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Countdown to Se7en’s comeback begins! No changes to plans for album release on 21st

The countdown for singer Se7en’s singer comeback in Korea after 3 years has begun!

According to YG Entertainment, Se7en will be releasing his new album on 21st July. This was revealed through a phone interview with a representative of YG Entertainment where he said, “There are no changes to the plan for Se7en’s new album to be released on 21st July. The preparation works for the comeback are in the last stage.”

With that, fans will be able to see Se7en on the Korean music stage after 3 years since his last album ‘Se7olution’ in November 2006. Ahead of the minialbum release, a song will be revealed beforehand at the same time.


Meanwhile, here’s the teaser released on 9th July:


20 Responses

  1. I like them girls that’s hard to get
    I like them girls, shot calling a whip lmao

  2. YG’s comebacks all seem so different and true to the artist’s style.. i miss se7en dancing..

  3. the teaser quite good~cant wait for his comeback~

  4. i like this teaser so much 🙂

  5. Omg yes, I can’t wait to see him back on the Korean stage! ^^

    The teaser’s cool. 8D Neat effects.

  6. whao…whao…
    i’m so excited…
    i’m waiting his comeback

  7. Se7en!!!!

    But, what is this?
    My fangirl self was secretly hoping for another Passion, Girlfriend, Come Back to Me.
    Electronica for Pop Prince Se7en… Kind of dnw…

    YG better not kill me fandom. Se7en was my first Korean crush. >.<

  8. YG WILL TAKE OVER THE KPOP WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just a joke)

  9. SE7EN!! *____* ♥

  10. ahhh his comeback is on my 18th birthday ^^
    cant wait ❤

  11. yes more YG artists! I cant wait :DD

  12. Se7en is the summer comeback I am anticipating the most. I just love his voice and I know he won’t disappoint. The 21st of July needs to hurry the hell up and get over here lol.

    • Me too!
      I want to hear his great live skills+see his sharp dance moves.
      I’m honestly worried about his comeback though.
      Boy is full of awesomeness but I don’t see YG keeping his pop-ish image. T_T

      • Well, I do expect changes. So I’m not exactly bothered that the teaser doesn’t sound like his past songs.

        If anything, Se7en is just cool. I know I’ll like whatever he brings out.

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