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KBS Music Bank 09.07.2010 – Super Junior wins #1 with ‘No Other’

Today on KBS Music Bank, group Super Junior won #1 on KChart on the show with the followup song off their 4th album ‘No Other’.

Other great performances lined up include comeback stages by Son DamBi, ZE:A, Narsha; as well as debut stage by Girl’s Day.

Go under the cut for more videos.

ComeBack Stages

  • Ze:A “Level Up”
  • Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha “Bee Ri Bba Bba”
  • Son DamBi ‘Can’t You See’ + ‘Queen’
  • Taeyang “Solar+I Need A Girl”
  • OneTwo “Very Good”

Debut stage

  • Girls Day ” Tilt My Head ”

Today’s Music Bank

  • Super Junior “No Other Person Like You ”
  • miss A “Bad Girl Good Girl”
  • CNBLUE “Love”
  • 4Minute “I My Me Mine”
  • Infinite “Come Back Again ”
  • Sori “Hero”
  • Sistar “PushPush”
  • Young Gun “Going to let You Go”
  • Norazo “Curry”
  • LPG “Doorbell of Love”
  • Naomi ft. H-Eugene “Storm”
  • SunnySide MJ w. TaeSabiAe “Sunflower 2″
  • Koyote “Return”

50 Responses

  1. […] Their debut live performance over the last weekend on the weekly music shows also garnered much interests as the boys showed to be scary rookies with their powerful live performances. […]

  2. i love this song sooo much ❤ from the 1st time i heard it, i already fell for it!^^

    better than it's you, bonamana and sorry sorry i think.. because the meaning, the concept and of course their smiling face are really heartwarming ^^


    shut up you haters~! and just go away~~:3
    use your time for something more useful than just fooling around hating our band please? ^^

  3. First of all, congratulations Super Junior 🙂 all the best to you, hope you win again! 😀
    Secondly, haters, go away like seriously. I understand that people have their own opinions and all, and I totally respect that, but hey look at the article title above, it’s “KBS Music Bank 09.07.2010 – Super Junior wins #1 with ‘No Other'” right? Well how hard is it that you guys just say “hey congratulations” or just keep silent if you prefer, rather than shitting out about how they sucked and how they don’t deserve the award? Seriously, I know that most of you probably are a fan of someone else who also performed that day and would love to defend your artist by saying they should’ve and would totally win, but don’t babble about it hear kay? Just saying. Comment on it on another post, l

  4. I’ve read all the comments and this is what i think:

    i have to admit SJ’s No Other isnt as good as their previous songs like Its You or Sorry Sorry, but i still love it! It sounds really fresh and always makes me smile whenever i feel down. And all of them look young and happy, heechul’s blond hair is very beautiful

    and about taeyang’s INAG, i think Wedding Dress is much much better. I feel sleepy when listening to INAG

    and im dissapointed of ZE:A’s new song, sounds awful and their hair style is bad too

    totally love 4minute’s I My Me Mine, have been singing it for all week 😀

  5. happy birthday heechul~!!!^^

    GDYB babayyyyy~!!! GD in red…. askjaskdjhajsgdha~!!!!

    congrats on the win oppa!!!^^

  6. i know stripes are in but… why those fat bold stripes? -_-

    Happy Birthday Heechul!!!!

  8. SUPER JUNIOR = # 1 !!!!!

  9. i like suju new song but i had to listen to a few times cos i wasn’t feelin it at first…..but…. seriously whats with their gay cowboy outfits?!? they shud of fired the stylist for coming up with that idea alone!…and the dance doesn’t really go with the song either imo.

    But Taeyang INAG…i’ve listened to that song like a hundred times today…no joke!! didn’t even have much of a opinion on it when it 1st came out but now i ❤ it!.

    • Yeah.. I make a REPEAT ONE for INAG… seriously, I don’t listen to other songs in my mp3 player for these two days.. hahaha

  10. Personnaly, i don’t like at all Suju new song. I still prefer “It’s You”.
    the new songs are just okay for me.

    but congratz to them for winning.

    • me too. i like “its you” a lot. the choreo was better for other songs but the song itself is nice IMO.

    • I still love their sorry-sorry or all the songs from their previous albums..

  11. Love 4minute song. I hope they will be more popular in the futur because they are very talented. Fighting^^

  12. Don’t worry my fellow VIPs, Taeyang will definitely grab the award next week 🙂 His album sales and digital sales are now higher than Suju’s so dont need to worry. YB ftw!!!!!


      • YUP …..or maybe on inki he could grab a multizen who noes? but still congratz suju i didnt really like the song but who cares…

  13. YAY SUPER JUNIOR WINS!!!! I love that song and music video and the performances of the song. I also think it’s really cute and sweet how Leeteuk shouts “Saranghae!”

  14. Yay, congrats SuJu!

  15. honestly there are songs better than ‘No Other’ like IU’ or taeYang’ songs.

    • *shrugs* Well I prefer “No Other” than most songs out right now.

      Anyways, these awards aren’t based off of what song is better, it is based off of sales, streaming and votes.

      • IRK!!!! oh, here comes the ^ pathetic fangirl who replied to every person….poor you dear! Not everybody prefers ‘No Other’ only than you!….

        Serious There are much more better songs than SJ who just release this month.

      • @duhhh!: Are you serious? I said I (emphasize on the “I” ) that I prefer it. I wasn’t dissing the person for preferring other songs.

        Learn how to read between the lines.
        You seem to just blow up everytime you’re talking to me. Calm down, nobody needs an angsty little fangirl up their face.

        btw, I’m not the only one who likes the songs. You make it sound like they won due to just one person liking it. Does that even make sense to you?

        Good for you if you think there’s better songs out there. While I beg to differ. Leave at that so don’t try to fight with me, cuz I’m not looking to fight with anybody.

      • their POINT was “which song is better is a matter of opinion” so obviously they cannot judge winners based on opinion but based on something quantifiable so its fair.

        didnt literature class teach you to read between the lines? the substance and not the context.

        no name calling btw. pathetic fangirl? seems like youre a desperate soul if you’re so willing to draw attention to yourself like that. but ill stop there. name calling behind the keyboard is cowardly

      • @alife: Thank you.
        Whenever I see people say “this song is better than that song,” It just needs to be pointed out that songs don’t win for supposedly being better. Yes, people have an opinion for which they think is better, but just remember these music shows only count scores to determine winners.

  16. ze:A look like power rangers even the song sound like it..LAMO!

  17. o.o Narsha male back up dancers look like freedy. Now thats scary. Girl’s day microphone dance got me thinking wrong lol.
    Congrats SJ!!!

  18. SUPER JUNIOR! <3! 'No Other' than SuJu! :DD
    @ rztc : leeteuk shouted "Super Junior" i think. ._.

  19. i love you…..!!!!

  20. good to se super junior with different outfit in evry performance. eunhyuk seems out if his breath in his rap part.

    anybody knows what iteuk shouted? dont understand korean language at all

  21. Congrats SUjU.
    hey what the hell happened to D-NA they haven’t performed in days.

  22. […] the rest of today’s performances, head on to KBITES Video Credits to unknowncarrot120 Filed under OH! KPOP ← SHinee’s stage comeback […]

  23. Not feeling ZE;A new song

  24. GD in red<333

  25. congratualation to my boys

  26. LOVE tae yang’s COMEBACK!!!^___^(GD-baby looking so freakin’ GOOD in all-red-suit)

    I Need A Girl is doing really well….already at number 4~WOWW~

    hope baebae will perform on MuBank again next week!!
    FIGHTING!!TaeYang All The Way!!XDD

    • totally agree and..
      Taeyang song is waaay better than sj ‘No Other’

      • agreed!!! >_<

      • I think you should add “I PERSONALLY THINK Taeyang song is waaay better than sj ‘No Other'”, because I PERSONALLY don’t think so =.=”

      • Agree with ’21gd’
        Taeyang INAG is the best song out there.

        Taeyang #1 <33333

  27. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: KBS Music Bank 09.07.2010 – Super Junior wins #1 with 'No Other' http://wp.me/phE2s-9HN […]

  28. Suju <3333333333
    I Love u babe!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know u will win =)

  29. Suju<333333333
    congrats babies!!!<33333

    Hmmm, I like Ze:A's new song. Love the rock feel to it.
    I'm starting to get really addicted to Narsha's solo song. It's so good.

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