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2nd concept photo to SHINee’s comeback featuring TaeMin revealed

The 2nd concept photo to SHINee’s comeback has been revealed.

SM Entertainment revealed the 2nd concept photo to SHINee’s comeback on 9th July and this time featuring member TaeMin.

Ahead of this, member MinHo’s concept photo was also revealed on 8th July, showing MinHo topless. There has been great interests from fans as to the concept for the group’s comeback.

Meanwhile, SHINee is set for their comeback on 16th July.



63 Responses

  1. OMG I’m a fan but I’m freaked out right now o_O whoa wondering how Key’s gonna be since he’s my favorite and also the one with the weirdest style (like always) well anyways hope it’ll be good ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hmm their concept seems very interesting and different…

  3. That shot of Minho is FAR from flattering, and Taemin looks like the second coming of BoA. SM’s just getting stranger and stranger.

  4. Hahaha xD most of the comments are really funny x) but really, i think the pictures are unique and different from anything and that’s awesome x) i really like ‘m! I wonder how the rest looks like ^^

  5. It seems that homophobia has a long way to go …
    You know, I’m gay, and I’m not wearing those kind of clothes, accessories, etc …

    An it’s fucking annoying how everyone here is using the word “gay” in a pejorative way …

  6. I honestly don’t get why Koreans love to dress up boys with girly accents. As a fan of this group, I can honestly say this looks ssssoooooo gay. I had to look twice because I thought Taemin was a girl! LOL! I don’t like the concept, but I hope the music is good.

  7. I see people are writing that he looks gay.. Well, have you looked at Super Junior? The DO gay! Fanservice all over! And have you seen JRock? Guys dress up as girls, for the visual of the band. You know what I think? I think it’s hot.
    And this is not bashing, this are facts.

    • All those things you stated are gay too. And if you’re attracted to this kinda stuff, i guess it makes you gay too. Nothing wrong with that, i except your sexual preferences.

      • if a girl is attracted to guys doing gay stuff, she’s gay ? lol. think before you write. kthkx

    • still doesnt change the fact that they look gay….

      • “still doesnt change the fact that they look gayโ€ฆ.”
        LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ this.

  8. Is it me or does he look a little like Gain in this picture

  9. I saw the pic before I read the title so I was like who is that girl is she a new solo artist but then when I realized that is Tamin I was like OMG what did SME do to u seriously this is so gay

  10. Village people, anyone?

  11. OMFG :O Taemin looks sooooooo GAY.

  12. Yea? This year concepts are getting a lil weird….wait not a little

  13. LOL with the concept..

  14. Holy crap! He looks like a girl.

  15. O.o umm..I thought it was somebody else. When I saw that 1st photo I said that’s not him so I scroll down to find taemin and I couldn’t find him. So I looked closely and I was shocked -.-

  16. Pink lipstick, smoky eye shaddow, super low neck top….

    I GET IT! Their new concept is to be a girl group. Pretty smart, definietly unique, SM is GOD!

  17. Sure, it’s good to change things up once in a while, but they absolutely don’t need to go this far. It was proven by sme before that they can make catchy and good pop songs to shinee and that they’re pretty dope performers. Why do this? I thought their RDD was really good. They should have thought of something different but still along the lines of that concept.

  18. yo !

    what is that thing ? what’s with his hand?
    this is odd <_<"

  19. kekeke is SM still hire HA SANG BAEK designer??

    he’s kinda into Alexander McQueen sort of fashion exploration so I’m not surprise if he’s still responsible for SHINee concept and pulled out another string of his imagination onto these 5 boys like these 2 photoshoot teasers.

    I like McQueen design, they are just breathtaking.

  20. LOL WTF o_o

  21. I for one like this! It’s so interesting and he’s so freaking pretty.
    But now I’m kind of scared for Key’s.

  22. For SHINee teasers,
    the most dramatic is last..
    LOL I’m scared for Jonghyun and Key.

    • I’m most scared for Dubu Onew…><
      Please don't make him hideous!
      He's been the most normal in every concept.
      I think key will be the craziest.

  23. Sookyeong, their comeback is delayed.

    • Yeah ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Minho got injured….I hope they keep the photo and teasers coming to keep us occupied since we’ve been waiting for FOREVER!!!

  24. you guys do know that taemin can be both pretty and handsome -_-

    the girls that are bashing him: just jealous you arent as pretty.

  25. Okay, just because SHINee is different from other boy bands doesn’t mean they’re gay. Yeah sure they’re style is different, but hey, it’s better than having the same concept over and over again. SHINee comes out with something new all the time; it’s different but they can always pull it off.
    I think SHINee is one of the few groups that can actually pull off a concept like this. Can you guys imagine 2PM or MBLAQ doing this? (not bashing).
    It’s different because it’s SHINee.

    Abs and “normal” styles aren’t so fun once you see it everywhere.

    • lolz your a alittle to biased…. from my view which is a non fan view i htink they look pretty gay/weird becuase do you reallly think that they actually pulled it off? im not bashing thiem either but i just htink that kpop should never do these concepts cuz it is just plain weird/gay…..

      • why not try something new once in a while ey? not the same old concepts.

      • Maybe it’s because I’m just Korean? I’m a die hard 2PM fan so uh.. not really biased here.

      • welll i’ll see how it turns like cuz i just dislike minho’s whole outfit and stuff… taemin was fine…. @Anonymous well im not saying that they shouldnt try something new once in a hwile but if they are going for minho’s concept then it is a big no to me… maybe i’m just the only one thats not digging that concept … i’m glad it didnt turned out in to a big arguement…. :)))

      • @12345
        haha, yeah i understand you. i mean, i get why people look at this a gay way LOL.

    • i can imagine jo kwon doing this xDD
      but more gay xD
      btw, i think this is not like original, this is so gay
      im not bashing them, i love taemin
      but sm desnยดt do good work with minho, i hope the others will be more..normal…

  26. this is so gay!
    he looks as woman..

  27. seriously i’m a shinee fan but now i’m beginning to be scared! i hope the song will be good. but the concept is sure interesting…

  28. Really? No way… At this point I’m expecting Key in a bikini or dressed up as Cleopatra!

  29. LOL.

    this is just.. no.

  30. I bet he’s wearing high heels!

  31. i tough that was boa o_รณ

  32. SM needs to fire Shinee’s stylist ASAP…

    What on earth is on Minho’s head?!

  33. Now I’m sure.. They’re going for the “Gay Pride Parade” concept!

  34. Thought he is a gal. Wonder what concept they will bring this time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. wtf…o__O

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