly, accusing TY of being racist when 90% of the Korean population as the same thoughts and state of mind isn’t really smart either.

      I understand that you are hurt though.

      • I was talking about if they ever came to america and tried to debut here. And just because 90% of Koreans think like that doesn’t make it okay. It just means that they should become more educated and openminded to the black community and other people of a different ethnicity. There really isn’t an excuse for ignorance, sorry

      • You can’t blame someone for being ignorant. Korean people obviously are NOT well informed about black people and you can’t blame them for that because it’s just the education they get.

        Can you blame them for what they say ? Yes. But since they are not aware of the consequences of their words since they don’t know it, it’s really unfair…

  16. There’s nothing wrong with speaking your mind, but both go about it absolutely the wrong way tbqh.

    Idols don’t have to be ~ quiet, submissive and mysterious~. But show some humility for God’s sake.

    • Btw there’s nothing wrong with Shindong’s gf situation, but I recall him saying something else offensive towards overweight women and it could have been handled better. Not hating, he’s one of my favs.

    • How is what they said conceited ? =/ I don’t get it. I’m kinda happy some idols do something different from *smiling*, “I love my job and I’ll work hard because I’m a nice idol”.

      There are NEGATIVE sides to being an artist and nobody points them out. I think it’s great to higlight those things to improve the Korean industry. Going against the authority is like a mini revolution.

      If Korean idols stand up for themselves, one day they won’t be treated like crap.

      • Read my comment again. There’s nothing wrong with speaking up, but they do it the wrong way.

        And let’s be realistic – if Taeyeon had a chance to re-record, she would have never complained in her speech. She was thinking of no one but herself. She’s showed behavior like this before when she bashed that nurse. It seems like she thinks she should get special treatment simply because she’s in SNSD. Her arrogance takes away from her talent. I’m not an anti (far from it, in fact), but she needs a reality check, and people need to stop making excuses for her.

      • Why do you see this as being conceited ? I would see this as wanting to perform the best to show great quality shows. But everyone is entitled to their own interpretation. Taeyeon is known for being timid and humble. You just need to read a few fan accounts from staffs and fans to realize it. She is NOT a diva.

        And if I remember well, Taeyeon AND Kangin were involved in that nurse issue. Doesn’t he need a reality check too ? It’s too easy to accuse Taeyeon and put all her mistakes on the table when something happens.

        They didn’t realize their mistakes and apologized before the show didn’t even end for nothing. They say things and regret it because they are humans.

        It’s true that she’s an idol and needs to watch her mouth. But you also need to remember that these 3 scandals happened in 3 years. Just see that that she was holding herself and behaving as a nice idol the rest of the time, which means 2 years + 362 days.

      • LOL, I honestly don’t know what else to say to you. I’ve read plenty of fan accounts. I’M A FAN. But I’m also able to tell when an artist I like has done something wrong. There’s plenty of people who had faulty mics and still put on great shows in the past. She was just being a baby about things, and in my eyes, that was very unprofessional of her. I would expand on Kangin as well, but he is not in this article so I will leave him out of it. She needs to find better ways to deal when she doesn’t get what she wants. Don’t be so overprotective.

      • You obviously aren’t that big of a fan to ignore that Taeyeon is not like that. And I’m sorry to protect what I truly believe in.

        It’s not like TY reacted when her mic was fucked up for the first time of herl ife. Do you seriously think she never had mic problems in the past ? lol. She just always shup her mouth and dared to speak ONE little time.

        Is it really that bad ?

      • “You obviously aren’t that big of a fan to ignore that Taeyeon is not like that.”

        I am, actually. I’m just not blind like you.

      • i don’t think people has issues with Taeyeon speaking her mind during the award ceremony, in fact many applaud her for voicing it out on behalf of many other singers.

        the issue was her not doing her best for Oh performance BEFORE the award

  17. TaeYeon and Shindong for sure speak thier minds and sometimes make comments that can offend some people to be honest I lost my respect to both of Taeyeon and Shindong … I still cant get over what Taeyeon said in a radio show that alicia keys is too pretty for a black women as if black women are ugly till this day Im shocked with her comment nobody can make an excuse to her and I believe what she did in music bank was so not professional in the end she is the leader of Korea top female group she could have handled the issue in more professional way… and about shindong I still cant forget the whole fat women comment his comment was just so disgusting yes Im not fat but very skinny but as girl his comment offended me and Im also surprised of how open shindong about his relationship b/c most of the celebrities don’t like to speak about their love life prefer to hide it I hope both of them will be more careful in the future

    • I read that on Music Bank, during the girls’ performance of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, the light structure almost fell and other minor stuff. It happened last year when Onew fainted after the show. I think Music Bank is always in a rush to create a bigger stage for the “mid-year special” because they’re trying to jam in so many special stages.

      • Yeah I also read about Im not saying that taeyeon was wrong to be angry but she could have handled the situation in more professional mature way since what happened to her in music bank was not really that big compared to what happened to other artists

      • @ 121. My first comment wasn’t towards you. Don’t know why my reply is after yours.

        Anyways, I believe Taeyeon said “She is pretty for a black woman”. I believe what she said was foolish and ignorant, but I wouldn’t call her a racist. She was complimenting her and it just ended up coming out wrong. From what I heard from a Korean friend, in Korea black people aren’t portrayed in the greatest way. There aren’t that many black people in Korea and what they view about black people is from movies and whatnot with all the gangsters. Did you hear about Seungri’s comment towards black people on Tablo’s radio? I was even more disappointed towards Tablo because he should have said something to him, but in the end laughed it off with the boys.

      • I thought what she said was professional? She said “better working environment for all the artists”. Music Bank always has problems, but no one really had the guts to say anything. I think it was more of her attitude during their “Oh” performance that had people disappointed in Taeyeon and how she didn’t try enough to be happy. To me it sounded like she was crying before because her voice was perfectly fine for the other song.

      • @ raina LOL okay but to me it did sound racist …. Sorry don’t get me wrong but that is a lame excuse just b/c there are all most no black people in Korea that doesn’t mean Koreans have the right to look down at black people or people from different race for example where I come from we don’t have that much Asians or even black people so does that mean I have the right to say some stupid ignorant comment about them of course no beside I watched so many movies that portrayed black people in a bad way but I just can’t judge all black people b/c of few Hollywood movies and Seungri’ was even worse and I believe Tablo should have said something since he lived in the state

      • @raina u said
        “Music Bank always has problems, but no one really had the guts to say anything”
        but how can u know that ?!! Maybe many artist did complain about certain things but behind the camera to me she could have handled it and complain about it by going to the people who works in Music bank rather than complaining about how music bank is bad in providing a better working environment for all the artists in national TV

      • She try to discuss the problems with the staff of Music Bank but they didn’t listen to her. That’s why she said it during her winning speech.

      • Of course I’m not saying you have the right to make that sort of comment. Again I do think what she said was stupid, but to you it was racist, but to me it was ignorant. I guess we’ll just agree to disagree? In Korea, people were talking about her nurse situation and the Alicia Keys comment wasn’t even an issue. It was the international fans that made a big deal about it. What I find ironic was that I really doubt the people bashing Taeyeon have never made an inappropriate comment regarding other races before.

      • BTW Korean people don’t know much about black people. They aren’t any in Korea and when they say stuff like “she’s pretty for a black woman”, it is not seen as racist in Korea.

        There wasn’t any scandal in Korea and only international K-Pop fans (or antis ?) started this. And I get their points BUT you have to understand how Korean people think. It’s not that they don’t like black people, they don’t have a lot of stereotypes (good and bad).

        Jung Juri, Seungri, Taeyeon… all said things that international fans understood as insulting when they are just the reflection of Korean people’s misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about black people.

      • * they JUST have a lot of stereotypes

      • @ lol u said “BTW Korean people don’t know much about black people. They aren’t any in Korea and when they say stuff like “she’s pretty for a black woman”, it is not seen as racist in Korea.
        There wasn’t any scandal in Korea and only international K-Pop fans (or antis ?) started this. And I get their points BUT you have to understand how Korean people think. It’s not that they don’t like black people, they don’t have a lot of stereotypes (good and bad).”
        lol it might not be seen racsit in Korea which is sad but for others espically black people it be considered to be ractsist and it makes me more sad to know that what she said was not considered as somthing wrong as I just told raina I also live in country where there is also no black people or asian but the doesnt mean I have the right to make a stupid ignorent comment about black people and aisans and the issue here is not about who started it but about what she said… we are living in 2010 and it makes sad to know people still think in that way

      • @121 : Well just try to change the Korean culture and education of every Korean. That’s just how it is.

        Maybe if the Korean population was aware of all the hardships black people went through and how sensitive it is to say stuff like this, their mentality would change.

        As of now, they don’t mean it in a bad way so I don’t see why people blame Taeyeon as if she thought “I hate black people” because she obviously didn’t.

      • @lol u said”As of now, they don’t mean it in a bad way so I don’t see why people blame Taeyeon as if she thought “I hate black people” because she obviously didn’t”
        I don’t honestly care if they meant in a bad or good way b/c in the end it does still sound racist beside its not like they are living Mars and don’t know what is happening or happened around the world or in history and yes Taeyeon did not say I hate black but she did say Alicia keys is too pretty for a black women as if black women are ugly and as Jasmine said Ignorance should never be ignored just because they don’t know much about the subject

      • Oh yeah “She’s pretty for a black person” probably means “Black people are ugly” and “I hate black people”.

        In fact I made a few researches and the real and most accurate translation of what she said is “that african american is really pretty”.

        And that could even mean “I love watermelons” and “I want to go the amusement park”. Honestly, don’t read between the lines and don’t analyze too much because it’s pointless and in the end she said Alicia Keys was pretty…

        As I said, just don’t get into the Korean culture and just listen to their songs if you can’t accept the flaws of it.

      • LOLSS!! u all have been horribly misinformed about the translation of what taeyeon said about alicia keys. taeyeon didn’t say “she is pretty for a black woman”. since im korean, what she said actually translates to “my black friend is pretty”. i kno its hard for international fans to get accurate information, but a lot of ppl here were horribly misinformed about the translations of what she said. i just felt the need to clarify this because it bothers me when non-korean international fans dont even kno what the correct translations are before commenting about some1s wrong-doing. i kno its not really ur fault, since its the antis doing, but it still bothers me.

    • LOL, the fact that they don’t know much about black people and there isn’t a lot of black people in Korea is not an excuse to say something like that. What if we were to say something like “Oh, She is pretty for a korean.” or “She’s dumb for an asian”. Does that sound ignorant to you? These artists that say stuff like this come off as ignorant because they say stuff like this and don’t actually take the time to get to know people from different ethnic backgrounds yet they want to become an international band. And then on top of that if someone says something like that about their race they get all offended yet act like it is perfectly normal for the to talk down to black people. Ignorance should never be ignored just because they don’t know much about the subject. If they don’t know anything about the black community and the mixed black community then they shouldn’t say anything about it

      • maybe because we know what racism is ? i’m not sure korean people do know what racism is when it comes to black people. they probably don’t know that black people have been treated like crap in the past because they are no black people in korea.

        so they are really naive about it. they say that innocently but it’s shocking for us international fans.

        you’d get it if you were korean because some of my korean friends explained me that it was not a big deal in Korea.

      • @tobygaby Sorry but enough with these excuses that u guys are making beside Koreans knows exactly what racism mean back in the old days as some of might now Japanese was controlling Korea and that time they even looked down at Koreans and even treated them like slaves and sold their women etc so to me they are not naive when it comes to racism as Jasmin said Ignorance should never be ignored just because they don’t know much about the subject

      • I said “WHEN IT COMES TO BLACK PEOPLE”. Geez, don’t start this and just read my post entirely.

        Of course they know what racism is, because a few Chinese people are known to be bullied by Korean people etc.

        But they don’t have that kind of knowledge about black people because they AREN’T ANY there. They just don’t know that making the difference between a caucasian or an asian person and a black people is racism because they never fucking deal with black people.

        You are the one who is making up excuses to accuse idols you obviously don’t like. I’m sorry but if you don’t know how Korea works, just don’t judge Korean people.

        I am not a Korean myself but I think a few of my Korean friends know better than any of us what their situation and the mentality is there.

      • “You are the one who is making up excuses to accuse idols you obviously don’t like. I’m sorry but if you don’t know how Korea works, just don’t judge Korean people”

        So it’s ok for Taeyeon, seungri, etc. to judge black people but you tell others not to judge them. How can you defend one and not the other?

      • tobygaby, I know have lots of Korean friends (there is a big korean community where I live) that were born in South Korea and lived there for most of their life. And trust me me they do learn about racism and things that deal with that. They even knew about the African slave trade and slavery before they came to america. And how would they not know about racism when it comes to black people, it isn’t different for every race. Racism is racism, it has the same definition for every race. There is no excuse for ignorance. South Korea isn’t a poor country, They have school where they learn about the world and it’s history so there isn’t an excuse for them not to know about the african slave trade because it is taught there. My friends said so.

      • When did they judge them ?

        Is saying Alicia Keys is pretty judging all the black people… ? Dude, you’re missing the whole point.

      • The problem is she didn’t just say AK is pretty. She said “for a black woman.” That implies that she (AK) is an oddity.

      • @Jasmine : MY friends don’t have any problem to admit that South Korea is a very racist country, against Chinese, Japanese people especially. That just shows how racist is commonly spread there.

        Maybe your friends have a different point of view because they experience the life outside of Korea. But mine didn’t and they don’t get why everyone is so fucked up about stuff like this because things like “black people are scary” or making fun of their skin’s color is no big deal.

        In my country, people make fun of Asian people’s eyes and nobody has a problem with that. It’s just culture and education.

      • tobygaby
        “You are the one who is making up excuses to accuse idols you obviously don’t like. I’m sorry but if you don’t know how Korea works, just don’t judge Korean people”

        How in hell Im making up excuses and lol eve accuse ?!! Just tell me ?!! lol Im not the one who is making excuses for people who made some racist ignorant comment by saying oh in Korea their are no black people oh they are naive as if they are living in Mars blah blah well in my country there is no black people or Asian but I will never ever give myself the right to judge or to make ignorant comment about people from different race Taeyeon made mistake which is wrong and it makes sad and angry to see people like u making excuses for what she said beside Im not saying taeyeon is bad person I don’t even hate her but I just can’t say what she said was not wrong

      • @121 : But it’s the truth that Korean works like that. Admit it or not. It won’t change anytime soon.

        I’m not making up excuses. Just get real. She’s like any other Korean people who think like. In Korea, what she said wasn’t wrong.

        I agree that what she said was wrong from an International point of view. I just take in count the fact that this is the Korean culture and that this is just the mentality there.

        I can’t do anything about it and you can’t either. I don’t even care about her remark, honestly. Do you even realize that South Korea is really intolerant in general ? They don’t seem to like gay people or god knows what either. I am one myself and even though I’ve read some BAD remarks about gays from Korean celebrities, I don’t blame them.

        They just don’t know anything about the topic, just like most of people. I can’t blame them for not knowing what nobody told them.

      • By speaking up when something is wrong you bring attention to the issue. It may not be much but at least it’s something. In America (you’ll know if you live here) gays are not always treated nicely, but because people continually speak up about it it’s getting better. Is it so wrong to assume that the same can happen in Korea? This article is about speaking up you know.

  18. I support them! ❤

    • OMG SHINee Comeback !!!

      • ww.allkpop.com.lg1x1.simplecdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/20100707_minho_comebackphoto-460×401.jpg


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