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Kim KwangSoo representative, “There will be a huge change coming up for T-ara”

T-ara’s agency Core Contents representative Kim KwangSoo revealed, “There will be huge transformation for T-ara.”

Representative Kim released news reports on 9th July saying, “Coming 23rd July, we will be announcing the huge change in T-ara. This is not regarding T-ara members’ personal problems but it is a change to the group as a whole.”

The agency also spoke up about members HyoMin and JiYeon’s recent troubled-sounding tweets, “The members are just complaining from their busy schedule. Rumours of T-ara’s group crisis are groundless.”

Meanwhile, JiYeon is set for her movie debut in ‘GoSa 2’ and HyoMin is gaining popularity through her appearance on KBS Invincible Youth.


26 Responses

  1. still anxious >_< NO NEW MEMBERS PLEASE!!!

  2. I think they will add a new member and probably this one who supposed to look like Hara, or if not they will have a sub group like After School did because some of them have nothing to do while others are very busy.

  3. Change their stylish first! That will be a huge change for them. Their outfit is disaster
    I support the girls anyhow

  4. They better not have the sub-group or graduating idea suddenly! I’ll hate it!!!

  5. Add members or graduating members… Or focusing Jiyeon as actress. I dunno… I hope for the best.

  6. MNet have been pushing them too much….
    maybe they should focus on having SeeYa back to the stage!!!!!!!

  7. don’t add that so-called Goo Hara look-alike girl please!!!!!!! T-ara has enough members!!!!!!!!

  8. are these just the strategies of the company to promote T-ara?

  9. they probably going to do a sub group, probably bc few are busy with drama and movie

  10. im uneasy not sure what the news is but i feel it wont be good

  11. I seriously hope there aren’t any members that get added in or dropped out. 6 people are fine enough. Maybe there’s going to be a sub group?

  12. I’m sure they’re not splitting up. Maybe just dropping a member or debuting in another country. It wouldn’t surprise me if they added that “little Goo Hara” girl and some others. She’s been everywhere lately.

  13. They’re probably going to add a member. I feel bad for the girls, they have no say in their own careers.

  14. if they decide to kick someone out …
    byebye qri and/or Boram

    • lol, I agree about qri, she’s my least fav member in T-ara, I can find a reason to love every T-ara members but not her

  15. Hay un dicho que dice:
    “Cuando el rio suena es porque piedras trae….”
    Let’s see!!!

  16. oh no…. I hope it’s not a split or changing member(s)! ><
    adding a new one is quite acceptable (though i still much prefer the current 6) but I hope no one is leaving..=(

  17. DONT SPLIT THEM UP!!!!! CRISIS!!!!!!!

  18. curious. i wonder what change that will be. if it’s another concept change then i guess i’ll pass. they seem to constantly change it every single time… its coming across as like they don’t know which road to take, or what image they want to convey.

    but a split is a big NO.

    • Agreed.

      All these changes irk me. Not just T-ara but also other groups who promise a unique, fresh concept blah blah blah. All we get in the end is a repetition or a recycled concept.

  19. oh no, please dont split them up!

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