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TaeYang’s new album ‘Solar’ up #4 on American iTunes R&B chart

TaeYang’s solo album ‘Solar’ is said to have gone up to #4 on American iTunes R&B chart.

According to iTunes R&B chart on 8th July, TaeYang’s new full length album ‘Solar’ is up #4 on the chart. This is incredible results for a Korean language album.

That’s not all. The album is also up #2 on Canada iTunes R&B chart after Usher who is at #1. The album also made it to the #5 spot for Japanese iTunes chart. This piece of news have many fans excited.

The album is also doing well on iTunes R&B charts in various countries. And better chart results for the album is anticipated. YG Entertainment said on 8th July, “The album was revealed on iTunes on 7th July. This is results beyond your expectations, and even our company is shocked with the results.”

Meanwhile, TaeYang is promoting the title song ‘I Need A Girl’ off the album.



56 Responses

  1. I say bring Taeyang to the US! Let him tour the States, at least for a few cities.

    #1 on the Canadian RnB charts, is just so damn sweet.
    #3 on the American RnB charts is just icing on the damn cake. Its pretty cool that it went from 16 to top 10 to top 5.

    Damn, I need him.

  2. #1 in Canada wooot for R&B top albums

  3. i lol’d and highly appreciate the picture you chose for this article xD

  4. oh well Its on #3 now….

  5. OMG!!! I saw it on Itunes R&B top albums…the only korean character on the list….har har…
    Congrats!!! YB! gonna download ur songs on my Ipod.

  6. he’s doing the UT ‘hook ’em’ sign!!! wahahhaha~

    go longhorns!!

    • HAHA! Didn’t realize that till you mentioned it. 😀 Whooooo~

    • hahahaha OMG!!!! That is so funny!
      Whoot Whoot TEXAS BABY!!!!
      Don’t go there but Texas is my home state. 🙂

  7. I don’t wanna a hater but have WonderGirls ever made it his big ? Didn’t think so. iTunes and the rest of the world pwned you haters !

    • You’re fucking kidding me right? WGs’ songs were all hits than this guy and have his songs climbed up on Billboard Chart? NO!
      And what’s up with ppl up there? Comparing WGs’ English to Taeyang? Now let’s hear a full convo from Taeyang and we’ll know whose English is better than who.
      Why are Taeyang’s fans are so rude like this?

    • wtf?

      in embarrassed as being a fan of bb with you. does it make you feel as if yb is greater to put other artists down? do you feel better when having to put other artists down for no reason?

    • Are you insane or what? Wonder Girls RULE!

    • @ Sayw

      YB’s KOREAN album made it to number 83 on the american charts. I think that’s quiet an accomplishment for a korean album.

  8. woot! soooo happy for taeyang…altho i dun buy from itunes, still i’m the owner of the deluxe edition!! congrats to me & congrats taeyang! #3 in the US chart already.. 🙂

  9. Dunno why YG is suprised there has always been a huge amount of international Taeyang fans.

  10. You go taeyang! That’s pretty cool and yg must be happy as hell

  11. i dont get why ppl wanna hate on Taeyang??? you guys wanna see anyone fail and i dont appreciate that mentality from fans.

  12. Congrats, Taeyang!

  13. TaeYang “Let’s rock!, Let’s rock!” ^____^
    You rock VIP up YG baby! ^^*

  14. Are the ANTIS out there feeling full…? Having to eat up their own words!!!! >:D

  15. Congratulation!! The only word i could say with all my respects. Salute to the hard work. For everybody who work hard and not just talk and give comment *like me*

  16. yeah the real competition is now began so far Taeyang Solar normal version is #1 on Hanteo chart follow by Super Junior who sold 865 CD’s i don’t know how many Taeyang sold yet i guess maybe a 1,000 or more.

  17. The album sales is only for the deluxe version and it’s already sold out!. 2morrow the competition begins when his normal version will be sold out to public. then we will know how it’s gonna be.

    Congrats in winning his first award in MCountDown.

  18. LOL. and the haters were just bitchslapped once again.

  19. that’s what i’m talking about!!

  20. Yeah!!! All this AND he won #1 on M Countdown! Taeyang is on a roll!!!!

  21. wahahaha, in ur face to whoever said that his comeback is a slump!! i mean,,, hello………….? hahahahahahahaha

    those haters must be really annoyed now. GOOD

    • yeah is not a slump just how many album he sold already compare it to other artist except for super junior.

  22. 1st korean on the album charts,right?
    the album is really good…

    • not sure i think is r&b charts only i think his not the first epick is number 1 in hip hop chart.

    • Do you mean Korean song or Korean artist? If the latter, then no.

    • 1st Korean in the R&B Charts.
      but for overall EPIK HIGH is the first Korean…

  23. wow that is amazing! i think taeyang is one of the more popular out of big bang internationally due to his style of music (and of course his crazy sexiness. we international fans do appreciate his hot bod ;] ). i hope his album continues to do well.

  24. was he only on #4 for a couple of minutes? Howcome i dont see him…

  25. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss and others. mai彡rss said: K Bites: TaeYang’s new album ‘Solar’ up #4 on American iTunes R&B chart http://bit.ly/aQfcmA […]

  26. outside of Korea, TY’s type of music is THE BEST. Im waiting what will an eng version to all his songs will do 🙂

    • yeah i hope he release full version of solar is already english.

      • but i hope its not in engrish
        how did jyp do it, the mans gotta share his secrets…particularly with rain LOLx2

      • taeyang’s english is sooooooo much better than wg’s or rain’s— and he did it without having to learn english so hard like wg did. he raps since he was young and of course it includes rapping and singing in english– YG family’s artist are the best in singing English— and not engrish! hehe

      • @jybz i think it’s not necessary to compare taeyang english with rain n wg.. Ofcourse they have to learn english so hard.. They learn english not only to be able to sing songs in english but also so they can communicate well with english..

        Btw congratz Taeyang.. i’m really glad he doing well outside Korea.. Haters can shut up now..

      • lol yeah I loved when WG did english (didnt get to see them though :[ )
        So if my fave YG comp. makes an english album I would die!

  27. wow not bad Taeayng good job international fans is only a dollar right so its cheap.

    • what are you talking about
      his album cost $9.99

      • is it oh I Need A Girl is the only song that buy not the whole album men im cheap sorry Taeyang.

      • @ 5=2

        LOL Hater, eh? Crazy.
        He is up there on the album chart. So, it’s $9.99. ><

    • 5=2 hater?
      I thought what 5=2 saying was he/she bought the song not the whole album.

  28. yeahhhh go taeyang

    international fans lets show them

    CONGRATZ TaeYang I Love The Album
    That’s a really big accomplishment ^__^

  30. whoa whoa whoa
    thats crazy cool.. his fans are supporting him like uh crazy! thats so good!

    he must be pleased. 😉

  31. woot woot 🙂

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