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Mnet M!Countdown 08.07.2010 – TaeYang’s 1st win with ‘I Need A Girl’

TaeYang wins #1 on Mnet M!Countdown, the first #1 for his comeback hit song ‘I Need A Girl’.

TaeYang won #1 on Mnet M!Countdown with the song ‘I Need A Girl’ off his first full length solo album ‘Solar’ on 8th July. TaeYang said in his thank-you speech, “Thank you for appreciating me even though I’m still lacking in many areas. And also thank-you to all the YG family. I will work hard to be a singer worthy of #1. I love Big Bang members.”

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

48 Responses

  1. waaahh, T-Max! Long time no see!

    and awww Taeyang. Long winning speech but I find it cute. Congrats

  2. CONGRATS TAEYANG!!! Completely deserving of the #1 spot, but wheres CN Blue, MBLAQ and Infinite?

  3. “Yeah.. I need a girl ~”

    The song has stuck itself in my memory. I can’t get it out.

    “I need a girl~”

  4. oooh

    congratulations! i like the song more and more!

  5. T-MAX should’ve used that song for their comeback.. it’s absolutely beautiful.

    tae yang, longest speech ever, i love it xD congrats to him.

    i’m not even going to bother with miss A debut until inki because mnet’s horrible sound system kills everything D=

    • Miss A debuted last week, there performances on mb, mc, and inki are already up on youtube.

  6. go ZE:A!!!!!

  7. woaaaa taeyang oppa did a really good job
    congtats oppa you are the best and you really deserve it (proud to be a VIP)!!!
    and about miss A they did a good job but i think that they have to work more harder to be in my top list of girl groups lol
    taeyang fighting!!!

  8. see taeyang is not loosing his touch~

  9. I my me mine sounds like britney spear’s radar

  10. where is infinite?!?!?!

  11. ZEA Fighting ~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

  12. wow MissA performance were the best in M!Countdown.

  13. For some reason plastic is popular right now 2PM AND SNSD. The only non plastic that is popular is wonder girls and thats only bcuz they are considered the first girl group who paved the way for the others. 4 minute is ssssoooo awsome and not plastic at all. They have their fans but they still seems underrrated. But they are so powerful when they performe idk. Plus koreans are fucking crazy what it is about not cheering becuz your not in the fanclub. What happened cheering who ever u like loll

    • 4minute is plastic…hyunah is not really pretty as she seems because she is all plastic….and sure they are good performers but that is all they are…they are not real artists…kpop in general is not real music..anyone can make a catchy tune..and have good performers to sell it..

      • stupid comments.

        hyunah… pretty or not, if she’s a good performer than okay, that’s all about.
        you’re the one wanting ppl to be pretty, and that’s why ppl do plastic surgery.

        and to sincitygirl, 2PM, except Junsu didn’t do any plastic surgery. and for SNSD, that’s an old story.

      • YG artists makes their own tunes.
        GD wrote many songs, Taeyang too. TOP also. Seungri also did. Not sure about Daesung.
        And of course Teddy from 1TYM – and the other 1TYM members contribute as well.

      • there is a difference between being talented and being a good performer…if you want good performers ..you just need good dancers…thats not hard to find today..

  14. […] Selain Taeyang ada juga performance dari Sistar, Ze:A, 4Minute, Sori, Miss A, T-Max, dan masih banyak lainnya. cr: sookyeong […]

  15. I am truly proud of Taeyang!
    He was like ‘yeahhhh, VIPs, yeahhhh’ so cute! I love you!

    I was so excited, I didn’t even watch the others!

  16. that’s the longest winning speech i seen he thank everybody congrats Taeyang.

  17. love 4minute performance ^^. I don’t know why they are so underrated, they are one of the best korean girl groupe 😦

  18. t-max a great group and yay taeyang

  19. congrats YB!

  20. i, without any shadow of a doubt, like ‘I Need A Girl’ without gdragon. not hating on gd at all, i even enjoyed his appearance..but watching this performance, i think that the song is better without gd in it.

    • Without GD? Sure.
      No VIP as well. Not even a single crown light and cheers when he is promoting coz GD is not here lol.
      Poor Taeyang 😦
      where is his die-hard fans.
      TY fans really need to stop this.

      • *performing

        No GD = No VIPZ 😀 😀

      • wow GD fans are so annoying. always think that the other members, especially YB can survive with him . >__>

      • wtf are you talking about

      • Did you read the above comment? Who is annoying here? If I say Korean dream is better wth YB, will you like?
        Eyes to an eyes. I hate YB fans, esp die hard fan coz they hate and bash GD.

      • Stop what? The person who commented didn’t even say something bad about GD n here u are belittle-ing YB -_-

      • ugh no. Taeyang purposely asked vips NOT to cheer during his performances. he doesnt care for cheers, and fans always cheer whenever theirs a guest appearance. just because the crown lights aren’t showing doesnt mean his fans aren’t there. they definitely ARE.

      • His fans were there FYI. Didn’t u see the ppl with his deluxe edition tshirt? >__> & btw being a YB fan doesn’t mean being being a VIP – maybe that’s why u don’t see the crowns ..

      • GDragon >>>>>>>>>>> Taeyang

      • honestly taeyang is good but GD is way better.

      • and can i seriously ask you what’s the point of saying that ?
        the two guys are friend since a long time ago, do you think that they’ll like to see comments like that ? grow up.

      • Yes GD is way better…@ plagiarize

    • wow a bunch of brain dead GD fans taking what i said way way out of context. oh, i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to bash GD fans, its just the usual (brainless) fangirls..my mistake. read my initial comment again you morons

      • Ignore them. They always think ppl are bashing GD -_- they are wayyyy too sensitive n likes to jump to conclusion. No wonder GD has the most antis
        They should learn that when ppl say I don’t like GD =/= bashing GD.

      • Gd fans should shut their trap really. . The initial comment that gd appearance is not really necessary wasnt even a big deal but you ppl made it sound like he had been attacked by media frenzy. This whole taeyang vs gd thing is utterly ridiculous . While it started in korean fandom, you intl fans just made this worse . Im disgusted

    • Jeez. What is the poing of pitting two (differently) talented member against each other???

      • i agree with. by the way, it is a possibility that some of the people creating the ruckus are not even fans of either of them or a VIP. just some trolls looking to create fractions between GD’s and Tae Yang’s fans (since they run out of anything bad to say now about these boys).

        if you are only fan of either one of them, not only that is is advisable for you to refrain yourself from saying things that might cause you to be misunderstood BUT you should also not be too sensitive as to jump into the wrong conclusion everytime anyone says anything. both boys are part of Big Bang and the best of friends too. take that fact to your heart and be smart.

        just my 2 cents.

    • Eh~ I love the song at it is.. not because of GD is in there, but because the song is actually good…

      If I’m not mistaken, TY said, the song tell the story of a man TELLING HIS FRIEND that he needs a girl or talking about the type of girl he likes. Of course he would invite GD to be featured in it. As we all know, these two have been friends for years now.

      And for those who said there are no VIPS there… I don’t know if we really need a crown stick to be called a VIPS, but I heard cheers when Taeyang perform.

      And to clear things up, please remember that not all TY’s fans think like above statement.

  21. Congrats YB!! You deserve it! I love how humble YB is. Hopefully the whole speech and interview will be subbed soon!

  22. Mnet M!Countdown???? LOL

  23. congrats YB!! im so happy for you ^__^ ❤
    lol such a long thank you speech – he's so humble & adorable, he thanked EVRYONE ;P

    OMG! ChanSung ❤ is so cuute! reminding YB to thank BB.

    MissA, i love you girls!

  24. so happy for him!!
    he’s doing really really well!!!
    love all of the songs in his SOLAR album!!

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