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BEAST Yoon DooJoon in G.NA’s MV teaser ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better’

BEAST Yoon DooJoon have his acting debut in the MV for upcoming singer G.NA. Cube Entertainment released a teaser video for G.NA’s song ‘I’ll Be Back So You Can Live Better’ on 9th July. This is also the title song to G.NA’s debut.

In the teaser video, Yoon DooJoon was featured as the leading male with G.NA for a love story. At the end of the teaser, there was also a tearing scene for DooJoon.

G.NA is set to debut with her debut album release on 14th July.

18 Responses

  1. omg doojoon look hot here ! ah cant wait for the mv.
    & yes people like him not just cos of his look. his character and personality ! and he is so friendly to his fans . he is a good and gorgeous guy ! doojoon sarang hae! ❤

  2. Pls don’t get me wrong but the setting is similar to mblaq y and 8Eight farewell is coming mvs. I’m excited and jealous at the same time -.-

  3. looks good, but did anyone else get the mblaq y feeling when joon is with the girl?
    maybe its just me 🙂
    cant wait!

    • omg thats what i tought too first thing that came to my mind “Mblaq – Y scene”

      • ya me too. It reminds me of rain & Joon bed scene in ‘love story’ & ‘y’ MV.

  4. yayyyy ginaaaaaa!
    cant wait! <33333

  5. wow he has a big nose! .___. what do ppl see in him? no hate but he just isnt all that attractive.
    anyways i cant wait to hear the song.

    • he has a common face LOL
      not bashing either, but in korea.. you can see guys that look like him.

    • So what? big nose is better than small tall nose from rhynoplasty…Eww! A lot of male idols had nose surgery n their noses looked weird.

      Doojoon is handsome. I see a bit TOP in him. Even Hyori likes him…XD

      • yeah i agree he has a common face. idk him or about his charisma or anything so i cant say anything on that.

        but @anonymous TOP? seriously? dont offend him. no joke but TOP has a straight nose, bigger eyes, beautiful cheekbones, etc. how the hell do you see TOP in this guy? No way, no.

    • yeah, I think he has a typical face…nothing special…and also, I’m sorry but GINA looks OLD with that hair! She needs to get a new hairstyle! LOL…but I can’t wait to hear the song too!

      • I agree with you.

        Blonde is special, but blonde is also old if you don’t pull it off right.

    • he may not be the most handsome guy out there, but he got the charisma, and a really good and caring personality

    • People see that he’s a good singer. People see that he likes soccer. People see that he has a great personality. People see that he has leadership qualities.

      People see a lot.

      And remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So maybe if you change your perspective, you’ll see a lot more.

  6. Hot

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  8. Doojoon ❤

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