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Big Bang SeungRi diagnosed with acute appendicitis, plans for operation on 9th July

Big Bang member SeungRi (20) is said to have acute appendicitis.

According to an official from YG Entertainment on 9th July, SeungRi had complained of acute abdominal pain after a sleep after his filming session with member TaeYang for SBS Strong Heart on 8th July.

Following that, on the morning of 9th July, SeungRi was sent to the hospital. However the pain did not subside, and SeungRi was transferred to Seoul General Hospital where he was diagnosed with acute appendicitis.

YG also added, “SeungRi will undergo an operation during the night time on 9th July. He will concentrate on just recuperating after the operation.”


31 Responses

  1. Seungri!!!! ❀ Wish you well!

  2. omg I just googled a drama with Seungri in it cause I randomly wanted to watch it and i found THIS!!! i got so worried! pleaseeeeee Seungri, get well soon, we all need your awesomeness in Big Bang! i cant wait for the moment Seungri will be ready again!!
    Get well soon ! ~

  3. Seungri get well soon…without you Big bang is meaningless..^-^

    Seungri is strong baby..u can make it

  4. I hope he’s alright! :'((((((((

  5. good thing that he noticed it beforehand…it’s better. because having it on serious stage is O_O just like my younger brother…

    get well soon seungri.

  6. poor Seungri !
    Come back safety ❀

  7. oh my~get well soon seungri~

  8. i had that and i stayed in the hospital for like a month

  9. why do these things always happen to korean artists

  10. aww get well soon!

  11. Omo, if he was in Singapore, he would have been my patient. Ahhh, i feel like nursing him.

  12. Poor Seungri. =(
    I hope he gets better soon.

  13. poor baby

  14. omo~!! maknae TT^TT i hope you get better strong baby….

  15. oh! poor maknae, i hope you will get well soon enough before you’re (Big Bang) come back.

  16. omg, i hope seungri gets better really soon~ the title completely scared me like crazy

  17. OH MY! IT’S 9PM ALREADY! Poor maknae!

    be STRONG, BABY! πŸ˜›

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  19. get well soon maknae.

  20. night time that’s a long time his been in pain since yesterday will i think the doctor giving him some morphine he be happy for that i think his waiting for the Taeyang MV before he take the operation i hope he recover fast.

  21. acute appendicitis is actually a quite serious illness.if it is not treated on time,it can cause a life-threatening situation to the patient.i hope he’s alrite since he will be undergoing operation.seungri fighting!! ^^

    • whats the cause of it…is it not eating on time or not eating at all?
      I hope maknae will get better soon.

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  23. take care of yourself + get enough rest =get better soon!!
    ^___^ hope everything will be just fine!!!
    FIGHTING,seung ri ahhhh~

  24. That must really hurt.
    It will leave a big mark on his waist or pelvis having this kind of operation.

  25. omg poor baby,I hope the surgery goes well.

  26. I don’t know the term acute appendicitis.
    Is it serious? Get well soon Seungri ah T.T

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